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Worn by world champions and endorsed by sports institutions. Experience the difference with our Power and Refresh Recovery Compression Tights.
Women’s Recovery Compression

With extra firm compression that ensures you experience healthy blood flow and recovery time, these compression tights are sure to help you get back in action with minimal discomfort and delay.

What are the Recovery Benefits of Compression?

While compression technology has been proven to support athletic performance and soothe muscle discomfort, the primary benefit of training in compression garments is post-workout recovery. To experience the recovery benefits of compression, you can wear the tights during or for around four hours after your workout.

Supports Blood Flow and Circulation

Compression tights work to support your blood flow, helping the blood circulate throughout the lower body and back up to the heart. This also supplies the working muscles with oxygen so you can continue to work out without needing as much recovery time.

Soothes Muscle Soreness

A major factor in recovery time can be how sore your muscles feel after an intense workout. Significant soreness can lead to discomfort and no choice but to rest for prolonged periods between runs or training sessions. A major contributor to feelings of soreness is the buildup of lactic acid in your muscles.

Lactic acid can accumulate in your muscles after a tough workout, or when exercising a group of muscles you don’t typically use. Compression garments support the circulation of substances within the body, helping the body manage build-up and soothing muscle soreness so you can recover with less delay and discomfort.

A common result of intense exercise or training can be Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). If you experience this, your muscles won’t feel sore or tender until a day or two after your workout, but at that time, you will feel significant discomfort.

Symptoms can include tender muscles, a limited range of motion due to stiffness, muscle swelling, and fatigue. Wearing compression tights can help soothe these effects while you recover.

Manages Muscle Swelling

When you exercise, fluid can build up in the legs and cause muscle swelling post-workout. A major benefit of wearing compression tights is the management of fluid in your lower legs.

Because of the tight fit of compression clothing, fluid cannot pool in the legs as easily and continues circulating throughout the body.

The Benefits of 2XU’s Compression Tights’ Design

Compression tights have a wide range of performance and recovery benefits. These features can help you get the most out of your workout and recover as quickly and painlessly as possible to get back in action sooner. But what about the practical benefits of compression tights?

Tight and Secure Fit

Compression leggings are well known for their form-fitting, secure feel, and this can prove to be very helpful when running or working out. Both the Power and Refresh Recovery Compression Tights include these benefits:

Minimal Movement

Not only do compression tights minimize excess muscle vibrations and movement, they also stay in place, so you don’t have to worry about your leggings riding up or slipping down in the middle of your workout. This lets you stay focused on your training and feel confident and comfortable in your workout attire.

Easy Layering

Again due to their tight and secure fit, compression tights and leggings can very easily serve as base layers for cold outdoor weather or indoor gym workouts. If you prefer to train in shorts, track pants, or sweatpants, your compression tights can still fit underneath those bottoms, so you can experience all of the benefits of compression without sacrificing your style.

High-Quality Material

All of our compression leggings and tights are made with durable material built to last. Several other benefits come with the high-quality material of compression garments. Both the Power and Refresh Recovery Compression Tights include all of the material benefits listed below:

Protection on Trails

Compression material is thicker than ordinary leggings, which allows it to help protect you against unpredictable trail terrains such as poison ivy, thorny plants, and low-hanging branches.

Moisture-Wicking Properties

All of 2XU’s women’s recovery compression tights are made with moisture-wicking material that actively works to draw sweat and moisture away from the skin so you can stay dry and comfortable.

Flatlock Seams

All of 2XU’s women’s recovery compression tights are made with flatlock seams throughout the entire pair of leggings that won’t chafe, so you are better protected against excess friction.

**Stretchy Material **

All of 2XU’s women’s recovery compression tights are made with material that stretches 360 degrees so you can reach your full range of motion while still experiencing the benefits of compression.

Women’s Compression Tights for All-Intensive Recovery

The Power Recovery Compression Tights are designed to provide maximum strength compression and recovery benefits. They are geared to help you get back to the track or gym as quickly and painlessly as possible.

The Power Recovery Compression Tights

These tights include an extra firm compression rating at 25-28 mmhg. Closely related to Muscle Containment Stamping (MCS) technology, these tights include graduated stamping on external surfaces for precise targeting and control of compression benefits upon the lower legs. This ensures healthy blood flow to the working muscles and muscle recovery time.

There is also an over-the-foot stirrup, which allows for the compression relief to be felt all the way from the feet up to the body’s core for comprehensive lower body recovery. The fabric itself provides an extra firm level of compression, maximizing the effect on the body.

Women’s Compression Tights for Recovery

The Refresh Recovery Compression Tights are designed to aid in the recovery process and provide relief to sore muscles. They are meant to provide strong, noticeable recovery benefits.

Refresh Recovery Compression Tights

These tights include a firm compression rating at 23-25 mmhg. They are made with PWX high-powered compression fabric that affects a graduated compression profile upon the lower body for recovery relief.

The result is healthy blood flow throughout the legs and into the torso, manageable recovery time, and soothed muscle soreness. They will help you feel fresher after an intense run, gym session, or competition so you can focus on your next workout.


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