Collection: Women's Sleeveless Tops

Whether you are heading out running or hitting the gym, our range of singlets & tanks are designed to keep you dry and cool so you can perform in comfort.
Women’s Sleeveless Tops

With a variety of styles, colors, and included benefits, you’re sure to find a tank top or singlet that’s perfect for your workout needs. The sweat-wicking material of our women’s cut tank tops, combined with their lightweight feel, makes them ideal for outdoor summer running as well as indoor gym training sessions.

These workout tanks are more effective and comfortable than classic cotton blend camisoles and cotton tanks.

Tanks for Summer Weather Conditions

Running in the hot summer sun can feel daunting at first, but with the proper athletic gear, you will feel supported and ready to tackle your workout. Several of our women’s tank tops and scoop-neck singlets are specifically designed to keep you comfortable in hot weather and low-light conditions, providing you with great options for all your summer warmup and workout needs.

Tanks for Hot Weather

The minimum fabric and maximum breathability design of these best sellers make them ideal for hot weather by nature. Still, our collection comes with extra features to help keep you cooler, drier, and as comfortable as possible.

The Aero Singlet

This tank top comes with X-VENT fabric and a lightweight mesh back panel designed to increase ventilation and breathability. The double-knit constructed inner and outer panels of fabric work together to draw sweat away from the body and disperse surface moisture.

All of these features combine to keep you cool and dry throughout your summer workout. This scoop-neck tank top allows you to work out in comfort.

The Light Speed Singlet

This top is made with X-LITE material that feels nearly weightless, minimizing distractions and promoting airflow. The fabric is also made with a piqué knit-waffle structure that is absorbent, durable, breathable, and moisture-wicking. These features will help you stay cool, dry, and comfortable in the heat.

**The Light Speech Tech and Light Speed Tech Crop Singlets **

These tops are also made with X-LITE near-weightless material that is perfect for running. There are mesh ventilation panels on the back and chest as well, promoting airflow and keeping you cool. The high-filament polyester yarn material actively works to block UV rays, which is extremely helpful in the hot summer, as well as wick moisture away from your body.

The Light Speed Tech Crop Singlet provides a stylish, racerback cropped look for all your workout needs. This crop tank top also has a silicone edge finish that helps minimize chafe, keeping you comfortable throughout your run or gym session.

The Motion Tech Singlet and Tank

These tank tops are made with flexible and lightweight material so you can reach your full range of motion. The fabric is equipped with NILT Breeze yarns that both lower your body temperature and promote ventilation, keeping you as cool as possible.

The material is moisture-wicking, keeping sweat away from your body, and built-in ventilation zones increase breathability. This top is also made with durable fabric that blocks UV rays, helping you stay protected against the hot summer sun. The Motion Tech Singlet has thinner straps for a stylish look, while the Motion Tank offers more coverage against the sun.

The Form Tank

This muscle tank provides more coverage while still working to keep you cool. The natural cotton material is made with X-DRY fabric that dries four times faster than regular cotton.

This material also comes with built-in FreshGuard odor protection, helping you stay fresh throughout your day. The shirt’s neckline is designed to maximize your comfort, making this top perfect for your everyday summer needs.

Tanks for Low Light

Running in the morning or at night is a great way to beat the summer heat and stay protected from the sun’s UV rays. If you are going to run at night, it’s important that you dress with safety in mind.

One of the easiest and best ways to stay safe in low light is to wear clothing with reflective highlights. Bonus points if the shirt is a bright color.

Several of our women’s tank tops and singlets come with reflective logos and highlights. These include the Light Speed Singlet, the Light Speed Tech Singlet, the Light Speed Tech Crop Singlet, and the Aero Singlet. These tops have several reflective material strips to provide 360 degrees of visibility. They also come in bright color options to help make you even more seen.

Women’s Tanks and Singlets for Running

Made with lightweight, breathable material, these tanks and singlets are perfect for your outdoor run. Several also include extra features such as UV protection and reflective highlights, making them versatile for all summer conditions.

The Aero Singlet

Between the mesh ventilation back panel, the moisture-wicking material, and the lightweight fabric, the Aero Singlet is sure to help keep you cool, dry, and ready to attack your run. This racerback tank top also includes reflective logos and trims, providing you with 360 degrees of visibility and making this top versatile for a variety of summer conditions.

The Light Speed Singlet

The X-LITE fabric featured in the Light Speed collection is nearly weightless, durable, absorbent, breathable, and quick drying, making it perfect for a hot weather run. This sleeveless tank top also comes with reflective highlights, making it a great option for both daylight and low-light conditions.

The Light Speed Tech and Light Speed Tech Crop Singlets

These tops include lightweight fabric, ventilation panels, quick-drying material, and silicone edges that reduce chafing. There are also reflective logos and trims to boost your safety in low-light conditions. The Light Speed Tech Crop Singlet provides a stylish, cropped option, while the Light Speed Tech Singlet keeps it sleek and simple.

Women’s Tanks and Singlets for Training

These tops are perfect for all of your indoor and outdoor training needs. Whether it be hitting the gym, attending a yoga class, or lifting weights at home, our selection of tanks and singlets designed for training is perfect for every workout. They can also be easily layered underneath hoodies or sweatshirts for all of your warm-up and cool-down needs.

The Motion Tech Singlet and Tank

The Motion tops are designed to stretch and move with you so you can maximize your mobility and range of motion. The tops also provide you with more complete coverage, so you don’t have to worry when bending or stretching. This can be especially helpful when lifting weights or posing for yoga.

The fabric of these racer back tanks works to keep you cool by lowering your body temperature, drying quickly to reduce sweat buildup, and increasing breathability through a variety of ventilation zones. The nylon-blend material also protects against UV rays, making this top a great choice for indoor and outdoor workouts.

Both workout tanks are durable and meant to withstand the wear and tear of gym workouts. The Motion Tech Singlet offers a slimmer cut, while the Motion Tech Tank supplies more coverage for your upper body.

The Form Tank

This top is great for both training and everyday activities. This crewneck tank is made with soft, quick-drying cotton to keep you feeling comfortable and fresh throughout your workout or day. The included anti-odor technology boosts this effect, ensuring you can take on any day in style. Try this high-neck tank for a loose fit and more coverage.

Once you’ve found the singlet or sleeveless shirt you need, checkout our collection of short sleeve t-shirts, compression leggings, and new arrivals today.


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