Collection: Men's Triathlon

Our triathlon gear is designed with industry-leading aerodynamics and ventilation technologies to ensure maximum muscle support, minimising muscle fatigue. Our tri suits and tri apparel are created with world-class chamois technology and fabric to keep you performing at your best.
Men’s Triathlon

Our triathlon gear is designed with industry-leading aerodynamics and ventilation technologies to ensure maximum muscle support, minimising muscle fatigue. Our tri suits and tri apparel are created with world-class chamois technology and fabric to keep you performing at your best.

With options that cover swimming, biking, running, and all three legs combined, you’re sure to be covered throughout your entire race. The performance-supporting quality and comfort present in our collection will provide you with a race experience like never before.

Open Water Swimming Suits

Let’s start with the first leg of any triathlon: swimming. Any experienced triathlete can tell you how important it is to start your race off on the right foot with a strong swim, and our collection of swimsuits and wetsuits will help you do just that.

2XU Men’s Swimsuits - The Propel Buoyancy Jammers

Jammers are great for training in warm outdoor water or swimming pools in preparation for your triathlon race. They will help propel you forward, while facilitating a more casual swim environment.

Our Propel Buoyancy Jammers are the perfect choice for any triathlete prepping for an open water swim, with Premium Japanese swimskin material and nylon neoprene for a combination of the ultimate buoyancy. A hydrodynamic coating also helps minimize surface drag so you can train faster than ever. For a custom, secure fit, there is an adjustable drawstring waistband.

Men’s Wetsuits

Designed for your toughest open water swims and coldest temperatures, our collection of men’s wetsuits will help you stay warm while cutting through the water at top speeds.

**What Are the Benefits of Wetsuits? **

Racing in a wetsuit has many advantages that can help you get an invaluable leg up on the competition.

To start, wetsuits help boost buoyancy, ensuring your body remains as close to the surface as possible and reducing the chances of experiencing sinking in your lower body when fatigued. This way you don’t have to waste precious energy on keeping yourself afloat and can instead direct all of your energy into propelling yourself forward. This can be especially helpful for lean swimmers and triathletes who have less natural buoyancy.

Wetsuits are also the best option for staying warm in freezing waters, as they provide a full-body layer of insulation not present in other suits. You can also select a long sleeve wetsuit for complete coverage and maximum warmth if you know your race takes place in cold water.

Another way wetsuits can help your performance is by reducing surface drag. Wetsuits are made with smooth material that covers the majority of your body, ensuring you stay as streamlined as possible.

2XU Wetsuits

We offer a wide range of men’s wetsuits that will provide all of these benefits and more, making them perfect for your swimming leg. All of our suits are made with Premium Japanese swimskin fabric and nylon neoprene so you can race in the most efficient material.

A Super Composite Skin hydrodynamic coating is included, reducing surface drag for performance enhancement. There is also a floating zip panel that helps to support your distance per stroke, while rollbar technology allows you to rotate with ease for freestyle.

Our wetsuits also come in a variety of style options so you can find the perfect fit for your desired coverage and the water temperature you are facing. For the top portion we have full-length and sleeveless options, and for the bottom we have both full-length and short-style cuts.

Swimrun Wetsuits

These unique wetsuits are designed to be worn throughout your entire triathlon, reducing transition times by eliminating the need for an outfit change. They provide all of the benefits of a wetsuit while also being more breathable for the biking and running stages with an easily adjustable front zip.

The bottom portion is the length of normal bike shorts, providing coverage against chafing both during biking and running. A rear zipper pocket also allows you to easily store any race-day essentials you may need, making this suit the perfect triathlon companion.

Trisuits, Shirts, and Shorts

Stay covered and supported throughout all three legs of your race with our collection of men’s triathlon suits, shirts, and shorts. This gear is designed to maximize aerodynamics, help you stay cool, and allow you to devote all of your attention to the challenge at hand.

2XU Men’s Trisuits

One-piece trisuits are often the preferred triathlon apparel by many veteran triathletes. They are the ultimate race-suit option, helping you stay comfortable, covered, and as quick as possible. Trisuits can also fit underneath wetsuits, truly making them fit for every leg of your race and helping you cut down on transition times.

Our collection includes short-sleeve and sleeveless trisuits to find your perfect fit. All of our suits are lightweight and breathable, ensuring nothing holds you back during your race. Front zippers are included so you can adjust your exposure to the elements easily without breaking stride.

Our trisuits also feature state of the art chamois, which will provide you with the cushion and comfort you need to tackle your bike leg.

2XU Men’s Tri Shirts and Shorts

For athletes who prefer a two piece option, we also have a selection of men’s tri shirts and shorts that are fit to be worn throughout all three legs. Again with short-sleeve and sleeveless options, our tri shirts have a front zip for breathability and will help optimize aerodynamics as you speed through your biking and running legs.

The high-quality PWX material of the shorts will stretch and move with you while reducing excess muscle movement to soothe fatigue, similar to compression shorts. The long inseam length of the shorts will help prevent chafing, while high-quality chamois will keep you comfortable during your bike ride.

How Do I Choose My Trisuit?

You can click through our side bar of features to filter for the ones you desire or click on each individual suit to see a full list of benefits. As a general guide, here are some suggestions of what to consider when selecting your trisuit, shirt, or shorts.

First off, how do you decide between a one-piece suit and a two-piece? There are advantages to both, so whatever you choose is sure to help you achieve your goals.

A one-piece will truly maximize aerodynamics and prevent distractions, as there isn’t any chance of your shirt flying up and creating drag or your shorts sliding down, distracting you. A two-piece set will be more breathable, as air will flow between your shirt and shorts, which can work well for hotter days.

In terms of short-sleeve vs. sleeveless, the main difference lies in sun protection. A short-sleeve suit or shirt will help keep your shoulders covered and safe from sunburn more than a sleeveless option. But while our short sleeve tops are designed to allow for maximum range of motion, a sleeveless top will truly ensure your mobility is uninhibited and may make your underarms feel cooler too.

Regardless of what suit you choose, anything from our collection will ensure you are well-prepared to tackle the three legs ahead with confidence and success.

Once you’ve found the men’s trisuit of your dreams, checkout our collection of women’s short-sleeve tri suits, singlets, vests, and more.


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