Collection: Men's Long Sleeve Tops

Designed for the cooler climates, don't let the weather distract you from your goals. Our long-sleeved tops will keep the heat in, while still allowing airflow.
Men’s Long Sleeve Tops

Our collection of men’s long-sleeve tops is perfect for your outdoor workout, run, adventure, or daily errands. They’ll help keep you warm in cool weather while ensuring you can train in comfort and style.

Men’s Long Sleeve Tops for Running

We have several men’s long-sleeve tops that are specifically designed for outdoor running. Our tops also come with various benefits to help make your run as comfortable, safe, and enjoyable as possible.

Lightweight and Moisture-Wicking Material

The last thing you want when running outside is to be burdened by heavy material or sweat buildup. The lightweight designs and moisture-wicking material of our running collection will help soothe any discomfort so you can focus on your run.

Nearly all of our men’s long-sleeve tops for running are made with lightweight material, and many also feature sweat-wicking properties. Here are a few featured tops with these qualities:

The Aero Long Sleeve

This top is made with lightweight material and a double-knit constructed main panel that supports an inner layer to prevent sweat buildup. This top is perfect for running in cool weather or for layering under jackets for colder days.

The Light Speed 1/2 Zip

This lightweight jacket is perfect for running in moderate weather. It is made with moisture-wicking fabric designed to pull sweat away from the skin. It also has back mesh panels that provide a source of ventilation for extra coolness and breathability.

Warmth Against the Cold

Several of our men’s long-sleeve tops include various degrees of thermal insulation to help keep you warm in cold weather. These tops are perfect for all of your winter running needs. A few are featured below:

The Ignition 1/4 Zip

This jacket is made with a double-knit, three-dimensional waffle fabric, creating small air pockets that trap your body heat and keep you warm. There are also thumb holes on the ends of the sleeves that can flip over to become half mittens for additional hand warmth and protection. All of these features make this the perfect jacket for cold weather and layering under other clothing.

The Ignition Base Layer Long Sleeve

As implied in the name, this top makes the perfect base layer for your winter running outfit. It is made with revolutionary X-HEAT fabric that works to warm you up quicker than your average top. Ceramic-infused yarns within the material emit far infrared rays so you can be as comfortable as possible on your winter run.

The Ignition Compression Long Sleeve

This top provides the perfect option to experience the benefits of compression in winter weather. It works great as a primary layer, but can also fit underneath other shirts and jackets for easy layering. It is made with soft brushed PWX Thermal fabric that helps trap your body heat while PWX Vents under your arms work to prevent you from overheating.

Reflection for Low Light Conditions

Shorter days in winter mean that there is a higher likelihood you will find yourself running in low-light conditions. One of the best and easiest things you can do to protect yourself and increase your visibility is to wear running gear with reflective strips of fabric. Several of our men’s long-sleeve tops for running include this helpful feature.

The Aero Jacket and Long Sleeve, the Light Speed 1/2 Zip, the Ignition 1/4 Zip, and the Ignition Base LayerLong Sleeve all come with reflective strips of fabric. This range of jackets, shirts, and zips has you covered for a wide variety of winter temperatures so you can keep moving regardless of the time of day or weather.

Protection Against the Rain

You never know when you will encounter rainy conditions on your outdoor run. It can be tempting to stay inside when the weather gets wet, but with the Aero Jacket, you can still get the most out of your rainy day run.

The Aero Jacket

This jacket is perfect for days with forecasted rain or unpredictable weather. It is made with a stretch woven water-resistant shell, an adjustable three-piece hood, and environmentally responsible C6 DWR surface treatment. All of these features combine to provide you with ample protection against the elements so nothing can stand in the way of your training.

Compression Long Sleeve Tops

Running with a compression top has many performance and recovery-boosting benefits. Our long sleevecompression tops will help you get the most out of your workout and stay protected against the outside elements.

The Benefits of Compression Tops

Compression shirts function to promote blood flow and circulation throughout the upper body. This helps soothe joint and muscle discomfort. It can also soothes feelings of soreness after prolonged upper body workouts, helping you recover so you can get back in the gym or on the track.

The tight fit of compression material helps protect your skin against potential friction or irritation. This can be especially helpful when hiking or adventuring in wild outdoor terrain. The tight fit also helps your body maintain its proper posture and supports self-correction if needed. Lastly, compression fabric can help reduce sweat buildup as it’s made with moisture-wicking material, keeping you comfortable and dry.

The Ignition Compression Top

2XU’s Ignition Compression Top provides you with a great winter weather compression option for outdoor or indoor activities. It is made with soft brushed PWX Thermal fabric to aid in trapping your body heat and keeping you warm. There is a PWX Vent under the arms to allow for airflow to prevent overheating.

This top is lightweight but also clings tight, minimizing unnecessary muscle movement, supporting blood flow, and aiding in recovery. It is made with moisture-wicking material to help you stay dry, and the flatlock seams help prevent chafing.

The Core Compression Long Sleeve

2XU’s Core Compression Top is perfect for keeping you cool in warmer weather or indoor training conditions. It contains PWX Vents in both the back and arms that help promote airflow and regulate your body temperature to a normal degree. These vents also function to help keep your body free of sweat so you can train in comfort.

The compression fabric itself is lightweight and flexible to give you maximum mobility. It stretches a full 360 degrees but clings tight so you can receive all the benefits of compression, such as healthy blood flow, supported recovery, and postural awareness.

What About Short Sleeve Shirt Options?

Looking for a short sleevet-shirt? Check out our women's selection in stores or online, with v-neck and crew neck styles available.

Our new arrivals and new products provide the utmost comfort, durability, and sun protection regardless of the sleeve length — whether you go with a sleevelesstank top, undershirt, or long-sleeve t-shirt, our collection has the best of the best.

For compression pants and leggings, we recommend spandex material. Exclusions apply for coupon codes, but first-time buyers can enjoy discounts on men's compression long-sleeve shirts. Our accessibility policy ensures that everyone can find the perfect fit. Check out our selection today!

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