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Be race day ready with the best accessories to help you cross your finish line with our range of run hats, caps, bags & race gear.

Whether you’re a runner, biker, swimmer, or casual walker, our variety of accessories will help prepare you to tackle your workout and perform to the best of your ability. Find the accessories you need to pair with your jump rope, yoga mat, resistance bands, or adjustable dumbbells today.

Accessories for All Sports and Activities

We have numerous options for training accessories to help you conquer every bodyweight workout, strength training session, and race. Our collection has you covered for all your athletic needs so you can feel comfortable and supported.

Accessories for Running and Training

Never feel unprepared for a run or workout again with our selection of running accessories. They have you covered for all weather conditions, personal preferences, and degrees of intensity so you can get the most out of your run or gym session.

Compression Socks

Our selection of compression socks is perfect for runners and athletes who want to experience the benefits of compression while training. They can be especially helpful to long-distance runners.

A few benefits of wearing compression socks include:

  • Supported blood flow around the feet, ankles, and lower legs
  • Soothed discomfort post-run
  • Minimized soreness post-run due to a reduction in lactic acid buildup
  • Supported recovery
  • Warmth against the cold
  • Protection against trail hazards such as poison ivy or branches

We have several options of compression socks that offer variety in sock length, compression strength, and style. This way, you can choose the socks that are best for what you’re looking to get out of your run or workout.

For a no-show length option, the Vectr Marino Light Cushion No Show Compression Socks have X-LOCK technology to hold your foot in place and prevent blistering. They also have moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating material and a wide toe box for added comfort.

For a crew length option, the Vectr Cushion 1/4 Crew Compression Socks are right and left-specific for a better fit. They have a 3.25 mm cushion to absorb shock from running or jumping, built-in X-LOCK technology, and moisture-wicking material.

For a full-length option, the Vectr Light Cushion Full Length Compression Socks have a graduated compression strength, the same X-LOCK anti-blister technology, mesh ventilation windows for breathability, and more.

Compression Sleeves

Similar to compression socks, compression sleeves work by supporting blood flow, soothing swelling, soreness, and discomfort, and maintaining a quick recovery. Because the sleeves target the arm muscles, they’re particularly helpful for lifting or training in the gym, where your arm muscles may experience more direct strain.

The Flex Compression Arm Sleeves help hold the arm joints in place, supporting warm-up and recovery time, and have a flexible elbow to support mobility. The Recovery Flex Arm Sleeves help support the biceps, elbows, and forearms and have a graduated fit to maintain healthy blood circulation and aid in muscle recovery.

Caps and Headbands

There are many benefits to wearing a hat or headband while you run or work out. Whether you want to stay protected from the summer sun or keep your hair out of your face so you can focus on your workout, our selection of high-quality caps and headbands have you covered.

The Light Speed Cap, the Light Speed Trucker, the Run Cap, and the Packable Run Cap offer full coverage for your head and are made with lightweight, fast-drying material to help you stay cool in the heat. The Run Visor and Performance Visor are also lightweight and quick-drying, providing you with great semi-coverage options for your run or workout.

For winter hat options, the Ignition Beanie is made with a warm double-knit waffle material to keep your head and ears warm on winter runs. The Run Beanie includes stretch-brushed thermal material and moisture-wicking fabric to keep you dry and protected from the cold.

Our headband options include the Ignition Headband, which helps you stay warm and distraction-free, and the Skinny Headband 2 Pack, which provides a lighter option for keeping your hair back.

Water Bottles

Water bottles are essential for long-distance runs but are helpful during and after every workout, such as strength training sessions, yoga and pilates classes, and grueling barre sessions.

We have a 22 oz Water Bottle and a 26 oz Water Bottle, so you can choose the size you prefer. Both can easily fit in your gym bag and are leakproof and BPA-free to prevent bad taste, mold, and staining, ensuring you can stay hydrated safely.


We have several other fitness accessories that serve specific purposes in helping you achieve all of your fitness goals. These products are convenient and beneficial additions so you can focus on training.

The Run Belt provides a medium-sized pocket for everything you need to take with you on your run, such as a phone, keys, or energy gels. The zipper ensures the safety of your items, the adjustable belt fits all sizes, and the pocket itself sits flat on your body to prevent distracting flapping.

The Microfibre Gym Towel is made with super soft, quick-drying material to keep you dry and comfortable throughout your gym session. There is also an attached sateen clamp label to allow for hanging on hooks, making this the perfect workout accessory. If you are someone who has a home gym or prefers a good home workout, this towel is a great addition to the rest of your gym equipment.

The Run Gloves are made with stretch-brushed thermal fabric that dries quickly and keeps you warm for winter runs. There are convenient fingertips that allow you to text without removing your gloves and a button snap to hold them together and reduce the risk of one getting lost.

Timing your training sessions and races can be invaluable to both beginners and expert runners alike. The Timing Chip Strap is an ankle timing strap that will help you track your paces throughout your run so you can establish a steady workout routine and work towards a new PR. The velcro strap provides a secure fit, so it won’t slide around, while the comfortable design reduces chafing.

The Run Arm Band provides the perfect place for your phone so you can listen to music during your run or cardio workout. The showerproof seal offers protection from the elements, and reflective highlights boost safety in low-light running, making this band versatile and a great addition to the rest of your workout equipment.

Accessories for Triathlons, Swimming, and Cycling

Run, swim, and bike in comfort and style with our collection of triathlon-geared accessories. The running accessories are listed above in “Accessories for Running and Training,” while swimming and cycling accessories can be found below.


Swimming is an excellent full-body workout and a great way to practice wellness. Our collection of swimming accessories will help you tackle all swims, from casual to race day. The Propel Buoyancy Shorts are comfortable, supportive, reduce drag, and help you stay buoyant. An adjustable drawstring waistband secures the fit so you can focus on your swim.

The Silicone Swim Cap is strong and durable, helping to reduce drag and keep your hair dry. The silicone material also offers an ideal option for latex-free athletes. The Stealth Goggle features anti-fog technology to help beginners and professionals alike navigate murky outdoor waters more easily.

For cold water swimmers, the Propel Neoprene Booties are designed to be tucked over wetsuits to warm your feet in cold water. They have X-gripped soles to help you enter and exit the water safely and a velcro ankle strap to provide a secure fit. The Propel Neoprene Gloves include the same benefits but for your hands, keeping you warm and protected in the water.


The Aero Cycle Arm Warmers and the Aero Cycle Knee Warmers are great additions to your workout gear. They help provide extra coverage when the season gets colder, so you can still wear your favorite biking shorts and shirts. They are made with PWX Thermal lightweight compression fabric to keep you warm and include minimal seams to reduce chafing.

Performance Locked Laces for Triathletes

One of the most stressful things during a triathlon can be putting on your cycling shoes after the swimming leg. These laces are made with ergonomic “quick release/retain” lace locks to speed up transition time so you can move on to the next leg. They are suitable for all athletic shoes.

Whether running, swimming, or simply doing your daily pushups and pull-ups, our collection of tanks can support your workout as you raise your heart rate.


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