Collection: Women's Jackets & Vests

Our jackets are engineered from durable, waterproof, lightweight & breathable fabrics, providing protection in any weather. Our insulation jackets will keep you warm during any activity.
Women’s Running Jackets & Vests

A variety of included features ranging from reflective highlights for low light visibility to waterproof membranes for protection against the elements, will help you be prepared for any and all running conditions.

Other features, such as pockets and packability, provide convenience for everyday use, making our collection versatile for all of your needs. Combined with the right running shoes, these jackets and vests will support your athletic journey.

Included Benefits

Our women’s running jackets and vests come with a wide range of features designed to support performance and comfort while providing protection and convenience so you can tackle any day or workout.

Reflective Highlights

In the summertime, running in the morning or at night can be a great way to beat the heat. In the winter, the days are shorter, and running in low light may be the only time you can get your workout in.

Regardless of the circumstances, if you find yourself running in limited light, it is important to remember low-light running safety tips. A few are listed below:

Low Light Running Safety Tips

  • Wear bright-colored clothes with reflective highlights
  • Run near street lights or in places with as much light as possible
  • Tell someone where you are going and when you plan to return
  • Run with a buddy or group if possible
  • Avoid headphones or other external distractions
  • Carry a phone with you

One of the easiest and most crucial ways you can boost your safety while running in dim light is to wear bright-colored clothes with reflective highlights. Our collection of women’s running jackets and vests have options that include reflective strips and logos so you can stay as visible as possible to oncoming traffic and other runners.

Low Light Running Jackets and Vests

The Ignition Insulation Vest is a great option for cold-weather, low-light running. The Aero Jacket is a great option for mild to cool temperatures. The Light Speed Waterproof Jacket is the perfect choice for low-light running during misty or wet weather conditions.

Waterproof and Water-Resistant Material

Perfect for providing protection against mist, light showers, and full-on downpours, our collection of waterproof and water-resistant jackets and vests is ideal for rainy or unpredictable weather. They will help you stay protected and dry so you can focus on your run.

The Light Speed Waterproof Jacket

This running jacket is made with an ultra-light and durable waterproof membrane that will keep you dry in the toughest conditions. The adjustable hood and fully taped seams offer complete rain and water protection, boosting functionality while still staying breathable and comfortable.

**Light Speed Hybrid Vest **

This vest offers wind-resistant and water-resistant protection, serving both your windbreaker and rain jacket needs in one. The minimalist design reduces distractions, so you can stay focused on your run.

**Aero Anorak **

This lightweight running top is made with a water-resistant paper-touch ripstop that will help provide protection against light showers so you can keep focusing on your run.

Commute Insulation and Commute Insulation Logline Jackets

These jackets are perfect for cold weather and will offer protection against rain and snow. They’re made with a double-weave downproof water-repellent shell that helps keep you dry and a waterproof zip chest pocket that will help protect your belongings from the elements.

These jackets also include a detachable hood so you can adjust them according to the weather and your preferred style.

Lightweight Material

The last thing you want when you’re running is to be weighed down by heavy material. The Aero Jacket and Light Speed Waterproof Jacket are both made with lightweight material that will help you run without distractions and extra weight so you can reach your peak while still protecting yourself against the cold.


Several of our women’s running jackets and vests come with a variety of pockets so you can keep your personal items secure while you run. This can be helpful for storing things such as your phone and energy gels which can be essential, especially on longer runs. A list of all of our jackets and vests with pockets can be found below:

  • Ignition Insulation Vest: side zipper pockets
  • Commute Insulation and CI Logline Jacket: fleece front side pockets, waterproof zipper chest pocket, hidden internal zipper pocket
  • Commute Full Zip Hoodie: front pockets
  • Aero Jacket: front zipper pockets
  • Light Speed Waterproof Jacket: front pockets, chest zipper pocket

Women’s Jackets and Vests for All Weather

Our range of women’s running jackets and vests includes great options for all weather conditions. Whether you are faced with wet weather, hot sun, or freezing temperatures, our jackets and vests have you covered so you can confidently tackle your run.

Our jackets can offer sun protection with UPF and cover your arms during your next trail running adventure.

Women’s Jackets and Vests for Mild Weather

Stay cool, dry, and protected against the elements with our selection of women’s running jackets and vests that are ideal for mild weather.

Light Speed Hybrid Vest

This vest is a great option for running in mild weather. It includes a thin insulation sheet for moderate warmth and a windproof and water-repellent ripstop to protect you against the elements.

Aero Jacket

This jacket helps you stay cool with a back vent for breathability and venting in warmer weather and a waterproof shell to allow you to run without fear in all weather conditions.

Women’s Jackets and Vests for Cold Weather

Winter running comes with its own challenges that can be overcome with proper cold-weather preparation. Stay warm and protected against the cold with our collection of winter weather jackets and vests designed to prevent anything from standing in the way of your run.

Ignition Insulation Vest and Jacket

These tops are designed to keep you warm and dry with Thermore Thermal Booster insulation and a water-resistant downproof shell. Laser-cut ventilation on the back and sides increases breathability, while reflective highlights boost low-light visibility.

Commute Insulation and Commute Insulation Logline Jackets

These jackets are built for the toughest winter conditions and are designed to get you to and from your workout in comfort.

Lightweight 3M Thinsulate Featherless Insulation and a thermo-reflective back panel keep you warm despite the cold, while a downproof shell with environmentally responsible C6 DWR treatment helps protect against rain. These jackets are a combination of functionality and comfort at their peak.

**Commute Full Zip Hoodie **

This hoodie is designed for warmth and comfort with double knit-fleece material that helps trap your body heat. The fabric is also moisture-wicking, keeping you dry throughout your workout.

Once you’ve found your perfect running vest or jacket, check out our collection of compression tights, leggings, sports bras, long-sleeve shirts, and other running gear today.


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