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Designed to deliver the ultimate in performance to help elevate your running & training. Our women's compression tights & compression leggings will help reduce the risk of injury and speed up recovery to keep you performing at your best.

Women’s Compression Tights

Versatile in their design, features, and functions, our wide variety of compression tights and activewear leggings offer the perfect fit for any workout, training regimen, or leisure activity you want to pursue. A selection of colors, size range, and silhouette options ensure you feel and look your best at every workout.

They can be worn as a base layer and after a workout to support performance and recovery.

What Are the Benefits of Compression Tights?

Compression pants provide many benefits to the body during and after physical activity. During physical activity, muscles experience minor tears as they work within the body. Afterward, the body begins to repair these tears, which is why you may feel sore for several hours or days after a workout. These feelings of soreness are created by the expansion of the water cells in your muscles when you stop moving.

Compression leggings can help support blood flow. They also work to keep the muscles warm, which supports the body through fatigue and strain.


1. How Do I Know Which Compression Tights To Buy for My type of Activity?

Each category of our women’s compression leggings is geared towards different exercise needs with different features. You can find mild, moderate, firm compression, high-rise or high-waisted leggings, capri or full-length leggings when it comes to compression tights choice.

Check out this guide to determine the best compression legging style for you.

Compression Tights for Training and Leisure

Mild Compression

  • Form Stash: Good for full-day wear and sculpting. High-rise, full, and ⅞ length.
  • Form Lineup: Good for full-day wear and sculpting. High-rise, full length.
  • Form Splice: Good for full-day wear and sculpting. High-rise, full length.
  • Aero Reflect: Equipped with reflective compression fabric for running in low light, keeps the body cool. High-rise, full length.

Graduated Compression

  • Flight: Optimal thermoregulation, easy for layering, optimal comfort, designed for long flights. Full length.

Compression Tights for Running

Graduated Compression

  • Aero Vent: Improves airflow and keeps the body cool, designed to prevent overheating. Mid-rise, ¾ length.
  • Light Speed: Muscle Containment Stamping (MCS) technology used for quadriceps and calves, reflective fabric for running in low light. Mid-rise, full, and ¾ length.
  • Ignition: Warmth, reflection for dim light. Mid-rise and full length.
  • Ignition Shield: Protection against cold and rain (waterproof membrane), perfect for cold weather. Full length.

Compression Tights for Gym, Training, and Sports

Graduated Compression

  • Core: Keeps the body cool. Full and ¾ length.
  • Motion: Secure, sculpting, mid-rise. Full and ⅞ length.
  • Form: Good for full-day wear, support, and sculpting. High-rise, mid-rise, full, ⅞, or ¾ length.

Firm Graduated Compression

  • Force: Boosts performance, Muscle Containment Stamping (MCS) technology used for glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves. Mid-rise, full, and ¾ length.
  • Motion Shape: Secure, accentuates the figure. High-rise, full length.

**Compression Tights for Muscle Recovery **

Graduated Compression

  • Power Recovery: Recovery after moderate exercise, over-foot high compression, over-the-foot stirrup. Full length.
  • Refresh Recovery: Recovery after intense exercise, easily layered. Full length.

2. What Do the Levels of Compression Mean? Which Level Is Best for Me?

Each of our women’s compression running tights or training tights fall within one of three levels of compression intensity: mild graduated, moderate graduated, and firm graduated. These levels will affect how tight the leggings feel and how intense they work to support blood flow and recovery in the body after exercise.

Types of Compression:

  • Mild Graduated: Good for full-day wear, supports circulation for effective recovery post-workout, best for moderate training and leisure activities.
    • Mild Graduated Tights: Form Stash, Form Lineup, Form Splice, Aero Reflect
  • Graduated: Aids blood flow to muscles to help in the recovery process, best for running and moderate workouts and activities as well as recovery.
    • Graduated Tights: Aero Vent, Light Speed, Ignition, Ignition Shield, Core, Motion, Form, Power Recovery, Fresh Recovery
  • Firm Graduated: Most intense level, facilitates blood flow to muscles, supports performance and recovery process, best for intense workouts and training
    • Firm Graduated Tights: Force, Motion Shape

3. What Are the Benefits Offered in 2XU Tights Aside From Compression?

All of our women’s compression tights and leggings are made with flatlock seams that reduce chafe. Nearly all of our tights are also made with quick-drying material, maximizing comfort. Each individual tights page lists the specific features included, but here is a list of some helpful features and which tights include them:


  • Form Stash (side and back)
  • Form Lineup (side pocket)
  • Aero Reflect (side and back)
  • Light Speed (side, back, and mesh extra)
  • Ignition Shield (back)
  • Aero Vent (back)
  • Form Splice (side)


  • Light Speed
  • Ignition
  • Ignition Shield

Waterproof Membrane

  • Ignition Shield


  • Aero Reflect
  • Aero Vent
  • Core


  • Ignition
  • Ignition Shield

4. What Is Muscle Containment Stamping (MCS), and How Does It Help With Performance and Recovery?

Muscle Containment Stamping is a technology designed to provide specific muscle groups within the leg with specialized support. We offer two options of tights equipped with this special support: the Light Speed Mid-Rise Compression Tights and the Force Mid-Rise Compression Tights.

Light Speed Mid-Rise MCS

In the Light Speed tights, MCS supports the quadriceps, provides extra support to the knee joints and calves so the load they carry is spread out more evenly, and decreases the strain on all muscles during the toe portion of running.

Force Mid-Rise MCS

In the Force tights, MCS supports the glutes, providing postural aid to the pelvis and lower back while also increasing stability. It also helps soothe muscle strain on the hamstrings while lifting weights, minimizes the impact on the quadriceps during running, jumping, and squatting, and helps prevent calf injuries from acceleration or deceleration.

5. Are Compression Tights Only for High-Performance Athletes?

No! While often thought of as a technical garment meant for medical purposes, compression tights can benefit everyone. We offer many levels of compression intensity and many pairs of tights that are designed for leisurely activities.

Everyone can benefit from compression technology. We also have Flight compression tights, which are geared toward providing support on long-haul flights.

6. How Do I Wash My Compression Tights?

All compression tights are suitable for machine wash. We recommend washing in cold water and with other items of similar colors. However, our workout leggings are NOT suitable for machine drying or ironing. For best care, hang to dry in a cool area out of direct sunlight. We also recommend you abstain from using any extra products for cleaning, such as bleach, fabric softeners, or dryer sheets.

7. How Do I Return My Compression Tights?

While we hope you love your compression tights, we do offer return and refund options if needed for any reason. Returns can be completed if:

  • You purchased your tights on our website
  • You initiate the return within 30 days of purchase
  • Your tights are in purchased condition, with tags, in original, undamaged packaging
  • You have not worn the tights
  • The tights are not damaged in any way


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