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Designed to alleviate tired muscles, our range of compression socks for Recovery features padded zones across the heels and balls for comfort and promoting circulation. Our signature Vectr running socks are anatomically designed to provide advanced plantar fascia and arch support.
Compression Socks

Our compression socks are perfect for both running and general training. They work to boost your recovery and minimize muscle soreness post-workout so you can get back in action.

The Benefits of Compression Socks

If you wear compression socks during or after your workout, you will experience many benefits. These socks can help your muscles recover and be ready to take on your next run or training session without delay.

Supports Circulation

Wearing compression stockings supports the blood flow between your feet and the rest of your body, namely the blood circulation from your feet back into your heart.

This helps your muscles receive the oxygen they need to perform and recover. It can also soothe the swelling in the ankles and discomfort from fluid buildup and varicose vein flare-ups.

Stabilized Muscles and Joints

Activities such as running and jumping can be considered to have a high impact on your muscles. Compression stockings will help reduce the forces pounding on your muscles, soothing muscle fatigue, discomfort, and soreness. Recovery effects tend to be more dramatic the more intense the activity is due to lactic acid build-up.

Warmth and Protection

Compression sock material is thick, helping keep you warm and protected against the cold. This can be helpful for outdoor winter running and particularly if you prefer to wear shorts regardless of the weather.

The thick material also serves to offer protection against the unpredictable outdoor environments of trail running. It can keep you safe from elements such as poison ivy and thorny plants or branches.

Cushion Guide

Our compression socks are offered in a range of cushion levels so you can select your preferred degree of softness. Below is a quick guide to help you navigate the different levels:

Ultralight Cushion

These socks have 1.25 mm of cushioning and are designed to provide comfort in warmer weather. The thinner layer is also great for those who prefer a less rigid, more receptive fit and feel.

Ultralight cushion socks come in a variety of lengths. For compression options, we have the Vectr Ultralight No Show, 1/4 Crew, and Crew Compression Socks so you can find the length fit for you.

Light Cushion

These socks have 2.5 mm of cushioning and are designed to provide ample support for a wide range of activities, so you are covered no matter what sport you choose. They can also help minimize discomfort from shoe irregularities, contributing to a better overall feel.

Light cushion socks come in a variety of lengths. For compression options, we have the Vectr Light Cushion No Show, 1/4 Crew, Crew, and Full-Length or knee-high Compression Socks.

We also have the Vectr Merino Light Cushion No Show, 1/4 Crew, Crew, and Full-Length Compression Socks. The yarns in the Merino collection are breathable and include temperature regulation to aid in cold-climate trail running. The Flight Compression Socks feature light cushioning material as well and are perfect for supporting comfort on long-haul flights.

For regular socks, we have the Vectr Light Cushion Crew Socks. This collection covers every length option we have, ensuring there is a sock fit for you.


These socks have 3.25 mm of cushioning and are designed to provide the ultimate level of shock absorption during forefoot, push-off, and heel impact, keeping you supported and protected. These socks will have a more firm feel.

Cushion socks come in a variety of lengths. For compression options, we have the Vectr Cushion No Show, 1/4 Crew, Crew, and Full-Length Compression Socks. For regular sock options, we have the Vectr Cushion No Show and Crew Socks. Whether you’re interested in experiencing the benefits of compression socks or not, we have a pair of socks perfect for you.

Specialized Compression Socks

This pair of compression socks are designed for specific activities aside from running and training so you can be supported in all aspects of life. Their benefits will help keep you comfortable and feeling good throughout your day.

Compression Socks for Recovery

If you’ve ever had to stand on your feet for hours at a time, you’ve likely experienced how tired and sore your lower legs and feet can get by the end of the day. Compression is measured between 20-30mmhg (millimeters of mercury).

These are the best compression socks for relieving sore lower leg and foot muscles so you can recover. An extra firm compression rating of 25-28 mmhg compression ensures maximum benefits.

There are padded zones across the heels and balls of the feet to boost comfort. The graduated compression sleeve technology works to support blood circulation from your feet throughout the rest of your body.

Healthy blood flow helps with the body’s recovery process. There is also a vented toe panel for greater breathability so you can stay cool.

24/7 Compression Socks

These socks are designed to be worn for extended periods. They’re ideal for people who experience fatigue or swelling in the feet or ankles after sitting or standing for long durations.

These graduated compression socks have padded zones in the heels and balls of the feet as well as a seamlessly linked toe cage for increased comfort.

The graduated level of compression within these socks helps boost blood flow and prevent fluid buildup in the lower legs. The full-length nature of the socks ensures that a greater portion of the legs experience the benefits of compression so you can get the most relief possible.

Flight Compression Socks

If you’ve ever been on a long-haul flight, you may have experienced discomfort or swelling in the feet or ankles upon landing. These socks are specifically designed for long flights.

They have a moderate compression rating of 15-20 mmhg. They’re comfortable as well, with a cotton blend fabric, anatomical design, 2.5 mm of light cushioning, and a seamlessly linked toe cage so you can leave your flight refreshed and ready to adventure.


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