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Stay warm and supported in 2XU compression tops and find better postural awareness with stronger performance and reduced risk of injury.
Men’s Compression Tops

With a range of sleeve lengths and weather options, you can find a top perfect for all of your indoor and outdoor workout needs. These tops are ideal for training, team sports, and running, so all of your athletic endeavors are covered.

What Are the Benefits of Compression Shirts?

Wearing compression tops during and after your workout provides you with a variety of performance and recovery-based benefits. These tops will help you get the most out of your workout and recover in as little time as possible so you can continue training.

Supports Blood Flow and Circulation

Compression tops help keep the blood flowing throughout your upper body, providing the working muscles with the oxygen they need to keep moving. This supports stamina while you’re training and helps your body recover after your workout.

Soothes Fatigue, Swelling, and Soreness

Our men’s compression shirts will help the body manage fluid and lactic acid from building up in the muscles and causing post-workout fatigue, swelling, and soreness. This way, you can recover and get back to your next workout without delay.


Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is a concept in which the body experiences muscle fatigue, soreness, and general discomfort that peaks between 24 to 72 hours after a workout. This can occur when using muscle groups not often used or when performing extreme exercises or workouts.

DOMS will eventually resolve itself on its own, but this can take up to a week and leave you suffering from a limited range of motion, extreme soreness, muscle fatigue, and more. Wearing compression garments is a great way to soothe the effects of DOMS, as healthy blood and fluid flow can soothe muscle soreness.

Reduced Muscle Movement

The tight fit of compression tops will help hold your upper body muscles in place and prevent excess movement or vibrations. This will help your body fight off injury and ensure your muscles feel supported and ready to tackle your workout.

Skin Protection

Compression gear is made with thicker material than regular athletic clothing. This will help protect your skin more thoroughly from the sun’s UV rays when running or training outdoors in the summertime. It can also help minimize scratches or scrapes you might accidentally get from stray gym equipment or low-hanging branches on trail runs.

Tight, Secure Fit

Compression tops are meant to be form-fitting and put pressure on your upper body. This helps reduce the risk of your shirt riding up or sliding around, minimizing distractions and helping you focus on your workout.

Hot Weather Compression Tops

Running in the heat can come with its own range of challenges that can be overcome by properly preparing for a summer run. This includes hydrating, applying sunscreen, and wearing clothes designed to keep you as cool and dry as possible.

Our collection of warm weather compression tops includes a short sleeve and sleeveless option so you can choose the perfect top.


Wearing a sleeveless compression shirt will ensure maximum airflow and breathability, helping you stay cool. Sleeveless t-shirts also provide more of a body shaper option, with the tight fit of compression accentuating your figure while the arm-cut features the shoulders and biceps.

Core Compression Sleeveless

This compression tank top is the perfect summer training shirt. It is made with powerful, lightweight fabric that stretches 360 degrees so you can reach your full range of motion.

A back panel increases airflow and breathability by nearly 200%, promoting sweat evaporation so you can stay dry. The fabric itself is also moisture-wicking, keeping you comfortable and ready to beat the heat. Combine with one of our pairs of compression shorts for an optimal summer workout boost.

Short Sleeve

Wearing a compression short sleeve t-shirt is a great option for obtaining more coverage and protection against the sun’s rays. The material still promotes breathability and sweat evaporation while extending the benefits of compression to the shoulders and keeping them safe from sunburn.

Core Compression Short Sleeve

This shirt is made with strong, lightweight, 360-degree stretch fabric, so you're not held back by heavy material and your mobility is maximized. PWX Vent panels on the back and under the arms promote breathability and help you stay cool and dry, increasing airflow by nearly 200%. Moisture-wicking material promotes sweat evaporation so you can exercise in comfort.

Mild Weather Compression Tops

Sometimes finding the perfect top for running or training in mild or unpredictable weather can prove more difficult than it seems. Our long-sleeve top for mild weather is a great option to help you stay warm and cool so you can conquer your workout regardless of the temperature.

Core Compression Long Sleeve

This top is made with PWX lightweight, stretchy, and powerful material that will help you reach your full range of motion and be successful in your workout. The long sleeve compression shirts help you stay warmer while PWX Vent panels in the back and under the arms keep you cool and promote airflow by nearly 200%, ensuring your temperature is as balanced as possible. High-quality moisture-wicking fabric helps you stay dry.

Cold Weather Compression Tops

Warmth is important when exercising in cold weather, but you also want to make sure that your layers are breathable and that you don’t overdress. Our compression long-sleeve top makes a great outer or base layer for all of your cold-weather running and workout needs.

Ignition Compression Long Sleeve

This top is designed to provide you with optimal warmth in cold conditions. It’s made with PWX Thermal brushed fabric that actively traps your body heat to help you stay warm. PWX Vent panels under the arms allow for thermoregulation and increased breathability, reducing the chances of overheating.

The material itself is lightweight but powerful, reducing excess muscle movement and moisture-wicking, helping you stay dry. This top makes an excellent base layer but can also work as an outer layer if you prefer.

Once you’ve found your perfect workout shirt, check out our collection of men’s compression shorts, compression tights and leggings, and other compression pants.


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