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Shop our range of clothes that provide maximum flexibility in motion, durability against the elements, and total comfort for the ultimate run.
Women’s Running

Our collection features benefits that cover all of your running needs ranging from compression technology to pockets for secure storage to reflection for low-light running visibility. Find running gear for all weather, body types, and personal style preferences.

Women’s Compression Clothes for Running

Running in compression clothes supplies you with a variety of supportive benefits for both performance and recovery. We have women’s compression tops, bottoms, and socks specifically designed for runners so you can be on your way to breaking personal trail running records and recovering better than ever.

Women’s Compression Tops for Running

Compression tops help support healthy blood flow and circulation throughout the upper body to provide oxygen to the muscles and aid in the recovery process.

**Ignition Compression Long Sleeve **

This top is perfect for outdoor cold weather running. This long-sleeve shirt is made with PWX Thermal brushed fabric to keep you warm, PWX Vents for thermoregulation and breathability, and quick-drying material to keep you dry.

Women’s Compression Shorts and Tights for Running

Compression bottoms help support blood flow throughout the legs, soothing muscle discomfort, post-workout fatigue, and soreness.

**Light Speed Mid-Rise Compression Shorts and Tights **

These bottoms come in numerous short, capri, and full-length options and are equipped with Muscle Containment Stamping (MCS) technology that targets the quadriceps and calves to provide tailored support to reduce the strain on those muscle groups. Pockets provide secure storage, and reflective highlights increase visibility for low-light running.

**Core Compression Shorts and Tights **

These bottoms come in a variety of lengths and contain a firm graduated compression level for maximum compression benefits. An adjustable drawstring waistband allows for a custom fit while moisture-wicking material helps you stay dry.

Ignition and Ignition Shield Mid-Rise Compression Tights

These tights are essential for cold-weather running. They contain PWX Thermal brushed fabric for warmth. Moisture-wicking material helps you stay dry, while reflective highlights boost low-light running visibility, making these tights versatile.

The Ignition Shield Compression Tights** **contain the same benefits but have waterproof stretch membrane panels for protection against the elements.

Aero Reflect Hi-Rise Compression Shorts and Tights

These tights are designed to make you visible in low light conditions with a subtle reflective tonal print and a reflective X logo. The tights contain multiple pockets for convenient storage and moisture-wicking material to keep you as dry as possible.

**Aero Vent Mid-Rise Compression Tights **

These tights come in different capri and full-length options and are designed to maximize breathability. PWX VENT panels promote ventilation and sweat evaporation, while quick-drying material helps to keep you cool. Reflective highlights provide low-light visibility.

Women’s Compression Socks for Running

Wearing compression socks during and after your run can provide a variety of athletic and health benefits. Our collection supplies various lengths, styles, and color options so you can find a pair of compression running socks perfect for you.

All of our socks fall under the Vectr collection. They are separated by the level of cushion present in the socks, with ultralight cushion, light cushion, and cushion being the three levels. All socks within these categories come in different lengths, including no-show, 1/4 crew, crew, and full length.

Here is a quick guide to the levels of cushion in our compression socks:

**Ultralight Cushion: **1.25 mm of cushion supplies comfort in warm conditions, perfect for athletes who prefer a receptive feel

**Light Cushion: **2.5 mm of cushion works great for all activities, and helps hide irregularities in running shoes that may contribute to discomfort

**Cushion: 3.25 mm **of cushion helps absorb shock from high-impact activities in the heel and forefoot

Women’s Clothes for Hot Weather Running

Running in hot weather can present a variety of challenges. High-intensity heat and sunlight can lead to dehydration and dangerous exhaustion if you don’t prepare accordingly by drinking water and wearing proper attire.

Athletic gear can make or break your run, but with our collection of garments perfect for hot-weather running, you’re sure to make the most out of your workout.

Women’s Hot Weather Running Shirts, Tanks, and Crops

Whether you prefer short sleeves, tank tops, crops, or sports bras, our collection has you covered. Made with lightweight, quick-drying material to keep you dry and distraction-free, these tops are perfect for running in the heat.

Aero Tee and Singlet

These racerback tops are great options for summer running. They help you stay cool with X-VENT technology, which includes mesh back panels and inner and outer moisture-wicking layers. Reflective highlights allow for low-light visibility.

Aero Medium Impact Bra

This bra provides great support for medium-impact level activities. The fabric is stretchy and breathable to maximize comfort and keep you cool.

Light Speed and Light Speed Tech Collection

This collection includes tees, singlets, and crop singlets. They are all made with X-LITE near-weightless fabric and reflective highlights for 360 degrees of low-light visibility. The tees and singlets come with durable material that helps block UV rays.

The Light Speed Tech Tee, Singlet, and Crop Singlet include additional ventilation panels for maximum breathability. Silicone-lined finishes won’t chafe.

Women’s Hot Weather Running Bottoms

Our collection of women’s running bottoms includes both compression and non-compression options. All of our running shorts and tights are designed to keep you cool and comfortable.

Hot Weather Compression Bottoms

For compression shorts, the Light Speed Mid-Rise, Core, and Aero Reflect Hi-Rise Compression Shorts are all made with moisture-wicking material and will help you stay cool and dry throughout your workout.

For compression running tights, the Light Speed Mid-Rise, Aero Vent Mid-Rise, Core, and Flight Compression Tights will boost breathability and help keep you cool. They can also serve as a great baselayer under regular athletic shorts.

Aero Collection

This collection includes the Aero Shorts that are lightweight and reflective and come in 4” and 5” inseam lengths. It also includes the Aero 2-in-1 Shorts that come in 3” and 4” inseam lengths and provide an inner compression and outer mesh layer for versatility.

Light Speed 3” Shorts

These shorts are lightweight, breathable, reflective, and come with pockets for secure storage. They’re perfect for all of your hot-weather running needs.

Women’s Hot Weather Running Accessories

Customize your run with these helpful accessories that include headwear and timing devices. Our collection is designed for your running convenience, so all of your needs are taken care of, and you can focus on the run ahead.

Headwear - Hats

Our collection of running hats provides full coverage and protection against the sun so you can stay safe from sunburn and bright light. Options include the Run Cap, Packable Run Cap, and Light Speed Cap.

Headwear - Visors

Keep your eyes protected from the sun and your hair out of your face with our collection of running visors. Options include the Run Visor and Performance Visor.

Headwear - Headbands

Avoid distractions and keep your hair pulled back and secure with our Skinny Headband 2 Pack. Durable elastic provides ample stretch, and a silicon strip secures the fit.

Timing Chip Strap

Keep track of your split times and focus on your next personal record with the Timing Chip Strap. It securely fits on your ankle, has an adjustable velcro strap for a custom fit, and a comfortable design to minimize chafe.

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