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Our triathlon gear is designed with industry-leading aerodynamics and ventilation technologies to ensure maximum muscle support, minimising muscle fatigue. Our tri suits and tri apparel are created with world-class chamois technology and fabric to keep you performing at your best.
Women’s Triathlon

With options that cover every leg of your race and helpful features such as breathable mesh panels and pockets to store your essentials, you will be well on your way to breaking new personal records and crushing the competition.


1. What Are Wetsuits and Their Benefits?

In terms of 2XU’s triathlon and open water swimming wetsuits, wetsuits are one-piece bodysuits that keep you warm in cold water and help you race as fast as possible. The skintight fit of wetsuits, along with 2XU’s Super Composite Skin hydrodynamic coating in the majority of our suits, helps reduce surface drag while you swim. Our wetsuits support performance more than a regular swimsuit to ensure nothing gets in your way.

In general, wetsuits are ideal for cold water swims and long-distance open water racing. We have sleeveless and long-sleeve options, so you can choose your preference based on your water conditions. In terms of triathlons, wetsuits are meant to be worn only for the swimming leg, but you can fit a trisuit underneath so you can shed that outer layer during your transition.

Our women’s wetsuits are also designed to be flexible and move with your body as you rotate and perform each stroke. A floating zip panel will also help you get more distance out of each stroke. The premium Japanese neoprene used in our suits will help keep you buoyant, reducing the likelihood of your legs sinking as you work through long-distance swims.

Options include the Propel:1 Wetsuit, in both sleeveless and full length, the Propel:2 Wetsuit, and the Propel: Pro Wetsuit. All will keep you warm and fully equipped to crush your swimming leg.

2. What Are Trisuits and Their Benefits?

For any serious triathlete, a trisuit is a must if you want to ensure you’re racing as quickly as possible. Trisuits are one-piece race suits that are ideal for wearing throughout all three legs of your triathlon.

The form-fitting design will minimize drag during swimming, the long inseam length of the shorts will keep you protected from chafing while biking, and the quick-drying material will set you up to run to the finish line as quickly as possible.

A major benefit of wearing a trisuit for all three legs is that you won’t waste valuable transition time changing clothing; you can be comfortable and secure in your suit throughout the race. Our women’s triathlon suits are also designed to support aerodynamics while biking and running so you can hit your best times.

2XU’s high-quality women’s trisuits include a short-sleeve tri suit and sleeveless trisuit designs, providing temperature versatility. Options include the Light Speed, Light Speed Tech, Core, and Aero trisuits.

3. How Do I Decide Between a 1 Piece or 2 Piece Trisuit?

As mentioned above, there are many advantages to wearing one of our one-piece trisuits while completing your entire triathlon. In addition, we do also offer tri tops and tri shorts for athletes who prefer the two-piece look or feel. But if you don’t already have a preference, how do you know which one to choose?

Tri tops and shorts come with many of the same benefits as full trisuits, emphasizing aerodynamics, a second skin feel that will help reduce drag and distractions, and long inseam lengths to reduce chafing.

The distinct advantage to wearing a two-piece combo comes in the easier on-and-off capabilities, which can greatly reduce bathroom break times, especially during longer races. Within our tri tops and shorts, many cooling and ventilation features are included, such as mesh paneling and a front zip that allows for easy, one-handed temperature and airflow adjustment.

For trisuits, the advantage lies in the one-piece design and its attention to aerodynamics. A one-piece is less likely to flap or move in the wind, reducing drag even further, and in general, trisuits will fit more easily underneath a wetsuit if you choose to race in one.

Our women’s trisuits and women’s tri tops and shorts will help keep you supported and ready to tackle your race, regardless of your choice. There really is no way to go wrong.

Short Sleeves vs. Sleeveless

If you are also struggling between selecting a sleeveless tri tank or short sleeved trisuit, the main difference lies in sun protection, as short sleeves will help keep your shoulders better shielded from sunburn. Sleeveless tops will ensure nothing interferes with your upper body’s range of motion, but our short-sleeve options are also designed to allow free movement.

4. What Are Some Accessories I Need for My Swim?

Swimming is a sport in which every fraction of a second matters. Especially because swimming will be the first leg of your triathlon, it will be extra important to start your race off on the right foot to set a positive tone for the remainder of the legs.

Swim caps and goggles are two essentials for every open-water swimmer. These, in addition to a wetsuit if your race permits, will help you get the most out of your swim.

Swim Caps

While swimming, you want to maximize each stroke and ensure that surface drag is as minimal as possible. A good way to do this is to wear a swim cap to hold your hair back so it doesn’t interfere with your strokes or create unnecessary drag.

This is especially helpful for women with long hair. Swim caps can also provide warmth to your head and ears if you swim in cold water.

2XU’s Silicone Swim Cap

Designed to help triathletes crush their first leg, our Silicone Swim Cap is made with premium-grade silicone built to last. An ergonomic design will maximize comfort and security so you can focus on your swim without distractions. The silicone material is ideal for latex-free athletes.


Goggles are essential for providing you with as much underwater vision as possible. They will protect your eyes from water irritants and help cut through murky conditions.

**2XU’s Stealth Goggle - Smoke **

Our Stealth goggles will do just that, with anti-fog technology granting you an advantage in the water. One size fits all.

Once you’ve found the perfect trisuit for your needs, check out our collection of triathlon shirts, cycling jerseys, sports bras, and compression gear.


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