Collection: Men's Running Shorts: Workouts & Training

Our range of men's compression shorts, running shorts and training shorts are designed for your best workout yet. Whether you are running, training or hitting the gym, our shorts will keep you dry, cool and moving in comfort.

Our range of men’s compression shorts, running shorts, and training shorts is designed for your best workout yet. From 2-in-1 shorts, split shorts, and brief-lined shorts to trail shorts, mesh-liner shorts, and other best-sellinggym shorts, we’ve got you covered. Whether you are running, training, or hitting the gym, our shorts will keep you dry, cool, and moving in comfort.

Pair these lightweight shorts with trail running shoes and hit the great outdoors — you’ll be amazed at the freedom of movement, breathability, and accessibility they provide.

Designed to optimize your performance and help you get the most out of your workout, our collection of men’s shorts is perfect for any athletic need you have.

Some have zippered pockets and an elastic waistband; others come with brief liners and drawstrings. Regardless, these are the best men’s running shorts out there, providing unmatched durability, functionality, chafing resistance, and side pockets.

We have shorts for all varieties of activities and style preferences, so you never have to worry about what to wear.

Compression Shorts and Their Benefits

There are numerous benefits to wearing compression shorts during and after your workout. They are a great option for running, biking, gym training, and more. The compression technology built into our men’s compression shorts works hard to help you perform to the best of your abilities and recover as quickly as possible.

Optimizing Performance

The technology in our men’s compression shorts helps to keep your leg muscles supported, remain in place, and prevent unnecessary vibrations. The tight fabric also improves performance by increasing blood circulation throughout the working muscles and back to the heart. The effect is that your muscles can exert energy more continuously, which boosts your stamina throughout your workout.

Speeding Up Recovery Time

Long recovery times can sometimes interfere with training goals, but with the use of compression garments, you can help support this process and get back in action without delay.

Compression has always been a part of the well-known RICE recovery method: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Wearing compression shorts during and/or after your workout is a great way to fulfill this portion of the classic recovery guidelines.

Compression technology can support the body’s natural management of lactic acid, the substance that contributes to feelings of soreness. This is again due to the ability of compression technology to support blood flow. Compression shorts can also help by soothing muscle pain after a workout.

Compression shorts, as opposed to baggy or unlined shorts, most notably support recovery when worn post-workout. This ensures that the shorts support blood flow as your body begins its recovery process.

Secure Fit

Due to the skin-tight fit of compression shorts, you will never have to worry about your shorts riding up or falling down in the middle of a workout. The long inseam length can also help reduce chafing during running, walking, and biking to minimize discomfort.

Still, many come with phone pockets, rear pockets, and side pockets, so you won’t have to lug around a backpack on your run.

These shorts are great for layering underneath other shorts or pants, so you still receive the benefits of compression regardless of what you choose to wear.

2XU’s Muscle Containment Stamping Technology

Unique to 2XU, Muscle Containment Stamping (MCS) technology is an added benefit of some of our men’s compression shorts. MCS is essentially designed to target specific areas of the body, in this case, the legs, and aid in supporting those areas throughout a workout. This technology can also help reduce the impact of sports such as running on your legs.

Light Speed Compression Shorts

In the Light Speed Compression Shorts, the MCS technology targets and traces the quadriceps. It also helps to disperse the load and impact on the knee joints during running to other parts of the legs.

Force Compression Shorts

In the Force Compression Shorts, the MCS technology targets the glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. For the glutes, it helps maintain good posture and increase pelvic and lower back stability. For the hamstrings, it helps disperse the impact when these muscles are strained during activities such as lifting and squatting.

**Men’s Shorts for All Activities **

Whether you’re looking for a new pair of running shorts or your favorite pair of shorts for the gym, our collection of men’s shorts has a wide range of designs geared toward all sports and activities. It’s never been easier to find the perfect fit for you.

Men’s Running Shorts

Our collection features numerous styles, color choices, lengths, and special features so you can find your ideal pair of running shorts.

Aero Shorts

The Aero Shorts come in both a 5” and 7” inseam length and are perfect for hot weather. With built-in drying and cooling technology, they help prevent sweat buildup and keep you comfortable in high temperatures. The Aero Shorts also come in a 2-in-1 option that includes a pair of built-in compression shorts underneath a mesh outer layer. The Aero 2.0 collection offers more style choices with similar benefits.

Light Speed Shorts

The Light Speed Shorts come in both a 3” and 5” inseam length and also come with built-in drying and cooling technology. The Light Speed collection includes the Light Speed 2.0 Shorts and the Light Speed Stash Shorts, which offer more styles to best fit your personal taste. Light Speed shorts include reflective highlights to provide visibility to oncoming cars when running in low light conditions.

Compression Shorts

Men’s compression shorts that are geared towards running include the Light Speed Compression Shorts and the Core Compression Shorts. The Light Speed Compression Shorts have a reflective highlight for low light conditions and are equipped with Muscle Containment Stamping technology. The Core Compression Shorts help keep you cool throughout your workout and are lightweight and flexible.

Both are made with moisture-wicking material to allow for quick drying. These shorts provide a great option for training with compression technology in warm weather or for layering.

Men’s Gym and Training Shorts

This collection of men’s athletic shorts is specifically designed for the gym and general training. Whatever your fitness needs may be, these shorts are sure to help you exercise in comfort and style.

Motion Shorts

The Motion Shorts come in both 6” and 8” inseam lengths and are equipped with quick drying and cooling technology. They are designed to be breathable, comfortable, and flexible to allow you to reach your full range of motion in the gym.

Compression Shorts

Both the Force and Core Compression Shorts are great options if you want to experience the benefits of compression while training. The Force Compression Shorts come with Muscle Containment Stamping technology, and both help to support blood flow and aid in post-workout recovery.

Men’s Pilates and Yoga Shorts

Pilates and yoga are great options for highly beneficial but low-impact activities. Because both are so focused on stretching, balance, and flexibility, muscle soreness can be common after a workout. That is why it can be helpful to train in compression shorts.

Force Compression Shorts

The Force Compression Shorts are the perfect pair of shorts for your pilates or yoga workout. They are equipped with Muscle Containment Stamping technology that targets the glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings, which are all important muscles used in these activities.

These shorts are lightweight and flexible to ensure they don’t get in the way of your workout, and their quick-drying fabric will help to prevent any discomfort from sweat. They are also designed to be layered underneath other shorts or pants, which adds to their versatility and makes them suitable for all personal style preferences.

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