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Whether you're looking for our best-selling compression tights or your very first trisuit, we have the best gear to help you chase your finish lines.
All Women’s

Our extensive collection of high-quality women’s activewear is sure to cover all your fitness and athleisure needs and your personal style preferences. With sizes that range from XXS to plus size, we have great workout clothes for every athlete. From hoodies to tank tops and biker shorts to compression socks, you will surely find the perfect garments for every workout.

We also have numerous items specifically targeted to enhance your performance in various activities and sports. Our carefully designed clothes and accessories can help you run, bike, swim, stretch, and more like you’ve never before.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Compression Garments?

Wearing compression clothing during your workout can greatly support your performance and recovery. Compression technology helps to support healthy blood flow and circulation throughout the body and back to the heart, maintaining your stamina and providing your muscles with the oxygen they need to keep moving.

Compression technology also helps calm the buildup of lactic acid, which soothes muscle soreness and supports recovery time so you can get back to training. All of our compression sportswear is made with moisture-wicking material that helps draw sweat away from the body so you can stay cool and dry.

Our extensive collection of compression garments provides you with numerous options to achieve these great workout benefits and more.

Compression Tights

2XU offers a wide selection of women’s compression tights. Not only will you receive the performance and recovery benefits of compression, but many of the tights also come with their own unique set of features so you can hit your best workout.

Here are a few of the added benefits offered with our women’s compression tights:

Secure Fit

Because of the tight fit of compression tights, they help support and hold your muscles in place during your workout, minimizing any unnecessary vibrations and enhancing your performance ability. The tight fit also prevents you from worrying about your pants sliding up or falling down during a workout or race.

Reflective Highlights

Reflective clothing is essential for safety when running or exercising in low-light conditions. You want to stay as visible as possible to passing cars and other athletes. Our women’s compression tights that offer this essential feature are the Light Speed Compression Tights, the Ignition Shield Compression Tights, the Aero Vent Compression Tights, and the Aero Reflect Compression Tights.

Warming Technology

Don’t let the cold weather stop you from experiencing the benefits of compression technology. The Ignition Compression Tights are made with thermal fabric that helps trap your body heat to keep you warm. And a great benefit of compression tights is that their tight fit allows them to be easily layered under other clothes, so any tights you choose can become the first layer for your winter training outfit.


While all of our women’s compression tights will help speed up your recovery process, two pairs are specifically designed to minimize muscle recovery time and get you back in the game.

The Power Recovery Compression Tights and the Refresh Recovery Compression Tights are both ideal for muscle recovery. The Power Recovery tights also come with an over-the-foot stirrup that helps provide relief from your furthest extremities all the way back into your legs.

**Waist Height Variety **

Our collection of women’s compression tights comes in a high-rise, mid-rise, and regular heights so you can find your perfect fit and hit your best workout.

The Form Stash Hi-Rise and Aero Reflect Hi-Rise Compression Tights are great high-waist leggings options if you desire more coverage and a secure feel. The Force Mid-Rise and Form Mid-Rise Compression Tights are perfect workout leggings for a middle waist height option. Lastly, the Core Compression 3/4 Tights are ideal for those who like a lower-cut waist.

Compression Shorts

Compression shorts provide similar benefits to compression tights with a greater emphasis on the upper legs. The shorts offer the same secure fit as the tights, and the Aero Reflect Compression Shorts come with a reflective highlight for low-light training. These workout shorts also provide a perfect option for training in hot weather.

Inseam Length for Chafing

Oftentimes an issue with athletic shorts is chafing. If the shorts are too short or the material is rough, you can end up suffering great discomfort, especially while running or biking. But we have the solution to your problems.

All of our women’s compression shorts are made with flatlock seams that reduce chafe. The majority of our workout shorts are also long enough to minimize skin-on-skin contact or rubbing so you can bike and run without fear.

Compression Socks

There are numerous benefits to wearing compression socks. And they can be useful for people of all ages. Compression socks are very helpful in supporting circulation throughout the feet and lower legs. Compression socks are also made with thicker material than regular socks, so they help protect the skin from damage and provide warmth.

**Length Variety **

We have many options for compression sock lengths so you can choose the best fit for you. We offer no-show, crew/mid-length, and full-length socks, so you will be covered no matter what extent of compression or subtly you desire.

Compression Tops

Compression tops help to support blood flow throughout the upper half of the body and serve as a great undershirt when layering in cold weather. Both the Core and the Ignition Compression Tops are long-sleeve options that help you maintain proper body posture throughout your workout.

The Core Compression Top has vented panels that help your sweat evaporate to keep your body cool. The Ignition Compression Top is made with thermal fabric that helps trap body heat to keep you warm throughout your workout.

Arm and Calf Guards

We have a variety of arm and calf compression guards to help increase blood flow and aid in performance in specialized areas. Using a compression sleeve is an alternative to wearing a full compression top, allowing the compression to focus solely on the arms, giving the rest of your body more room to breathe. The calf guards function as an alternative to compression tights, providing support to the lower legs without impacting the entire lower body.

Sportswear for All Activities

2XU has a wide variety of women’s workout clothes specifically designed for certain sports and activities. Here is a summary of some of these sports and a few products that will help boost your performance.


Compression apparel is always a great option for runners. With products like the Core Compression Shorts and the Ignition Compression Long Sleeve, your compression running needs are covered. Our series of sports bras, such as the Light Speed Hi-Impact Bra, provide great medium support throughout your run.

Our Run Gloves are perfect for warmth during winter runs. And our selection of women’s workout tops, tees, shorts, and tights, including the Aero Singlet tank and the Ignition 1/4 Zip, provides great running apparel for all seasons.


Finding the perfect clothes for a triathlon can be difficult, but look no further. The Propel:2 Wetsuit and Propel Buoyancy Shorts are great options to help you on your way to a successful swimming leg.

Our series of Tri Shorts offer chafing protection and durability throughout your race. And, of course, our collection of Trisuits is specifically designed for triathletes so you can perform to your max.

Yoga and Pilates

Soreness and muscle fatigue can be common after a yoga or pilates workout. Our collection of women’s compression garments, including the Motion Compression Tights and the Form Splice Compression Tights, can help alleviate this post-workout pain and get you back in action.

Our sports bras, such as the Motion Zip Bra and the Motion Racerback Bra, help provide medium support and optimize comfort throughout your workout.

Swimming and Biking

Our collection of Propel One Pieces, Wetsuits, and Swimskins provides great options to fulfill your swimwear needs and keep you comfortable in the water. Our Silicone Swim Caps aid in increasing your speed in the water and help keep your hair out of the way. For biking, we have a large collection of women’s bike shorts as well as water bottles, the Aero Gilet, and the Aero Cycle Bib Shorts.


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