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Light weight and fast drying, 2XU caps, visors, hats and beanies will keep your face and head protected so you can focus on the run ahead.

Our headwear will help protect you in all outdoor conditions, including hot, cold, and wet weather. Our hats are also versatile and make great options for a variety of activities ranging from running to training to swimming, so you can tackle any workout ahead of you.

What Are the Benefits of Training With a Hat?

For some athletes, wearing a hat or visor may be a personal style choice meant to pull together their workout outfits. But there are a wide variety of other practical benefits to wearing a hat, visor, cap, or beanie while you train. Read on to discover these great perks:

Sun Protection

One of the most significant benefits of training with headwear is the sun protection that hats offer in hot weather conditions. All of our lightweight running hats and training caps include UPF coverage against the sun, keeping you safe from scalp sunburn and excessive heat.

The brim on both running visors and hats will help block the sun’s rays from getting in your eyes, reducing distractions and allowing you to focus on your run or workout. This can be especially helpful for trail runners.

Secured Hair

The last thing you want to have to worry about during your trail run or outdoor workout is your hair falling in your face or sticking to the back of your neck. All of our headwear options will help hold your hair back and allow you to focus on your training.

All of our cap options, including the Run Cap, Packable Run Cap, Multiply Cap, and Light Speed Cap, have an adjustable strap and back hole for ponytails to go through if desired to help keep longer hair off your neck while doing your sprints or a leisurely jog.

Protection Against the Elements

The brim of all of our unisex hats and visors will help shield your face from light showers or rain so you can run with minimal distractions and vision issues. Our beanies and winter headband will help protect your ears from harsh winds and cold temperatures so you can comfortably conquer your winter workout.

Their soft material will also aid in keeping your head warm. Options include the Run Beanie, the Ignition Beanie, and the Ignition Headband.

Speed and Protection - Swim Caps

Swimming with a swim cap provides a wide variety of benefits that will help you reach your peak performance. Swim caps will help hold your hair in place and prevent it from getting in the way of your strokes, reduce surface drag so you can swim to the best of your abilities, and help keep your head warm in cold waters.

Our options include the Silicone Swim Cap and the Propel Neoprene Swim Cap, which is designed to maximize warmth. These caps are perfect for recreational swimming, open-water swimming, and triathlon training and competitions.

Fun Colors and Styles

Wearing a hat while training can also boost your confidence and make your workout more fun. Our caps come in a variety of both muted and bright color options, so you can find the perfect finishing touch to your training outfit.

Included Features - Hats and Visors

Hats and visors provide great additions to your training and running gear, but what makes 2XU’s headwear unique? Our hats and visors contain a variety of helpful features so you can stay cool, comfortable, and ready to take on your workout.


Our performance hats are made with lightweight, quick-drying material to minimize distractions and wick sweat away. These hats are perfect for hot days and indoor training sessions alike.

Run Cap

This mesh six-panel hat is designed to optimize airflow and breathability, keeping you cool and dry throughout your run. It includes an adjustable velcro closure for a custom fit and a semi-curved brim for sun and rain coverage.

Packable Run Cap

This mesh seven-panel hat helps promote breathability and keeps you dry with a moisture-wicking sweatband. It includes an adjustable velcro closure for a secure, custom fit. Reflective details provide visibility in low-light conditions, making this hat versatile for all of your running needs. It also packs easily, making it the perfect traveling companion.

Multiply Cap

This mesh six-panel cap is designed to fit your head shape for maximum comfort. It includes a stretch sweatband to help prevent sweat from falling into your eyes and a semi-curved brim for sun and rain protection.

**Light Speed Cap **

This lightweight cap feels nearly weightless and is designed to minimize distractions and drag during your run. A sweat-wicking band helps prevent sweat from falling into your eyes, while reflective details provide visibility in low-light conditions. An adjustable tech-buckle closure allows for a custom fit, and a quick-drying mesh crown works to keep you cool and comfortable.


Visors are an excellent lightweight headwear option for summer running. They work to hold your hair back, help prevent sweat from getting into your eyes, and help block rain and sunlight from obscuring your vision.

Run Visor

This running visor is designed to keep you protected from the sunlight and heat, with a moisture-wicking sweatband and a semi-curved brim. An adjustable velcro back provides a custom fit so your visor remains in place.

Performance Visor

This lightweight visor is perfect for summer running, with a moisture-wicking forehead sweatband and a semi-curved brim. An elastic headband around the back provides a secure fit, so you don’t have to worry about your visor falling off.

Included Features - Beanies and Headbands

Our cold weather beanies and headbands will help protect your ears from strong winds and cold temperatures, providing you with the warmth you need to focus on your run or workout.


Beanies provide full head coverage and protection against the cold, working to keep your entire head warm throughout winter training.

Run Beanie

This hat provides optimal warmth with lightweight, thermal-brushed fabric to help block out the cold. The material is also moisture-wicking, helping you stay dry. Reflective highlights provide visibility for low light conditions, making this beanie perfect for both daytime and nighttime runs.

Ignition Beanie

This hat is made with a double-knit waffle material that provides comfort and warmth. It is both moisture-wicking and quick-drying, helping you stay dry. A reflective logo allows for visibility when running in low light.


Cold-weather headbands help hold your hair back and keep your ears warm so you can run with minimal discomfort and distractions.

Ignition Headband

This headband is designed to provide warmth and minimize distractions in both cold weather or indoor training environments. It is made with a double-knit waffle-constructed fabric and is both quick-drying and breathable for maximum comfort.


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