Collection: Women's Sweat Pants & Joggers

Our track pants are a little more relaxed and offer the ultimate comfort. Whether it's a light jog or a long flight, these pants have you covered.

Our collection of women's sweatpants and joggers is perfect for all your athleisure needs and contains features such as reflective highlights, warmth for cold weather, and quick-drying material. Finding a great pair of sporty and trendy track pants has never been easier.

Included Features

Our collection of women’s clothing contains women’s joggers and sweatpants with great qualities to help maximize your comfort during workouts and daily life. Here are some of these awesome features:

Reflective Highlights

Whether running in the morning before work or at night before bed, you may encounter low-light conditions that can greatly increase safety risks if you don’t dress properly. A common safety tip is to wear clothing with reflective highlights and bright colors. This is one of the easiest and best ways to ensure you remain visible to approaching cars, bikes, and other runners.

The Aero Woven Jogger has logos and strips of reflective material that will help reflect the light of cars or streetlamps, providing 360 degrees of visibility. With these pants, low-light conditions don’t stand a chance of getting in the way of your training.


Pockets can be extremely helpful when storing small items such as keys, energy gels, or your phone for a run. They can also provide convenience in the same way for everyday life outings and adventures. With easily accessible pockets, you won’t have to worry about carrying a bag while running or training, and you can keep everything on your person for quick access.

The Aero Woven Jogger has two medium-sized side pockets perfect for your phone, a small wallet, or energy bars. The Commute Trackpants have slanted side pockets, a large zip side pocket, and back pockets for a wide variety of storage options. The zipper pocket also provides an extra secure location to keep important items.

Warmth for Cold Weather

Wearing fleece sweatpants or fleece joggers is a great way to help you stay warm during a workout. The Commute Trackpants are made with a double-knit fleece material that creates small air pockets that help trap your body heat, keeping you warm. These pants are great for running in cold weather or warming up your muscles before a workout.

Cooling Technology

The Aero Woven Jogger is made with lightweight stretch-woven fabric that also has moisture-wicking qualities, meaning that it minimizes sweat buildup by pulling sweat away from the body. There is also carefully placed ventilation behind the knees that help to keep you cool, making the Aero Woven Jogger the perfect pair of pants for cool to warm weather or indoor activities.

Comfortable Material and Fit

Women’s joggers and sweatpants are meant to be comfortable, so our collection is made with fabric designed to maximize your relaxation and provide you with the best fit possible. Every pair of women’s pants in this collection has the duality of functioning as sportswear and loungewear.

Aero Woven Jogger

These fleece jogger pants have an elastic waistband as well as an internal adjustable drawstring waist that helps provide a secure, customizable fit. There are also zippers on the ankles that allow the pants to be easily removed over shoes for convenience.

Commute Trackpants

The Commute Trackpants are made with soft, stretchy fleece to maximize comfort and an adjustable waistband for a relaxed fit. The material also has moisture-wicking properties to help pull sweat away from your body so you can take on training or running errands without worry.

The Benefits of Running in Sweatpants

While not often thought of as essential running activewear, sweatpants and joggers can actually provide many benefits to your training. A few key perks are listed below:

Burn Calories

Did you know that running or exercising in sweatpants can actually support the number of calories you burn? This is due to the warm nature of sweatpants, which trap body heat and cause you to sweat more than when wearing other bottoms.

The Commute Trackpants, which actively keep you warm, are a great option to achieve this effect.

Protect Your Skin

While you may only think your face, arms, and chest are susceptible to sunburn while running, your legs are just as at risk of suffering under the hot summer sun. Wearing a light pair of joggers or track pants, such as the Aero Woven Jogger, which has moisture-wicking material and ventilation to help keep you cool, can provide a great way to cover your legs and protect them from sunburn.

Stay Warm in Cold Weather

When the weather gets cold, it can often seem too daunting of a task to brave the freezing temperatures and get out there to complete your workout. And sometimes, even a regular day out and about can seem equally as frightening. Sweatpants provide a great solution for this common worry.

Our Commute Trackpants are specifically designed to help keep your body heat close so you can continue to function at your peak in cold weather. They are also made with moisture-wicking material that helps prevent sweat buildup so you can go for a run or out to the grocery store in the utmost comfort.

Pair any of our women’s sweatpants and joggers with our collection of hoodies and sweatshirts for ultimate warmth and comfort for all of your athleisure needs.

Keep Your Muscles Warm

Whether or not you have a warm-up routine before you work out, wearing sweatpants or joggers can help keep your muscles warm and ensure they are ready to go for your workout. Because cold muscles are the most likely to end up injured, wearing warm sweatpants such as the Commute Trackpants can also decrease the likelihood of injury.

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