Collection: Women's Long Sleeve Tops

Improve your outdoor performance with our range of long-sleeved running and training tops. Shop our range of cropped jumpers and fleece for layering up post-workout or traveling to and from the gym.
Women’s Long Sleeve Tops

Our collection includes tops perfect for all types of weather temperatures and conditions so you can stay comfortable and protected no matter the day. A number of other helpful features, such as pockets, lightweight material, and reflective highlights, are available so you can find a long sleeve top that best fits your workout needs.

Women’s Long Sleeve Tops for All Weather

Our selection of women’s long-sleeve tees and tops include options that are designed to keep your body temperature at a comfortable level, no matter the outside temperature or conditions. This way, you can find a top that fits your local climate and will best help you while training.

Women’s Long Sleeve Tops for Hot Weather

While often not thought of as a hot-weather clothing option, long-sleeve tops can make great summer training and running shirts. These tops are breathable and come with moisture-wicking material so you can stay cool and dry in the heat.

The Benefits of Wearing Long-Sleeve Tops in Hot Weather

The main benefit of wearing a long sleeve t-shirt while training outside in the summer is the added coverage and protection against the sun’s UV rays. UV rays are more intense in the summer months and can lead to sunburn and, eventually, other skin-related health issues when you experience prolonged exposure to the sun.

Wearing a long-sleeve shirt protects your shoulders, arms, and torso from UV rays and helps minimize areas potentially affected by sunburn. Long-sleeve shirts can also help provide more coverage against mosquitoes and other bugs that emerge in the summertime. This can be especially helpful when running in the woods or on a trail.

Motion Long Sleeve

This long-sleeve workout top is designed to provide you simultaneously with maximum coverage and full mobility so you can stretch, bend, and move to your fullest without fear. The fabric is soft, durable, and moisture-wicking to keep you comfortable and dry in the heat.

Light Speed Tech Crop Long Sleeve

This long sleeve crop top is perfect for your summer running or training needs. It includes built-in mesh ventilation zones in the chest and back for improved breathability, lightweight and quick-drying material, and a silicone-flocked finish on the neckline to reduce chafe. The fabric itself also offers protection against UV rays, while the crop style promotes airflow to keep you cool.

Women’s Long Sleeve Tops for Mild Weather

These tops are perfect for days in which the weather is in between warm and cold temperatures. They provide great activewear options for outdoor training in mild weather and the general fall and spring seasons.

Light Speed 1/2 Zip

This top is designed for ultimate personalization, with a 1/2 zip that lets you adjust according to your preferred exposure and thumbholes that can be slipped on for extra warmth on cooler days.

The material itself provides maximum comfort, is moisture-wicking, has a mesh back panel for breathability, and reflective highlights for low-light running visibility. All of these features make this zip the perfect option for mild or unpredictable weather.

Aero Jacket

This lightweight jacket is designed to keep you dry with a stretch woven water-resistant shell and an adjustable three-piece hood. The material is treated with environmentally responsible C6 Durable Water Repellent (DWR) to provide more coverage against rain. Other features include front pockets for storage, a back vent for breathability, and reflective highlights for low-light running.

Aero Long Sleeve

This crew neck top is made with X-VENT technology and a mesh back panel for maximum breathability. There is also an inner layer that helps draw moisture away from the body and an outer layer that helps disperse surface moisture to keep you dry and comfortable. Reflective logos and highlights will also allow for greater visibility in low-light conditions, making this top versatile for all of your running or training needs.

Women’s Long Sleeve Tops for Cold Weather

It is important to pay attention to the colder temperatures if you choose to run or train outdoors in the wintertime and be mindful of how best to prepare for your winter workout. Wearing one of our warm but breathable long-sleeve tops as a primary or base layer, depending on the temperature, is a great way to prepare yourself effectively for cold-weather exercise.

Ignition Compression Long Sleeve

This top is a great option if you want to experience the benefits of compression while staying warm. It is made with a lightweight, soft-brushed PWX Thermal fabric construction that traps your body heat to keep you as warm as possible.

There are PWX Vent panels under the arms for thermoregulation and breathability and flatlock seams throughout the whole top that reduce chafe. Compression tops also make great base layers underneath hoodies, sweatshirts, and other activewear so you can train in warmth and comfort.

If you are interested in learning about some of the benefits of compression technology, a few are listed below:

  • Supported blood flow and circulation to the muscles
  • Maintained athletic performance
  • Reduced excess muscle vibrations
  • Soothed muscle swelling, discomfort, and soreness
  • Healthy recovery between workouts

Ignition 1/4 Zip

This quarter-zip long-sleeve top is designed to optimize warmth with a quick-drying, double-knit waffle construction that prevents your body heat from escaping. There are also thumbholes at the cuffs that can be flipped over to provide hand warmth. The design includes reflective logos and highlights to improve visibility in low-light conditions.

Ignition Shield Hooded Mid-Layer

This top is designed to keep you protected against wind chill and light rain so you can stay warm and comfortable. The shoulders and arms are covered with a stretch woven fabric that has been treated with environmentally responsible C6 DWR for wind and rain protection. A three-piece hood and stretch cuffs with watch windows and thumbholes provide extra rain protection and warmth.

The double-knit waffle construction within the material traps your body heat to keep you warm while also allowing airflow. There are side zip pockets to provide secure and convenient storage as well as reflective highlights for low-light running.

Ignition Base Layer Long Sleeve

This top is the perfect base layer for your winter workout outfit. It includes revolutionary X-HEAT fabric that helps warm you up and ceramic-infused yarns that emit far infrared rays to keep your temperature in check. The material is moisture-wicking and comes with anti-odor technology to keep you fresh throughout your workout and beyond.

Form Wide Hem Crew

This pullover is perfect for your pre-workout warm-up or post-workout cooldown needs. It is designed to be oversized, comfortable, and warm with a soft loopback fleece construction that traps your body heat. The material is also moisture-wicking and comes with an invisible side zip pocket for secure storage.

Once you have found your perfect long-sleeve workout shirt, check out our collection of short-sleeve athletic tops, sleeveless tank tops, sports bras, and compression tights and leggings today.


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