Collection: Womens Compression Shirts: Long & Short Sleeve

Ideal for training, running and recovery, these tops will provide compression support for better postural awareness, a stronger performance and reduced risk of injury. Try long-sleeve for complete support.
Women’s Compression Tops

Compression tops can help soothe and support your upper body muscles during and after your workout. These tops make great additions to your training gear and are perfect for all activities. Combine with a pair of our women’s compression tights for full-body coverage.

What Are the Benefits of Compression Tops?

Compression tops include a wide range of performance and recovery benefits that will help you get the most out of your workout and be on your way to breaking personal records in no time. Push your body to a whole new level with our collection of women’s compression tops.

Supports Blood Flow and Circulation

Compression tops work hard to support blood flow throughout the upper body, and they help maintain the supply of oxygen to the working muscles, allowing you to keep pushing yourself and reach new peaks.

This is especially important as compression tops target the heart, supporting the flow of blood to one of your most important organs as it works to keep you moving. Healthy blood flow is essential to sports performance and the body’s recovery process, making compression tops a great asset for athletes of all kinds.

Soothes Muscle Soreness

When your muscles are pushed to their max, lactic acid can build up and cause feelings of soreness. This can limit your range of motion, create mild to extreme discomfort, and force you to take more time between workouts to recover.

The targeted pressure of compression technology will support the flow of fluids throughout your body, helping you get back on track for your next workout.

Offers a Secure, Tight Fit

The form-fitting design of compression tops is helpful in many ways. Read on to find out how the secure fit of these tops can benefit you:

Reduce Muscle Vibration

The tight fit of all compression wear will help minimize excess muscle movement and vibrations as much as possible. This can help support your body as it handles medium to high-impact level activities, allowing you to train with confidence.

Train Distraction-Free

When you are training, the last thing you want to have to worry about is your workout clothing moving around unnecessarily. The secure fit of compression tops allows you to focus on your training as you don’t have to worry about your top sliding up or moving around unnecessarily while you move.

Use as a Great Base Layer

The tight fit of compression tops makes them work as a great base layer for all of your other athletic tops ranging from t-shirts to pullovers and hoodies. Wearing one of our women’s compression long-sleeve tops will also help provide you with additional warmth against harsh temperatures when training in cold weather.

The slim fit allows you to customize your workout outfit and prevents compression gear from interfering with your personal style. The ease with which these tops can be worn underneath comfortable layers such as sweatshirts makes them versatile for warm-ups and cool-downs as well.

Thicker Material Provides Skin Protection

Compression garments are made with thicker, more durable material than regular activewear. This can provide a few different benefits that will help offer you more protection throughout your workout.

These perks include providing more protection against unpredictable variables such as low-hanging branches that may pop up during trail runs and stray gym equipment that you may not see. These tops can also provide a limited degree of sun protection, which can be especially helpful when training outdoors in the summertime.

Compression Tops for Warm Weather

We offer a women’s long-sleeve compression top designed to help you stay cool and comfortable in warmer weather. Training in a compression long-sleeve t-shirt is a great option because it helps keep your arms protected from sunburn while your body experiences all of the benefits compression technology has to offer.

We also have a collection of compression tank tops, sports bras, and compression short-sleeve shirts for warmer weather.

Core Compression Long Sleeve

This top is made with high-quality, powerful, and lightweight material that stretches and moves with you to ensure a full range of motion. A Raglan sleeve construction aids with this, helping you maximize your mobility. The applied pressure from the top can also help you maintain proper posture while exercising.

To stay cool, there are ventilation panels in the upper back and arm areas that boost airflow, promote sweat evaporation, and help your body maintain a healthy temperature. The fabric itself is also moisture-wicking, helping you stay dry and as comfortable as possible throughout your toughest workouts.

Compression Tops for Cold Weather

As mentioned above, compression tops make excellent base layers when creating your winter running or training outfit. The full sleeve length ensures both maximum warmth and compression benefits, making this top the perfect choice for cold-weather exercise. Combine this with a pair of our compression leggings for an unbeatable combination of power and warmth.

Ignition Compression Long Sleeve

This crew neck top is designed to optimize warmth with a PWX Thermal brushed fabric construction that actively works to trap your body heat while you exercise. The material is also lightweight and powerful, helping you feel all of the benefits of compression without being weighed down, which makes this top ideal for running.

PWX Vent panels underneath the arms aid with breathability, ventilation, and thermoregulation to reduce the risk of overheating during your workout. The moisture-wicking qualities in the fabric will help ensure you stay as dry and comfortable as possible as you conquer your fitness goals.

This top is truly versatile, with reflective highlights and trims that provide visibility when running in low-light conditions so cars and other runners can see you. Finally, included anti-odor technology helps you feel fresh for longer and allows you to train without fear.

How Do I Care for My Compression Top?

Our women’s compression tops are built to last, and we want to make sure you get the most out of your product so you can achieve any goal you set for yourself. A big part of maximizing the lifespan of a clothing item is following the recommended washing procedures.

Our suggestions include:

  • Machine wash, cold water, similar colors
  • Hang dry only, away from the sun
  • Do not use additives (bleach, dryer sheets, fabric softeners, etc)
  • No ironing or heat application of any kind


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