Collection: Men’s Sweatpants & Joggers

Men’s Sweatpants & Joggers

Designed to optimize comfort, our selection of men’s sweatpants and jogger sweatpants are perfect for light training and everyday leisure.

With designs that emphasize sleek simplicity, these pants will help you relax after a long day in style. They are also great for a light jog or workout and provide warmth for outdoor training or everyday use in cool weather. Combine with one of our state-of-the-art hoodies or sweatshirts for a comfortable workout any time of year.

Training/Walking in Cool to Cold Weather

One of the biggest challenges in training in cool and especially cold weather is deciding what sportswear to don. You want to be warm and protected from the elements, but if you overdress, you run the risk of overheating once your body gets moving.

Here at 2XU, we have the perfect selection of best sellers, including tees, men’s sweatpants, and fit joggers, to help you keep training throughout the winter with optimal performance.

Moisture-Wicking Material

Sweating is a natural part of training, but in cold weather, excess sweat can quickly become uncomfortable and even aid in making you feel colder. A great way to prevent this is to wear pants made with moisture-wicking material.

This kind of fabric will help by moving sweat away from your skin, decreasing the likelihood that you will become colder from simply sweating. The Commute Trackpants is a pair of sweatpants made with this moisture-wicking fabric and is the perfect option to help you stay warm during an outdoor run, walk, or any other activity you choose.

These men’s pants are also made with a double-knit fleece material that creates small air pockets that trap body heat to create an even warmer experience.

**Reflective Material **

In the wintertime, the days are shorter and there is more time to run, walk, or train outside either in the morning or at night. Especially for those who plan their workouts around a typical workday, there is a greater likelihood that you will have to train outdoors when it is dark outside.

A great way to combat the dark and help keep you safe in low-light conditions is to wear athletic gear with reflective material. This material will reflect the lights of cars, motorcycles, and any other approaching vehicles that could threaten your safety if they don’t see you. Visibility is key, so wearing multiple garments with reflective material is very important.

The Light Speed Joggers are the perfect option for training or walking as safely as possible in dark or dim lighting. These pants have both reflective logos and trims to achieve this while still retaining a sleek, stylish look.

Practicality and Storage

Not only are our men’s sweatpants and joggers comfortable, but they’re also designed to be practical to help you train or enjoy everyday life to the fullest. Some of these features include pockets, flexible material, and a tapered waistband.


All of our men’s sweatpants and fleece joggers come with various convenient pockets designed to allow you to carry any items you need. Whether you’re an athlete looking to keep energy bars and gels on your person while training, or someone who uses pockets to keep their phone close throughout the day, the pockets on our men’s sweatpants and joggers provide you with easy access to anything you need.

The Commute Trackpants have slanted side pockets, two back pockets, and a side zip pocket to provide you with a variety of storage locations. The Light Speed Joggers have side zip pockets and a back zip pocket perfect for holding energy gels for a race. Finally, the BSR Trackpants have wide side zip pockets that are great for holding and protecting something larger, like a phone.

Flexible Material

Again to emphasize comfort, the Light Speed Joggers are made with lightweight, flexible material to ensure your mobility and range of motion is maximized. The material has a four-way stretch woven upper section and a PWX knit lower section to provide the ultimate flexibility.

These pants are perfect for training that may involve increased motion, such as squatting or yoga. The lightweight material also makes them great for running, so you don’t have to worry about excess material holding you down.

Secure Waistband

Secure waistbands help create a fitted look and ensure your pants remain in place. The Light Speed Joggers have a lightweight and ventilated waistband and an internal drawcord to secure the fit.

The Commute Trackpants have a drawcord waistband to help the pants remain in place without sacrificing comfort. The BSR Trackpants have an elasticated waistband as well as a hidden drawcord to allow for personalization and security.

Men’s Joggers and Sweatpants for Leisure

All of our men’s sweatpants and joggers come with the duality of being great for both training and leisure. Whether you want to take a walk outside, sit comfortably on a plane, or just enjoy everyday life, our collection of sweatpants will enable you to do so with the utmost comfort.

Comfortability is at the forefront of the design for all of our men’s sweatpants and joggers. Each pair of pants is made with soft or lightweight material to maximize your relaxation or provide you with comfort for the day ahead.

BSR Trackpants

These men’s track pants are specifically designed for leisurely everyday use. They are made with soft material, tapered at the leg for style, and have an elasticated waistband for a secure fit. They also have wide side pockets ideal for carrying items such as a phone or cards. These pants are perfect for your everyday needs.

Commute Trackpants

These men’s track pants are soft fleece pants that provide warmth and comfort. These fleece jogger pants are tapered at the leg for style, have a drawcord waistband for a secure fit, and stretch to increase mobility.

They also come with a variety of different-sized pockets to provide you with a place to keep your things. These are a great option for cold weather and everyday relaxation.

Light Speed Joggers

These men’s joggers are designed for running but also serve as a great option for daily wear. These midweight pants are made with lightweight and flexible material to enable motion. These pants also come with side zip pockets that allow you to safely carry any items you need for the day.

Caring for Your Sweatpants and Joggers

We want to make sure you get the most out of your 2XU men’s clothing, including our bottom sweatpants and joggers. These simple washing steps will help ensure you retain the highest level of quality in these products.


Machine wash is sufficient, but to minimize any color damage or loss, wash in cold water with similar colors. Detergent is fine, but we recommend not using extra products such as bleach or fabric softeners. We also do not suggest ironing; hanging the pants up should be enough to prevent wrinkles or creases.


Do not dry the pants in a dryer or use dryer sheets for the best results. We recommend hang-drying in areas not in direct sunlight to prevent color damage or loss.

If you simply machine wash and hand dry, your sweatpants and joggers will retain their highest quality.

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