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Stay fit, active & supported in the most advanced maternity compression tights and shorts. Designed for all stages of pregnancy from prenatal to assisting in postnatal recovery.
Women’s Maternity Compression

Stay fit, active, & supported in the most advanced motherhood maternity compression tights and shorts. Designed for all stages of pregnancy, from prenatal to assisting in postnatal recovery.

Our women’s maternity compression tights will help support you throughout your pregnancy journey — from your first trimester to your postpartum days — and enable you to keep your body moving during this time. You can receive all of the regular benefits of compression technology along with specially designed fits and material geared toward providing comfort and relief as your body changes.

**The Benefits of Wearing Compression Tights During and After Pregnancy **

Your body will experience many changes as you go through the various stages of pregnancy. Discomfort can be common, and you may experience symptoms such as swollen feet, legs, and ankles, vein dilation, and general feelings of soreness and fatigue.

If you don’t invest in supportive clothing, these side effects can quickly become overwhelming and lead to prolonged resting periods and general feelings of lethargy.

Wearing compression tights both during and after pregnancy is a great way to combat these symptoms. Compression belly bands can help support blood flow and circulation throughout the body and back to the heart, soothing muscle swelling, fatigue, and soreness.

Healthy circulation can be beneficial to everyone but especially helpful to those who are experiencing the added physical and emotional stress of pregnancy.

The Benefits of Prenatal Tights

Leg and Belly Support

Veins and muscles in the legs can become sore and aggravated due to added belly weight. Wearing compression tights, which specifically support the legs, can help soothe these painful side effects. The tight fit of compression tights also helps to support the growing belly and hold it in place so unnecessary jostling or movement is minimized. The high waist can support everyone from pre-pregnancy size to third-trimester mothers.

Healthy Blood Flow

Blood flow is also slower during pregnancy as the body works hard to create more blood than usual to sustain the fetus. This can lead to an increased risk of clotting and vein complications for the mother.

Wearing postpartum leggings and compression tights, which support blood flow from the legs and back up to the working heart, can greatly soothe these side effects and help pregnant women’s legs feel more supported.

Encouragement and Support To Stay Active

Because pregnancy can be so impactful on both the mind and body, it can feel overwhelming or discouraging to think about active maternity and pregnancy. But there are numerous benefits to exercising and moving during pregnancy, and having supportive and high-qualitycompression stockings to help you on this journey can be extremely helpful.

Some of the benefits of staying active regularly during pregnancy include reduced back pain, minimized constipation, and the possibility of a lower risk of certain conditions such as gestational diabetes. Exercising during pregnancy can also help your body gain weight in a healthy way, boost your overall fitness and heart health, and possibly help you lose baby weight more easily after giving birth.

Our Women’s Prenatal Compression Tights

2XU’s Prenatal Active Tights provide the perfect option for a combination of support and comfort during pregnancy and exercise. These tights are equipped with graduated compression that encourages blood flow and helps soothe muscle soreness and fatigue in the legs and feet.

The waistband contains a breathable seam-free belly panel that helps to provide support and comfort for a growing belly. A power mesh back panel provides extra support to the lower back, which can experience pain and discomfort from carrying the belly. We recommend these tights from week 26 of pregnancy and onward until birth.

The Benefits of Postnatal Tights

Wearing compression tights after giving birth can provide much-needed support and be just as helpful as prenatal tights. The tights work in the same way as the prenatal ones, supporting blood flow and soothing soreness in the legs and feet after birth.

**Healthy Blood Circulation **

Blood circulation is especially important because new mothers will often spend a lot of time sitting to feed their babies or rest after a long night of little sleep, which can cause more fluid than usual to sit in the legs. Wearing compression tights can support circulation and help clear out unnecessary fluid buildup.

Support Against Abnormal Veins and Clotting

After pregnancy, the risk of vein abnormalities such as varicose veins and unnecessary blood clots is higher than usual. Wearing compression tights can help support the body’s natural fight against these side effects so you can recover more smoothly and with minimal discomfort.

Our Women’s Postnatal Compression Tights

2XU’s Postnatal Active Tights provide the perfect combination of support and comfort for all your post-pregnancy recovery needs. The firm graduated compression helps to aid blood circulation and soothe swelling in the legs and feet. The lightweight, moisture-wicking, and buttery PWX fabric has a circular 360-degree stretch for maximum support and mobility.

The Power Mesh included in the seam-free front panel helps hold the stomach muscles in place and provides added support to the lower back. The front panel is not a compression material, preventing the stomach from experiencing unnecessary tightness and discomfort while recovering.

A Note About Postnatal Exercise

While it can be tempting to get back to training quickly after pregnancy if you’re a diehard athlete or want to get back into healthy habits, we do recommend you consult a professional before attempting any exercise.

If you are wearing our Postnatal Active Tights and experience any abnormal pain or discomfort, stop wearing the tights immediately and consult your doctor. This way, you make sure you’re exercising in a way that is safe for your recovering body and won’t do more harm than good. Safety and caution is key, and we want to stress the importance of safe training habits for all.

Whether caprisupport leggings or full-lengthlight compression pants, every expecting mother can benefit from the absolute support of compression maternity leggings.

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