Collection: Men's Short Sleeve Tops

With X-VENT and moisture-wicking fabric technology, our running and training tshirts will& keep you dry and cool so you can perform in comfort in any condition.
Men’s Short-Sleeve Tops

These crewneck tops are perfect for mild to hot outdoor temperatures. A variety of included features will help you get the most out of your workout. Designed specifically for running and training, our collection will provide you with comfortable and stylish gym and running gear. Paired with a solid pair of running shoes and compression leggings, you are sure to have a comfortable run.

Let’s look at the features of the best men’s running shirts.

Included Features

Our men’s short sleeve shirts have a wide range of features designed to help you reach your peak. The features listed below ensure that there is a short sleeve tee for all of your running and training needs.

Lightweight Material

Wearing tops made with lightweight material is extremely helpful, specifically for indoor or trail running but also when training in the gym or outside. When you run, the last thing you want is to be weighed down by heavy, bulky material. Our lightweight tops allow for complete freedom and a full range of motion so you can run to the best of your ability.

The men’s short sleeve running tops made with our lightweight material are the Motion Tee, the Light Speed Tee, and the Light Speed Tech Tee. These tops are perfect for running in moderate to warm weather.

Reflective Highlights

Running at night or in the morning when there is little light is a great way to beat the summer heat. If you choose to run in low light conditions, you must think about safety when planning your outfit.

One of the best and easiest ways to stay safe is to wear running clothing with reflective highlights. Reflective highlights function to bounce light back from car headlights and streetlights, making you more visible to oncoming traffic and other runners.

Our men’s running shirts that come with reflective strips and logos are the Aero Tee, the Light Speed Tee, and the Light Speed Tech Tee. All of these tops also come in colorful options, which is another way to boost your visibility. These tops are perfect for your morning and night runs or casual walks, ensuring you remain seen.

UV and Sun Protection

There are several risks associated with prolonged exposure to UV rays. If you frequently run in the summertime, when UV rays are stronger, you want to be sure to take measures to provide yourself with ample UPF sun protection.

Wearing sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or more can help protect your bare skin, but what about the skin under your shirt? A great way to ensure you receive the most comprehensive protective coverage is to wear a shirt with built-in UV protection.

The Motion Tech Tee is made with a durable nylon blend fabric that protects against UV rays. The Light Speed and Light Speed Tech Tees are made with a high-filament polyester yarn that does the same. These shirts are great summer running or training options, offering valuable protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Short sleeve tops are also ideal for outdoor summer running and training because they provide more shoulder and chest coverage against sunburn than tank tops and other sleeveless shirts.

Men’s Short Sleeve Tops for All Weather

Our wide range of men’s short sleeve tops ensures that there is a top perfect for you, whatever your training regimen or weather conditions may be. Our shirts contain cooling and warming features to provide you with options for hot, moderate, and cool weather.

For cold-weather running and training, check out our collection of men’s long sleeve running t-shirts and running jackets.

Men’s Tops for Hot Weather

These short sleeve tops are great for all of your summer running and training needs. Made with built-in cooling and sweat-wicking technology, our tops are sure to help you train as comfortably as possible in the heat.

The Motion and Motion Colour Block Tees

These tees are made for gym workouts and outdoor summer training. The shirts' cut, fit, and stretchy material are designed to allow you to reach your full range of motion when bending or moving. The material itself is made with moisture-wicking properties to help pull sweat away from your body, keeping you cool in the heat.

The Motion Tech Tee

This tee offers the same benefits as the Motion Tee, with additional cooling features. The fabric is made with NILIT Breeze yarns that are proven to lower your body temperature compared to standard yarns and provide easier breathability. There are also designed with breathable ventilation zones throughout the shirt to keep you even cooler.

The Light Speed Tee

This tee's lightweight nature and reflective highlights make it perfect for your summer running needs. The material is made with a piqué waffle-knit structure that promotes absorbency, durability, and breathability to help keep you cool and protected.

The Light Speed Tech Tee

This tee offers all of the benefits of the Light Speed Tee and more. It also has mesh ventilation zones built into the chest and back areas to promote further breathability. This helps keep you cool and ready to tackle your outdoor summer run.

The Aero Tee

This tee is perfect for running in the heat. It has a lightweight mesh back panel that increases breathability and ventilation, helping you stay cool and as sweat-free as possible. A double-knit constructed main panel supports an inner layer, aiding in pulling sweat away from the skin while also working to disperse surface moisture. All of this works to keep you cool and comfortable during your run.

The Contender Tee

This tee is a perfect option for everyday life, with soft cotton material that is designed to provide comfort. The X-DRY fabric dries four times faster than regular cotton, and the material is embedded with FreshGuard odor neutralizer for optimal odor control. These features combine to help you stay fresh throughout your day.

Men’s Tops for Moderate Weather

All of our men’s short sleeve tops for hot weather will also work exceptionally well in moderate temperatures. The moisture-wicking material, ventilation panels, and breathable fabrics will all help you stay comfortable in mild weather as well. This way, your tops can function in a wider range of conditions, making them suitable for training throughout a large portion of the year.

Men’s Tops for Cool Weather

While the majority of our men’s short sleeve tops are designed for mild to hot weather, we do offer an option for a perfect base layer when layering for colder conditions.

The Ignition Base Layer Tee

This top is an ideal choice when you’re selecting what to wear as a base layer for your outdoor winter run. The material is made with revolutionary X-HEAT fabric that helps warm you up without delay. Within the fabric are ceramic-infused yarns that emit far infrared rays, helping you maintain a comfortable body temperature.

The material is also moisture-wicking and quick-drying, keeping you warm by minimizing sweat buildup. As a bonus, the X-HEAT fabric comes with anti-odor technology to allow you to stay fresh during and after your workout.

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