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Tailored to help you reach your finish line, whether that’s at the gym, the track, or a triathlon, reach your personal best in the world’s most advanced compression gear.

Tailored to help you reach your finish line, whether that’s at the gym, the track, or a triathlon, reach your personal best in the world’s most advanced compression gear.


2XU designs workout clothes to work with your body, allowing you to focus on what matters most, with zero distractions. Whether you’re gearing up for a workout at the gym, training for an outdoor marathon, or looking to maximize your recovery to get you on track faster, you can find the perfect fit thanks to our range of scientifically tested tights (leggings), workout shorts, tank tops, sweatshirts and joggers, workout shirts, long-sleeve t-shirts, base layers, socks, visors and more.

Our extensive and rigorous testing ensures the highest quality materials meet the toughest demands while maintaining a consistent and precisely measured compression profile. You can choose a fit (Mild, Moderate,Firm) tailored to your goals.


Looking for the perfect set of tights that reduce fatigue so you can run longer? How about a set of shorts designed to stabilize your muscles and promote blood flow for faster recovery? Everyone’s goals are different, so why go with a one-size-fits-all approach to activewear? Our lineup of men’s workout clothes consists of a variety of tops and bottoms with a wide range of compression levels.

Featuring the revolutionary Muscle Containment Stamping (MCS) technology, our world leading compression garments are developed with a deep understanding of muscle structure and movement used during high-intensity training that helps reduce fatigue. The varying degrees of compression available mean you can find the perfect fit for your needs.


Our goal is simple; to help you focus, set your goals, and get across the finish line. Our work is grounded in scientific research, rigorous testing, and an intense focus on detail, but that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. Just use our Compression Finder based on your needs and goals, and let the gear do the rest, so you can keep your focus on getting your best workout in.


Our Light Speed Compression Tights are designed meticulously designed based on how running impacts the muscles used. Because of this, we have created a set of tights that allow you to keep your stride, no matter the distance or speed.


Not sure if what you picked is the right fit? Wondering which level of compression is right for you? We believe that workout gear needs to suit the individual and not the other way around. Try for 30 Days option “Sweat Guarantee” so you can confidently find what works best for you, and our customer support team is available to help answer any questions you may have.


Our workout clothing is designed to last. Varying levels of firmness yet always flexible, quick-drying material can meet even the most rigorous demands.


Highly durable moisture-wicking material keeps moisture out and promotes cool and dry skin, leaving you feeling fresh and motivated throughout your workout. Our unique color options and styles range from pullover,long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts to sleeveless tops, so you can be sure to find something that encompasses your needs with an effortless style.


Our clothing is designed for all kinds of conditions, with gear that keeps you warm and focused during cold weather and gear that keeps you cool and fresh in the heat.


We don’t just design technical apparel that looks great. Every item we design is done so by a guiding set of scientific principles, making sure you are maximizing your results, even on your rest days. We strategically study muscle structure and movement to ensure we were targeting not just the right muscles but the right range of movement for those muscles. What you experience is a piece of clothing that puts you at the center. Visit “Our Technology” for more information.


While compression wear is not new in the fitness industry, our approach is what sets us apart from the others. 2XU is an early industry leader, we partnered with world-leading research teams and tested every batch of fabric we manufacture utilizing the Salzmann pleasure measurement device to guarantee a correct graduated compression profile, a procedure commonly used to test medical compression. A cut above the rest, without cutting corners.


**What Is Compression Wear, and What Does It Do? **

Compression clothing targets and applies pressure to specific muscle groups to support blood flow and performance. It is commonly used by athletes participating in a number of sports. It supports Preparation, Performance & Recovery.

**What Kind of Compression Should I Aim for? **

While all of our materials are constructed using medical science as a guide, the right fit and compression profile depends on your needs and goals.

For example, our Force Compression Tights target the glutes to aid postural awareness and lower back stability, while our Power Recovery Compression Tights feature over-foot compression to aid in quick recovery. These aren’t your average workout pants. Each product contains a specific compression rating, which can be viewed in the “Product Details” section of any garment.

Do You Offer More Than Just Tights and Tee-Shirts?

Absolutely! Our full product lineup contains short sleeve tees, hoodies, singlets, sweatpants, running shorts, headbands, windbreakers, and more!

What Is Team Two Times You?

Team Two Times You is our tribe of athletes who have challenged the status quo and stood above the rest. They are driven by the same unstoppable ambition as us and help promote a fitter, healthier world. This team includes athletes from all around the globe and a number of different athletic disciplines, all utilizing 2XU gear to help them be their best. Visit our Team Two Times You page to learn more about our team!

**What’s Your Return Policy? **

Online orders must be returned through the online portal, while in-store purchases must be returned at the store of purchase.

All products can be returned within 30 days of purchase provided the item:

Is in its original purchased condition Is in the original, undamaged packaging Has not been worn Is not underwear or socks Has not been damaged in any way

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