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Dive into a new challenge and go the distance in our swim range. Whether it's a long session at the pool, an ocean swim or triathlon preparation.
Men’s Swimming

Our collection will keep you warm in cold waters, swimming at top speeds with drag reduction, and ready to tackle any race, workout, or casual swim. It’s never been easier to prepare for your swim session.

What Are the Types of 2XU Swim Suits?

We offer a wide range of men’s swimwear, including wetsuits, jammers, swimskins, and more. But what are the differences between these suits, and how do you select the suit that best fits your swimming needs? This guide will help answer all of your swim gear questions so you can find the best suit possible.

Casual and Competitive Pool Swimming

If you’re looking for a bathing suit for indoor and outdoor pool swimming, including everything from lap swimming to competitive racing, our jammers and racers are perfect for you. These swim suits can also be used for casual outdoor swimming, but will work best if the water is warm.

Propel Jammer and Propel Racer

These men’s swimsuits are made with premium Italian material that is both chlorine and UV-resistant, providing sun protection if you train in an outdoor pool. The UPF-protected fabric is also durable, withstanding the wear and tear of the pool and sunscreen. A drawstring provides an adjustable, secure fit, while flatlock inseams reduce chafe.

The tight fit of the Jammer is designed to minimize drag and resistance so you can break records. The Racer provides streamlined comfort so you can enjoy your swim. The Racer will also work for diving training sessions.

Triathlons and Open Water Swimming

While some of these swimsuits will still function well in a pool setting, they are designed to provide coverage and support for open-water swimming, whether that be your main sport or the first leg of your triathlon. Our collection offers options for both warm and cold water swimming so you can be supported regardless of the conditions during your training session or race day.

Propel Buoyancy Shorts

These swim shorts provide a great option for warm water swimming. These men’s swim trunks are designed to mimic the feel and experience of wearing a full wetsuit while keeping you cool. The main feature of these shorts is their added buoyancy, preventing your legs from sinking and helping you stay in a vertical position while you swim.

They will also help you reach top speeds with a Super Composite Skin (SCS) hydrodynamic coating that reduces drag and resistance, so nothing will hold you back. The internal lining stretches for comfort, and an adjustable drawstring waistband allows for a secure fit and feel, making these shorts the perfect summer training companion.

Propel Swimskin

Swimskins make great options for summer triathlons when it is too warm or illegal to wear a full wetsuit. They provide many benefits that include helping you maintain a horizontal body line and increasing your speed, making them the perfect choice for summer racing.

Our Propel Swimskin will do all of this and more. It is lightweight and flexible, ensuring your mobility is maximized. A hydrophobic DWR C0 coating makes the suit feel almost like a second skin and reduces drag so you can hit your best speeds. The seam construction ensures that the suit stays firmly in place and that water is kept out.

Our swimskin will also fit great underneath a t-shirt or swim shirt for all of your post-workout needs.


Our collection of wetsuits will help give you an edge in the competition and help you stay warm and protected in cold outdoor swimming conditions. They provide numerous benefits that make them a must-have for all triathletes. Our wetsuits will help you stay buoyant, reducing sinking and reducing drag, so you can cut through the water with ease and precision.

Read on to discover our different types of trending wetsuits so you can select the option best fit for your swimming needs and personal style preferences:

Propel:1 and Propel:1 Sleeveless Wetsuit

Both the Propel:1 long-sleeve and sleeveless wetsuits are made with premium Japanese neoprene that boosts buoyancy in the lower body. Buoyancy is minimized on the sides of the body so you can rotate in your freestyle with ease. The Super Composite Skin (SCS) coating reduces drag, while a floating zip panel maximizes mobility so you can get the most out of each stroke.

Propel:2 Wetsuit

This award-winning and best-seller wetsuit is designed to help you power through the finish line. It includes premium Japanese neoprene for increased buoyancy in all of the right places. An SCS coating ensures drag is minimized so you can hit top speeds.

The arm sleeve includes a water entrapment zone that boosts power, while a floating zip panel increases your distance per stroke. A seamless neck panel ensures comfort and reduced chafing, and the inner liner is stretchy and absorbs as little water as possible.

Propel: Pro Wetsuit

This long sleeve suit will help you stay buoyant, boost your rotation and range of motion, and reduce surface drag so you can race your best. This suit is ideal for swimming in choppy, unpredictable waters, with Velocity Strakes that provide hydrodynamic stability and help you swim in a straight line.

The water entrapment zone on the arm sleeve will help you swim powerfully, while the floating zip panel maximizes your distance per stroke. A seamless neck panel reduces chafing and discomfort, and a lower leg propulsion panel will help you surge ahead of the competition.

Swimrun:1 Wetsuit

The material in this men’s suit is buoyant and durable, ensuring your performance is maximized, and your transitions in and out of the water are easy. Your range of motion is truly limitless in this suit with the Hyperflex shoulder and underarm panels that increase mobility.

There are also hip and pelvic panels that make this suit easy to bike and run in during your triathlon. A rear zipper pocket allows for easy accessibility to essential items, making this suit the perfect companion for your entire triathlon.

Swimrun: Pro Wetsuit

Designed to function for all three triathlon legs, this suit will maximize buoyancy, reduce drag, and ensure your range of motion is uninhibited. The front zip provides ventilation for the second two legs of the race, while an internal front and rear zipper pocket provide storage for any items you may need to bring along.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Swim Cap?

Swim caps are essential for any moderate to serious swimmer. They will help hold your hair back, minimizing distractions and the risk of your hair getting caught on lane lines or other objects, and will help you stay warm while swimming.

Swimming with your hair flying behind you also significantly increases drag, slowing you down and potentially getting in the way of your strokes as well. Wearing a cap will prevent all of these unnecessary distractions and speed reductions, helping you focus on your swim and crush your times.

Silicone Swim Cap

Our swim cap will provide all of the benefits listed above. It is strong and durable, so it can withstand tough training sessions and last for a long time. It is also designed to be as comfortable and fit as securely as possible. The silicone material makes it a great option for latex-intolerant swimmers.

2XU Swim Goggles

Our Stealth Goggle - Smoke will keep the water out of your eyes and the anti-fog technology will help your vision cut through murky outdoor conditions, making these goggles a great companion for triathletes and open-water swimmers. One size fits all.

Once you’ve found the men’s swimwear you need, check out our collection of women’s swim briefs and suits for the women in your life.


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