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Get outside anytime with our range of insulated or run jackets, engineered from lightweight, durable, and waterproof fabric to keep you protected and outdoors during any weather.
Men’s Jackets & Vests

Whether you’re looking for a pullover or a shell jacket, our selection of packable men’s jackets and vests are perfect for all of your outdoor running, training, and adventure needs. Protect yourself against the elements without compromising comfort or mobility with our running gear collection.

Finding the perfect jacket, windbreaker, or vest for all of your outdoor endeavors has never been easier.

Protection Against the Elements

Never let the cold, rain, or wind stand in the way of your outdoor adventures with our collection of men’s jackets and vests. We have a wide range of long-sleeve training jackets that will help protect you against the fierce elements of the outdoors so you can enjoy your workout, hike, or other activity in comfort.

Jackets and Vests for Cold Weather

Finding a good quality, warm athletic jacket or vest can be extremely helpful when protecting yourself against the cold during wintertime. Our selection of warm jackets is perfect for providing you with the utmost comfort and warmth during cold weather activities.

The Commute Full Zip Hoodie

This hoodie is perfect for cool to slightly cold temperatures. It is made with soft, double-knit fleece fabric that helps trap your body heat so that you can stay comfortable and warm. The material is also quick-drying so that sweat buildup is minimized during your workout or day.

The Commute Insulation Jacket

This extra-warm jacket is perfect for cold winter weather. It is made with Lightweight 3M Thinsulate Featherless Insulation, which helps keep you warm and dry. The back panel of fabric is equipped with thermo-reflection, which prevents body heat loss. The jacket’s external double weave shell makes it water-resistant and wind-resistant, so you are protected from the elements.

The Utility Insulation Jacket

This jacket comes with similar warming and water-repellent features as the Commute Insulation Jacket, making it a perfect choice for cold weather. Insulated fabric and a thermo-reflective back panel help trap body heat and provide warmth. This jacket is a great option to wear as a protective layer when traveling between home and training as well as for general outdoor activities.

The Ignition Insulation Jacket

This packable jacket offers a more lightweight option for protection against cool to cold weather. The Thermore Thermal Booster smart insulation within the material provides warmth in cold conditions to keep you comfortable. This windproof jacket’s downproof shell helps repel water to keep you dry. The lightweight nature of this jacket makes it a great option for running or training in cold weather.

Ignition Insulation Vest

This vest offers the same warming and water-resistant qualities as the Ignition Insulation Jacket. The smart insulation within the vest’s material and the downproof shell work together to create a comfortable experience. This vest is also perfect for outdoor running and training, offering a lighter option.

Jackets and Vests for Mild Weather

Wearing a jacket or vest suited for mild weather can be a great option when you’re not sure exactly what the temperature of the day will be. By wearing a jacket or vest, you can be prepared for sudden fluctuations in temperature, wind speed, and rain.

The Aero Jacket

This jacket is perfect for running in mild or unpredictable weather. This lightweight jacket is made with water-resistant material and an adjustable three-piece hood to protect against sudden weather condition shifts or light rain out in the backcountry. It has an airflow vent in the back for increased ventilation and breathability, helping to keep you cool in warmer conditions. The material of this rain jacket is also lightweight, so it doesn’t drag you down during your run.

The Light Speed Hybrid Vest

This vest is perfect for sudden gusts of wind and rain, with a wind and water-resistant ripstop on the front for protection. There is a thin insulation sheet in the fabric to provide moderate warmth but not so much that it would cause overheating in mild weather. The thin nature of the vest also makes it easy to layer under other jackets if you plan on shedding layers throughout your run or while out biking.

Jackets and Vests for Wet Weather

The last thing you want is to be caught off guard when sudden and unexpected showers begin. Protection against rain can be crucial when deciding which jacket to wear for your run or outdoor adventure. Several of our men’s vests and jackets include waterproof or water-resistant material to help keep you protected from the elements.

Waterproof Jackets

The Light Speed WP Jacket is a great option for attaining complete waterproof coverage. It is made with a waterproof membrane and adjustable hood so you can remain as dry as possible. This jacket is lightweight and breathable, making it perfect for running in rainy weather.

Water-Resistant Jackets and Vests

The Aero Jacket, Ignition Insulation Vest, Utility Insulation Jacket, and Commute Insulation Jacket are all made with a downproof shell that helps repel water. The Aero Anorak and the Light Speed Ultralight Jacket are made with a water-resistant ripstop fabric. These jackets will help fend off the water while continuing to provide warmth and comfort throughout your workout or adventure.

Jackets and Vests for Low Light

Running in low light can be a great way to beat the heat, train around your work schedule, or provide a healthy start or finish to your day. Whatever your reason for running in low light may be, it’s important that you dress properly so you can remain as safe as possible.

A big part of that safety comes from wearing clothes with reflective strips of fabric so that you are visible to oncoming traffic. Reflective strips help bounce back light from headlights and streetlights, making you shine brighter and minimizing the risk of an accident.

Several of our men’s jackets and vests come equipped with reflective strips of material. The Aero Jacket, the Ignition Insulation Vest, and the Light Speed WP Jacket are all excellent options to help keep you safe while running or training in low-light conditions. All of these jackets and vests are also designed to be lightweight and perfect for running.

Jackets and Vests for Running

We have a variety of men’s jackets and vests that are specifically designed for running. These garments are lightweight, water-resistant, and move with you so you can get the most out of your run.

The Aero Jacket, Light Speed Ultralight Jacket, Aero Anorak, Light Speed Hybrid Vest, and Light Speed WP Jacket all help keep you cool while you run, have various pockets for energy gels or phone storage, and are designed to maximize your comfort. The Ignition Insulation Vest provides a warmer option for runners and also has pockets as well as reflective highlights for low-light running safety.

Pair your new waterproof running jacket with a good pair of trail running shoes, and you’re on your way!


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