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Whether you're training for your next triathlon or looking for the perfect gym shirt, our tops are designed so you get the most out of your workout, with no distractions.
Men’s Tops

Whether you’re training for your next triathlon or looking for the perfect gym shirt, our tops are designed so you get the most out of your workout with no distractions.

Our collection of men’s workout shirts and tops includes numerous best sellers for every kind of training need — even graphic t-shirt style clothing for the fashion-conscious. From tank tops to jackets, short-sleeve t-shirts and long-sleeve t-shirts to vests, we have options to help you train in style in all conditions. We also have many tops designed specifically for running and others for general fitness training.

Several of our tops are equipped with state-of-the-art compression technology to help you get the most out of your workout and recover with ease. Wearing a compression top is a great way to get ahead in your fitness journey and maximize your results.

Training in All Types of Weather

Weather can sometimes be more of a hindrance than a help in the training process. Cold, hot, and rainy conditions can seem discouraging when first encountered. But with 2XU’s variety of sleeve lengths of compression and non-compression men’s sportswear tops, bad weather doesn’t stand a chance of getting in the way of your fitness journey.

Cool/Cold Weather

Whether you live somewhere with year-round lower temperatures or are training in winter, cold weather can seem daunting to conquer at first. But we have several men’s tops designed specifically to help you combat the cold and emerge victorious.

Moderately Cool Temperatures

For moderately cool temperatures, the crewneck Aero Long Sleeve and Ignition Base Layerlong-sleeve shirts are a great option. They both help trap your body heat and keep you warm throughout your workout. They also function as perfect base layers when layering for colder weather.

Cooler Temperatures

For slightly cooler temperatures, there are numerous hoodies and zip-up options. These include the Motion Hoodie and Crew, the Ignition 1/4 Zip, and the Commute Full Zip Hoodie. All of these will again help to trap your body heat and keep you warm. The soft material maximizes comfort as well.

Cold Temperatures

For cold temperatures, we have vests and jackets that are fully equipped with insulative material. The Ignition Insulation Vest and Jacket as well as the Commute Insulation Jacket, will help keep you warm and allow you to continue training in cold conditions. The Commute Insulation Jacket is our warmest option and it includes a thermo-reflective back panel to maximize body heat retention.


We also have the Ignition Compression Long Sleeve top as an option to attain both the benefits of compression and warmth. This is a great way to continue to enjoy the perks of compression technology in spite of cold weather.

Warm/Hot Weather

We have many options of activewear tanks and tops that vary in color, cut, and style to help you get the most out of your workout. Many of these tops are also made with cooling technology and other perks, such as quick-drying material, to provide you with the best workout possible.


We have numerous men’s athletic short-sleeve tees to cater to every style preference. The Aero and Light Speed Tech short-sleeve shirts offer a sleek, simplified look and also include cooling technology. The Light Speed Tee offers the same cooling technology as the other training t-shirts but includes patterned color options. The Contender Tees are equipped with anti-odor technology and a style closer to that of a graphic tee.


Tanks are a great option for warm to hot weather or for the gym. The Light Speed Tech Singlet comes in a variety of colors and designs and has a more dramatic cut. It also comes with cooling technology. The Motion Tank and the Aero Tank are options with more coverage and more subtle patterns. The Aero Tank is equipped with cooling technology as well.


The Light Speed Hybrid Vest is a lightweight vest that is made with cooling technology. Its water-resistant front also helps protect against wind and rain, making it the perfect option for a day with unpredictable weather.

The Core Compression Sleeveless and Short Sleeve tops are great choices for athletes training in warmer weather who want to experience the benefits of compression. These shirts would also benefit athletes training indoors who want to experience compression in a shirt or tank form. Both are made with cooling technology as well. These compression tops help provide support for the upper body, overall performance, and recovery.

Rainy Weather

Rain can sometimes come out of nowhere, but we want to help you prepare for wet conditions and prevent the rain from deterring your training. These jackets and vests are sure to enable you to continue training regardless of rainy weather.

The Aero Jacket

This jacket is equipped with an adjustable three-piece hood and is made with water-resistant stretch-woven fabric. It also has a vent in the back to increase breathability, and it has reflective strips of fabric to enable low-light running. The vent and the Aeo Jacket's cooling technology make it a great option to combat rainy weather in areas of high humidity or temperatures.

The Ignition Insulation Vest

This vest is made with a water-resistant stretch knit shell. That, combined with its thermal booster insulation, makes it the perfect option for cold, rainy weather. It has reflective strips of fabric as well for low-light running.

The Light Speed WP Jacket

This jacket is made with a membrane that is both waterproof and breathable. It will offer the most complete protection from rain. It again contains reflective material as well as a convenient chest zip pocket.

**Training in Low Light **

Training at times in the day when there is little light can be appealing for a variety of reasons. In the summer, it is cooler in the morning and night, and therefore more pleasant to exercise. Others may train in the morning or night because that timing fits best with the rest of their schedule.

The biggest concern with running or exercising in low light is safety. An important way to keep yourself safe is to wear athletic clothes with reflective material to ensure you are visible to passing vehicles, bikers, runners, and anyone else enjoying the outdoors. We offer many different men’s athletic tops that include reflective stripes, logos, or other markings to help keep you safe.

For tanks, both the Aero Tank and the Light Speed Singlet include reflective strips. There are numerous tees that are reflective, including the Aero Tee, the Light Speed Tech Tee, and the Light Speed Tee. This allows you to choose which style and cut you prefer.

For warmer, long sleeve options, the Ignition Base Layer Long Sleeve and the Ignition Zips will help you remain visible. The Aero Jacket, the Light Speed WP Jacket, and the Ignition Insulation Vest and Jacket are perfect for providing reflection in colder conditions. 2XUs collection of moisture-wickingworkout clothes can support you in any weather.

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