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Race day essentials sorted! The perfect accessories for your marathon, triathlon or gym session.

Be prepared to tackle any workout and conquer any race with these helpful additions to your running shoes and cycling shoes. Designed for your convenience and to ensure you are equipped with all of the necessities so you can focus on the race ahead without distractions.

Hot Weather Essentials

Running or training in hot weather conditions comes with its own set of challenges. Hot sun leads to increased sweating and a higher risk of dehydration, making it important that you follow hot weather safety tips when exercising in high temperatures.

Our collection of water bottles and headbands will help provide you with relief while decreasing your risk of overheating, making them necessary and beneficial for all of your summer workout needs.

The Importance of Hydration

One of the easiest and most dangerous situations you can end up in when running, training, or racing outside is a state of dehydration. When you exercise in hot weather, your body naturally sweats more, which leads to increased and quicker fluid loss than usual. This means you will need to replenish those fluids at a higher rate as well.

There are a variety of factors that affect how much fluid you need and how much you will lose during your workout, such as the duration and intensity of the exercise, outside temperature and humidity levels, and your body weight. If you do end up dehydrated, you may experience symptoms such as headaches, rapid heart rate, and fatigue, all of which will prevent you from racing to your full potential.

It is recommended that to avoid experiencing dehydration, which can cause you to have to stop your workout and seek help, you should drink somewhere between 10 and 15 oz of water around 10 to 15 minutes before your workout. Once you begin your workout, you should stop for water breaks or drink a few sips mid-stride around every half hour to ensure your fluid levels don’t dip too low.

Use your own personal judgment; if you feel like you are sweating a lot, if it is extremely hot outside, if you are completing an intense workout, or if you feel lightheaded at any point, stop and hydrate to reduce the risk of having to take a more drastic break from your training.

2XU Water Bottles

We offer water bottle options for all of your training needs so you can stay hydrated and continue to smash your race or workout. We offer both a 22 oz and 26 oz option so you can choose a size that fits your exercise needs. These water bottles make excellent gym or yoga companions and road bike and triathlon bike accessories to stay hydrated throughout all sports.

Both our 22 oz Water Bottle and 26 oz Water Bottle are BPA-free, ensuring a pure taste. The top includes a soft poppet with a wide channel for increased water flow to satisfy thirst quickly. The lid is leakproof and easy to screw on and off for quick access and convenience. Combine one of our water bottles with an energy gel for the ultimate mid-workout or race boost.

The Benefits of Headbands

Not only do headbands make the perfect finishing touch to your race or workout outfit, but they also provide a range of practical benefits as well, making them essential to any training session.

One of the primary functions of headbands is to keep your hair away from your face and off the back of your neck so you can focus on your workout or race without distractions. Headbands can also help reduce the likelihood of excess head sweat dripping down into your face and eyes. Our Skinny Headband 2 Pack is designed to keep your face as clear and cool as possible.

**Skinny Headband 2 Pack **

Our performance headbands are perfect for all of your race needs, from sprints to long-distance marathons and triathlons. The pack comes with two headbands made with durable and stretchy elastic that conforms to your head shape. An inner silicone strip secures the fit, ensuring your headbands stay in place so you can tackle the race ahead without distractions.

Running Race Day Accessories

Be prepared to smash your running race or triathlon race finale with our collection of running race necessities. Our accessories will help you fly ahead of the competition and perform at your peak.

Run Belt

This race belt is perfect for holding small-item essentials such as energy gels, a phone, or keys. It is a helpful accessory for beginners and pros alike, providing a convenient and mobile location for quick and easy storage.

It is made with an adjustable elastic clip for comfort and customization. It sits flat against your body to eliminate excess flapping and distractions, ensuring it stays tucked away. A zipper for ultimate protection secures the pocket. The pouch also includes a reflective logo for low-light running visibility.

Run Arm Band

Vibe to your music of choice with our mobile phone armband, designed to keep your device secure to your body so you can enjoy your workout or race with ease. This band is versatile and works for all sports, including running, road and mountain biking, gym training, and more.

The band is comfortable, with stretch fabric and a velcro fastening for a custom fit. It sits flat against your body to eliminate flapping, and a showerproof flap seal offers protection from wet weather, ensuring this accessory can race with you in all conditions. A reflective logo also offers low-light visibility.

The Run Arm Band fits well over skin or clothes, making it compatible with any top, including sleeveless and short-sleeve shirts, race suits, and underneath warmer layers.

Gym and Training Accessories

Prepare and train for your race with our gym accessories. These products will make helpful additions to your workout gear collection, getting you ready for the race of a lifetime.

The Microfiber Gym Towel

This towel is the perfect gym companion. It is made with ultra-soft material and dries quickly, helping you get back to your workout. It also includes a sateen clamp label for easy hanging in the locker room or out in the gym.

22 oz and 26 oz Water Bottles

These small and large water bottles will help you stay hydrated at the gym. They are BPA-free to ensure no bad taste and have a soft poppet that contains a wide channel for boosted water flow, satisfying your thirst quickly. The lid is leakproof and easy to open for your convenience.

Swim Race Accessories

Conquer your open water swim or first triathlon leg with our swim goggles. These goggles are perfect for all swimmers ranging from triathletes to recreational. Combine with our swim caps or other triathlon gear, including triathlon wetsuits, tri suits, and swimsuits for the ultimate swim outfit.

Stealth Goggle - Smoke

These swim goggles are perfect for outdoor open water swimming, with anti-fog technology that helps cut through murky waters so you can focus on your strokes. They contain an adjustable back strap and work as both men’s and women’s goggles.

Solace Goggle Junior - Smoke

These goggles are designed for children, with only a small size option. They are ideal for training, with a gusset design for maximum comfort.

Once you’ve found the perfect triathlon accessories, check out our collection of running hats and visors, vests, tri shorts, and compression gear.


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