Collection: Triathlon

Our triathlon gear is designed with industry-leading aerodynamics and ventilation technologies to ensure maximum muscle support, minimising muscle fatigue. Our tri suits and tri apparel are created with world-class chamois technology and fabric to keep you performing at your best.

With options designed for swimming, biking, running, and all three combined, you will find a training suit perfect for your triathlon needs. Feel confident in your gear and ready to take on your race with our selection of tri suits, swimsuits, and accessories.

Swimming Gear

Swimming is the first leg of any triathlon and can establish the pace and tone for how the rest of your race will go. It is important both in training and for the real race you set yourself up for success with high-quality swimwear and tri gear designed to help you break PRs like never before.

Swimsuits and Wetsuits

Tackle any open water swim, regardless of the temperature and conditions, with our selection of swimsuits and wetsuits specifically designed for triathletes. These suits will help you stay warm, buoyant, and as drag-free as possible so you can speed ahead to the finish line.

Propel Buoyancy Shorts

Designed for warmer water conditions or swims in which wetsuits aren’t allowed, our buoyancy shorts will help you cut through the water with precision and speed.

They are made with Japanese neoprene that is durable and buoyant, functioning to help you maintain a horizontal position and minimize the chances of your legs sinking. A hydrodynamic coating reduces drag so you can swim as fast as possible.


Wearing a wetsuit during your swimming leg can provide you with many advantages. Our women’s and men’s one-piece wetsuits are designed to supply you with optimal warmth while also maximizing speed.

A number of our wetsuits will help prevent your legs from sinking too low, reduce surface drag with their hydrodynamic coating, and support your performance.

For the upper body, we have sleeveless and long-sleeve options, and for the lower body, we have both full-length and short-length choices.

Swimrun Wetsuits

If you’re looking to wear your wetsuit into the next two legs of the triathlon, check out our Swimrun Wetsuits. These suits will propel you during your swim and are designed to make transitions easy and biking and running as comfortable as possible with a front zip that allows for breathability. A rear zip pocket also allows you to store any small race day essentials.


No open-water swim outfit is complete without a pair of goggles and a swim cap. Our selection of swim accessories will help you feel prepared for your workout and ready to tackle any course on your path.

Stealth Goggle - Smoke

If you’ve ever raced in open water, you know the importance of finding a good pair of goggles to see in murky conditions so you don’t miss a turn buoy. Our Stealth Goggle will do just that, with anti-fog technology that cuts a path through unclear water. One size fits all.

Silicone Swim Cap

Swim caps are essential for every serious triathlete and open-water swimmer. Perfect for athletes with a latex allergy, our silicone cap will help keep your hair secure and out of the way of your strokes. The smooth fit will help reduce surface drag and provide your head with extra warmth in cold conditions.

Tri Gear

Our collection of trisuits, tri shorts, and tri tops will help you tackle your race like never before. Our tri gear is sure to keep you supported throughout all three legs of your race and propel you to the finish line.


Our collection of triathlon suits are specifically designed to keep you cool, comfortable, and able to focus on your triathlon race without distractions. We have both short sleeve tri suits and sleeveless trisuits, so you are able to select the cut and fit you desire.

Wearing a trisuit includes many advantages, such as warmth in cold weather, fewer distractions from clothing movement, and aid in achieving faster transition times. These suits can help elevate your race and allow you to move between legs with confidence.

Core and Core Sleeved Trisuits

For shorter races, try a Core trisuit, which is made with SBR Skin Lite material that works to keep you cool, and TMF Core Tri Chamois padding that is moisture-wicking and supportive in all the right places.

Aero Sleeved and Aero Front Zip Trisuits

The Aero trisuits come with specially designed paneling that improves aerodynamics and reduces drag, so you can hit your best times yet. SBR Vents will help promote ventilation, while TMF Aero Tri Chamois helps you feel comfortable and supported.

Light Speed Sleeved and Light Speed Front Zip Trisuits

The Light Speed trisuit collection is designed for your longest, toughest races. It includes UV-resistant technology designed to keep you cool, vented sections for breathability and improved aerodynamics, and TMF Light Speed Tri Chamois, providing comfort and support for ironman distances. This collection also includes Muscle Containment Stamping technology for a more equally dispersed impact on the legs while running.

Light Speed Tech Sleeved Trisuits

This collection is great for all your triathlon needs, with supportive Light Speed Chamois built for ironmans, a back mesh channel for flexibility while biking, and muscle-stabilizing material. This suit will also provide the ultimate cooling experience with Swiss COLDBLACK material that provides UV protection and a back ventilation channel.

Tri Tops and Tanks

With sleeveless and short-sleeve options, our collection of tri tops and tanks will provide you with upper body support throughout your training session or race. Our tops feature industry-leading aerodynamic and ventilation properties so you can move quickly and comfortably.

Combining a tri top with a pair of our tri shorts is helpful in warmer weather due to the increased airflow and will provide an easier on-and-off experience.

Both the Aero Tri Tops and Singlets and the Core Tri Tank will help you stay cool, supported, and ready to smash your triathlon training sessions and races. Unique features propel you forward, always with comfort and aerodynamics at the forefront.

Tri Shorts

As mentioned above, combining a pair of our tri shorts will help you form the perfect triathlon outfit, especially for hot weather. These shorts also make great bike shorts, providing versatility for all of your triathlon and cycling needs.

Options include both the Aero and Core Tri Shorts, which will keep you cool, comfortable, and supported. Longer length choices include 7” and 9” options for reduced chafing and personal style preferences.


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