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Men’s Running

Conquer your next run or race with our collection of men’s running gear. With options for all weather conditions, compression levels, unique features, and styles, you can find the perfect running apparel that will help set you up for your next PR.

Our men’s running clothing is lightweight, comfortable, and quick-drying, so you can focus on your workout. From shirts to leggings and socks to hoodies, we have all of your running needs covered.

Compression for Running

Compression technology comes with many performance and recovery-supporting benefits that can help you reach new peaks on your running journey. We have a range of men’s compression long sleeves, tights, and socks designed specifically for runners to help you push your limits and achieve your goals.

What Are the Benefits of Compression Clothing?

Compression clothing can help you perform at your best and recover quicker and with less discomfort. Here is a guide to some of the benefits of our compression clothing:

Supports Blood Flow

Compression garments apply pressure to the muscles and support healthy blood flow and circulation within the area they cover back to the heart. This supplies the working muscles with the oxygen they need to keep performing.

**Soothes Soreness **

The main cause of soreness is a build-up of lactic acid and fluid in the working muscles. Compression wear works to support fluid flow, manage build-up, and help your body recover without experiencing extreme soreness and inflammation.

Tight, Secure Fit

The form-fitting feel and pressure of compression garments help prevent unnecessary muscle movement and vibrations. Compression tights and shorts are also less likely to ride up or slide down, minimizing distractions.

Tights and Shorts

We have a wide range of men’s compression tights and shorts that are perfect for running. The compression running shorts work well for warmer weather, keeping you cool, while the tights provide a great winter option. Both can easily serve as base layers for all of your running outfits.

Light Speed Compression Shorts and Tights

These bottoms are great for more intense compression, with Muscle Containment Stamping technology that targets individual leg muscles and reflective highlights for low-light running.

**Aero Compression Tights **

These running tights are perfect for warmer weather, with HeiQ Smart Temp technology that helps keep you cool and reflective highlights for morning or nighttime running.

Core Compression Shorts and Tights

These bottoms are perfect for running and training. They are made with high-quality fabric that is lightweight, powerful, and moisture-wicking.

Ignition and Ignition Shield Compression Tights

These bottoms are ideal for cold weather runs. They are made with PWX Thermal fabric that traps your body heat, helping you stay warm. The Ignition Shield tights include a waterproof membrane that will help protect you against the elements.

Long Sleeves

Compression tops work to help support circulation and relief to your upper body, maintaining performance and recovery.

Ignition Compression Long Sleeve

This running top is designed to keep you warm in cold weather with PWX Thermal brushed fabric and PWX Vents under the arms for increased thermoregulation and breathability. The material is also sweat-wicking, helping you stay dry and comfortable.


Wearing compression socks during or after your run can have many benefits. Our compression socks come in a variety of cushion intensities and lengths, so you can find the perfect pair for your workout and style. Our socks are all included in the Vectr collection and are made with moisture-wicking material to help keep you dry.

Cushion Levels:

  • Ultralight Cushion: 1.25 mm
  • Light Cushion: 2.5 mm
  • Cushion: 3.25 mm


  • No Show
  • 1/4 Crew
  • Crew
  • Full Length

Based on the cushion level and length you desire, you can find the pair of Vectr Compression Socks perfect for your run.

Running Gear for Hot Weather

Running in the hot summer sun can seem daunting at first. If you follow proper safety precautions, such as staying hydrated and dressing in proper athletic attire, you can conquer your workout in spite of the heat. Our collection of hot-weather running gear will help you be as successful as possible in the summertime.

Men’s Tees and Tanks

Our selection of men’s short sleeve running shirts and tank tops will help you stay cool and ready to tackle your workout. Our tops are made with lightweight, quick-drying, and sweat-wicking material to help you stay dry and minimize distractions.

Options include the Aero Tee and Tank, Light Speed Tee and Singlet, and Light Speed Tech Tee and Singlet. The Aero Tee and Tank have mesh back ventilation panels for increased breathability, while the Light Speed Tees and Singlets help block UV rays for extra protection. All t-shirts and tops have reflective highlights for low-light running visibility.

Men’s Shorts

Our selection of men’s running shorts will help you keep cool in the summer heat. Different inseam length options allow you to find a pair of shorts that makes you feel comfortable and confident — without any chafing.

Our options include the Aero Shorts, Aero Shorts 2.0, Aero 2 in 1 Shorts, Light Speed Shorts, and Light Speed Shorts 2.0. The Aero Shorts and Aero Shorts 2.0 offer a more conservative option, with 5” and 7” inseam lengths.

The Aero 2 in 1 Shorts offer the duality of an inner compression layer and an outer mesh layer, so you can get the most out of your workout. The Light Speed Shorts and Light Speed Shorts 2.0 provide ultimate flexibility and mobility with 3” and 5” options. All shorts come with reflective highlights for low-light running.


When you’re running in the heat, the last thing you want to have to worry about is the sun in your eyes or your hair in your face. With our collection of athletic headwear, you can run comfortably, protected, and as distraction-free as possible.


Our hats offer full coverage against the sun, helping to keep your head protected from sunburn and your eyes shielded from the sun’s rays. Our caps include the Run Cap, Packable Run Cap, and the Light Speed Cap.


Keep your eyes protected from the bright sunlight with our collection of visors. They can help keep your hair out of your face as well. Our visors include the Run Visor and the Performance Visor.


The Skinny Headband 2 Pack will help hold your hair in place and keep it from falling into your eyes or onto your neck. The silicone strip secures the fit while the durable elastic material stretches to fit your head.

Running Gear for Cold Weather

Stay warm and protected against the elements with our collection of men’s running gear for cold weather. From joggers to gloves and jackets to vests, we have all of your needs covered.

Men’s Tops

Our selection of cold-weather running tops includes numerous options to help you stay warm. To start with a base layer, we have the Ignition Base Layer men’s running shirt and Long Sleeve shirt, with X-HEAT fabric that helps keep your body warm. For a long-sleeve tee option, the Aero Long Sleeve includes sweat-wicking and ventilation panels to keep you dry and comfortable in milder weather.

For running jackets and sweatshirts, we have the Ignition 1/4 Zip, which has thumb holes for additional warmth while trail running, and the Ignition Shield Hooded Mid Layer, which includes a water-resistant overlay.

For thicker top options, we have the Ignition Insulation Jacket and Vest. Both include Thermore Thermal Booster insulation and water-resistant material that helps you stay as warm and dry as possible in tough conditions.

Men’s Joggers

Designed with lightweight, flexible, and breathable material, the Light Speed Jogger is a great men’s running pant option for cooler weather. It includes moisture-wicking fabric and reflective highlights for low-light running safety.


Our Run Gloves are designed to keep your hands warm and protected against the elements during your winter run. They are made with stretch-brushed thermal fabric for warmth and touch-screen-compatible fingertips for convenience.


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