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Run, squat, train, and ride in the most advanced compression gear. Designed so you can get the most out of your workout, no matter the terrain.

Men’s Bottoms

Our collection of men’s bottoms contains pants and shorts specifically designed for a wide range of activities and sports. These include general fitness training, running, pilates, yoga, swimming, and triathlons. We also offer base-layer pants and shorts geared towards supporting the post-workout recovery process.

Our multitude of best sellers ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your workout. With shorts, pants, and compression products, there is a stylish bottom for all seasons, levels of intensity, and desired benefits.

The Benefits of Compression Technology

The main function of compression technology in athletic garments is to support blood flow. Proper blood flow allows more oxygen to reach working muscles and limits swelling.

Compression pants and shorts help to hold leg muscles in place, reducing excess joint movement and potential muscle vibrations. Compression technology can support the body in managing the buildup of lactic acid from a workout as well, soothing muscle soreness and fatigue post-workout.

Compression technology also supports the athlete’s recovery process. Not only does it soothe soreness, but wearing compression pants after a workout will continue to support blood circulation and help your muscles recover. This way, you can get back to training without delay.

A great option to help maximize recovery is the Power Recovery Compression Tights. They feature graduated stamping technology, which supports blood flow, and an over-the-foot stirrup to help soothe fatigue so you can get back to training.

Bottoms for Triathletes

2XU greatly emphasizes providing high-quality athletic clothing specifically for triathletes. We have a wide range of options that are perfect for training for all three legs as well as performing at your best during the actual race.


For swimming, the Propel Buoyancy Shorts are specifically designed to mimic the feeling of a wetsuit and ensure maximum mobility in the water. These shorts minimize drag, aid in buoyancy, and keep you as comfortable as possible in the water so you can focus on your swim.


There are many men’s compression pants and men’s compression shorts geared toward supporting running performance. The Light Speed Compression Tights are a great option for colder weather and compression benefits. They are quick-drying and have a reflective highlight for safe night running. If you prefer running shorts or are running in warmer weather, The Light Speed Compression Shorts provide all the same benefits as the pants.

Other pants options include the Aero Compression Tights, the Ignition and Ignition Shield Compression Tights, and more. For non-compression shorts options, the Aero Shorts and Aero Shorts 2.0 come in a wide variety of inseam lengths to match your preference for a light and comfortable fit, even for tight shorts.


The Core Tri Short is a great option for biking and can also be worn throughout the entire triathlon. The long 9” inseam prevents chafe from pedaling, and the design is lightweight and comfortable to ensure you can devote your full focus to the race.

Because the previously mentioned Propel Buoyancy Shorts are designed to minimize water absorption, they are also a great option to wear throughout the entire race.

Bottoms for Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and pilates are low-impact activities but can still cause significant muscle soreness and strain. Wearing bottoms with compression technology can help soothe lingering muscle fatigue and support recovery so you can continue on your fitness journey. Our collection of compression pants and shorts designed for yoga and pilates will help you get the most out of your exercises without suffering prolonged periods of soreness.

Force Compression Tights and Shorts

First up are the Force Compression Tights and Shorts. These bottoms are made with 2XU’s unique Muscle Containment Stamping technology, which maximizes compression benefits and supports the performance of specific leg muscles such as the hamstrings and quads. Both the men’s tights and shorts are lightweight, comfortable, and designed to be layered underneath other bottoms if desired.

Motion Compression Tights

Another great option is the Motion Compression Tights. These compression leggings are perfect for layering underneath shorts or other pants because they are made with a mesh gusset that improves breathability to prevent excess heat or sweat buildup.

Both the Force and Motion Compression options offer the same level of compression intensity, have pockets for easy storage, and are made with a moisture-wicking material. So you will surely receive all of the benefits of compression technology and comfortable design regardless of your choice.

The Benefits of Non-Compression Bottoms

If you aren’t interested in training with the help of compression technology, don’t worry. Our collection of non-compression men’s bottoms still offers a wide variety of benefits and features to aid you in your training endeavors and support your performance.

Cooling Technology

Many of our pants and shorts are made with cooling technology that minimizes excess heat and sweat buildup. The Aero Shorts and the Motion Shorts are two great options to keep you cool.

Warming Technology

Many of our pants and shorts come with built-in warming technology to trap your body heat and help keep you warm in cooler temperatures. Our Commute Trackpants and Light Speed Joggers are great options for cool to cold temperatures so the weather doesn’t stop you from training.

Reflective Material

We have many men’s pants and shorts that come equipped with strips of reflective material to allow you to run more safely in low-light conditions. Some of our bottoms that include this helpful feature are the Light Speed Joggers and the Light Speed Shorts.

Lightweight Material

Mobility is essential to maximizing the benefits you get from your training. The majority of our non-compression pants and shorts are made with lightweight material to help you move to the fullest without inhibition. Some of our pants and shorts that have lightweight material are the Aero and Aero 2.0 Shorts, the Motion Shorts, and the Light Speed Shorts and Joggers.

About 2XU

With 18 years of exceptional products and service, 2XU (Two Times You) has been manufacturing quality compression and athletic gear for all athletes. With an emphasis on promoting a healthier lifestyle, 2XU continues to encourage people to pursue their fitness goals and dreams by supporting them with excellent athletic clothes and products. 2XU sells compression shirts — both short-sleeve t-shirts and long-sleeve shirts —as well as compression socks. Check us out today.


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