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Keep your gear safe and secure in our range of bags made to withstand the elements and store your essentials with ease.
Sports Bags

At 2XU, we understand the essence of a seamless athletic experience. Central to this is a dependable sports bag, acting as more than just a storage unit but an extension of your athletic journey. 

It's about more than just tossing in a change of clothes and heading out. For active people, having a bag that meets every need, whether heading to the gym, setting off on a short trip, or gearing up for a weekend adventure, is essential. 

Our range of gym bags, travel bags, and weekender bags are designed for versatility, ensuring every athlete finds their perfect fit.

Understanding the Sports Bag Essentials

We've been where you are: finishing an intense workout and realizing there’s no separate compartment for sweaty gear or fumbling around for a misplaced water bottle. A change of clothes is a given, but what about the other essentials? 

At 2XU, we emphasize secure storage for your valuables. It’s a relief knowing that your keys, wallet, or watch are right where you left them. Shoe compartments are another non-negotiable, ensuring that your pair of shoes has its designated space. 

But we didn’t stop there. Our bags also feature mesh pockets, perfect for wet clothes or swim gear, and dedicated water bottle pockets to keep hydration within arm's reach.

The Anatomy of a High-QualitySports Bag

Our commitment at 2XU goes beyond functionality, merging durability with design and creating a bag you can rely on for years to come. We select durable materials that stand up to daily wear and tear, ensuring longevity. But we’re athletes, too, and we understand that base camp readiness, swift checkout post-training, or an effortless transition from one activity to the next is crucial. 

Our bags are designed with the athlete's journey in mind. From adjustable shoulder straps for those heavy-duty days to top handles for a quick grab-and-go or even the crossbody feature for comfort, every element is meticulously thought out. Including drawstrings and ensuring a tight fit just add to the assurance that your gear is packed securely and ready for the day ahead.

Our Best Sellers

At 2XU, we constantly strive to provide our athletes with the best. Our sports bags are more than just functional; they're a testament to our commitment to quality and attention to detail. 

Let’s delve into some of our best sellers, designed keeping your unique needs in mind:

Commute Backpack

Every athlete knows that life doesn’t stop after a workout, and with our Commute Backpack, you're equipped for every part of your day. Crafted with an ultra-durable shell, this bag is built to endure all conditions, making it your steadfast companion through rain or shine. 

Perfectly sized to serve as a carry-on, its large main compartment is roomy enough to accommodate all your essentials. Whether on a flight or cycling through the city, you don't need to worry about those sudden rain showers; its water-resistant features ensure your belongings stay dry and protected.

Gym Bag

If you're serious about your training, our Gym Bag is the one for you. Recognized as one of the best gym duffels in our collection, it boasts a sleek design and a high storage capacity. Despite being packable, it’s spacious enough to stow away all your gym gear. 

We understand the frustration of mingling dirty shoes with clean clothes, and that's why this bag has a special shoe bag feature. It ensures your training shoes have their exclusive space, keeping the rest of your gear fresh and clean.

Transition Backpack

Triathletes have unique storage demands, and our Transition Backpack embodies these requirements. Thoughtfully crafted, it caters to every aspect of a triathlete's journey. From securely storing your toiletries to providing ample space for a change of clothes, this bag has got you covered. 

Its compact size might deceive you, but don't be fooled. Designed like a small duffel bag, it offers the functionality of a much larger duffel. By combining design ingenuity with practicality, our range of best sellers at 2XU proves that you don't have to compromise on style for functionality. Every stitch, pocket, and feature reflects our dedication to your athletic journey.

Why Choose a Tote Over Duffel (or Vice Versa)?

Decisions, decisions. When selecting between a tote and a duffel, your choice largely hinges on your individual needs and preferences. A tote bag, with its easy accessibility and streamlined design, is perfect for those quick gym sessions or short overnight trips. 

On the other hand, if you're planning a longer adventure or need to lug more gear, a duffel bag (or duffle, as some might call it) is your go-to. Its expansive space can accommodate larger items and multiple outfits with ease. 

Regardless of your pick, features such as a dedicated compartment for your water bottle and toiletries remain paramount. After all, both tote and duffel are about merging style with function.

Caring for Your Sports Bag

Your sports bag is a testament to your dedication and commitment. Periodic attention is invaluable to ensure it stands beside you for years to come. 

Open and aerate your bag after every session, particularly when it has housed wet attire or gear. This simple act wards off unwanted odors and preserves the bag's freshness. 

Additionally, consider gentle cleanses to remove any accumulated grime. A well-maintained bag doesn't just house your gear — it speaks volumes about the athlete's passion and attention to detail. Elevate your athletic journey with a bag that's cared for inside and out.

Bottom Line

Your journey, whether training for a competition or a simple weekend getaway, deserves the right companion. At 2XU, our commitment is not just about selling bags but enhancing your every athletic endeavor and travel experience. 

Our range of sports bags is meticulously crafted to cater to a wide array of needs without compromising quality, style, or functionality. So, dive deep into our collection today and find your perfect match. Your next reliable, stylish, and efficient partner awaits!

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