Collection: Women's Shorts

Make the most of your exercise training with our range of shorts. Whether you are jogging around the block or smashing out track work, our shorts will help you perform at your best.
Women’s Shorts

Our collection contains women’s shorts for all types of fitness activities, including indoor and trail running, gym training, yoga, and pilates. Our diverse array of features, such as compression, reflective highlights, and cooling technology, ensures a perfect pair of shorts for your workout needs.

Compression Shorts

Training with compression shorts can greatly support your performance during your workout and help your body in its natural recovery process. With a wide range of styles and included benefits, we have a pair of compression shorts that can help support you in whatever activity you choose.

The Benefits of Compression

There are numerous benefits of training with compression technology. The technology in our women’s compression shorts helps support your muscles throughout your workout. The tight and secure fit aids in keeping your muscles in place and reducing excess movement.

Compression itself is meant to support your body’s blood flow so your muscles receive adequate oxygen. This allows them to continue moving for longer, supporting stamina.

Compression also plays a role in the body’s recovery process post-workout. By wearing compression shorts during and for a few hours after a workout, your blood will keep flowing, and muscle soreness will be soothed. This way, you can get back in action without unnecessary delay.

Compression Shorts for Running

Running with compression shorts can help boost your performance and stamina throughout your run, as well as aid in muscle recovery between runs. We have a variety of women’s compression shorts that will make perfect additions to your running gear.

The Aero Reflect Compression Shorts are made with cooling technology, reflective highlights for low-light running, and quick-drying material to optimize heat relief in the summer.

The Core Compression Shorts are made with lightweight and quick-drying material to help keep you comfortable and cool. The Light Speed Compression Shorts are lightweight and perfect for running in low light as they have large reflective strips of material.

All women’s compression shorts are made with flatlock seams that help reduce chafing. That, along with long inseam lengths and a tight fit, is sure to help keep your shorts in place so you can focus on your run.

Compression Shorts for General Training

Whether you train in the gym, outside, or in your own home, compression shorts can greatly support your workout. They provide snug support for your upper leg muscles, helping to hold them in place. This can aid in maintaining healthy blood flow when lifting weights or squatting, both activities that put a lot of direct pressure on the leg muscles.

The Motion Compression Shorts have a power mesh comfort waistband that gives you a sculpted look and is also made with quick-drying material. The Form Stash Hi-Rise Bike Shorts provide a high-rise shorts option that helps accentuate and flatter your silhouette.

They are made with quick-drying material to minimize discomfort from sweating. The Aero Reflect Compression Shorts support training and running with cooling technology and reflective highlights.

Compression Shorts for Yoga and Pilates

While considered low-impact activities, yoga and pilates can still cause significant muscle fatigue and soreness. Wearing compression shorts during or after your session can help support recovery and soothe discomfort.

The Form Stash Hi-Rise Compression Shorts and the Motion Mid-Rise Compression Shorts are designed to provide support and relief for yoga and pilates workouts.

The Form Stash shorts are a great high-waisted option and are made with moisture-wicking ultra-matte, anti-pill SLX fabric that creates a smooth and sculpted look so you can show up to your session in style. The Motion shorts are a great mid-rise option and are made with flexible, sweat-wicking fabric that stretches 360 degrees allowing full freedom of movement.

Running in Low Light

Running in the morning or at night can be a great way to combat the heat during summertime. Training when the temperature is cooler, and the sun is less bright can make your run much more enjoyable and decrease the risk of dehydration.

But it is important that if you choose to run in low-light conditions, you wear clothing with bright colors or reflective highlights to remain as safe and visible to oncoming traffic and other runners as possible. 2XU offers women’s running shorts that come with reflective logos and highlights.

The Aero Reflect Compression Shorts

The Aero Reflect Compression Shorts are a great option if you want to run in low light while still experiencing the benefits of compression. These shorts are geared toward runners and provide 360 degrees of visibility in low light while still being subtle in design. They’re also lightweight, quick-drying, and contain multiple pockets for functionality so you can get the most out of your run.

The Light Speed 3” Shorts

These shorts are a great option for a casual morning or nighttime run. Their short inseam length helps keep you cool and stylish and allows you to reach your full range of motion.

The stretchy waistband is made with ventilated mesh that helps promote the evaporation of sweat so you can stay comfortable in warmer weather during your summer runs. An internal draw cord ensures a secure, custom fit. Pair with one of our sports bras or singlets for a great summer workout outfit.

Shorts with Pockets

Having a secure place to store items on your person when running, training, or going about everyday life can be very helpful. Whether you want to bring energy gels or bars with you on a long-distance run or are simply looking for a place to hold your phone and cards, our collection of women’s shorts with pockets provides convenient storage locations for all your needs.

Compression Shorts

The Form Stash Hi-Rise Bike Shorts have a large phone pocket perfect for storing your device or items of all sizes. The Light Speed Compression Shorts have a large back pocket, a smaller zipper pocket for securing small items, and a mesh pocket that’s perfect for storing energy gels. The Aero Reflect Compression Shorts have side pockets and a back zipper pocket for multiple storage options.

Athletic Shorts

The Aero and Aero 2-in-1 shorts have a back zip pocket for keeping small items safe. The Light Speed 3” Shorts have a hidden pocket within the inner lining that’s ideal for the secure and discreet storage of smaller items.


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