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Dive into a new challenge and go the distance in our swim range. Whether it's a long session at the pool, an ocean swim or triathlon preparation.
Open Water Swimming - Wetsuits

Wetsuits are perfect for open-water swimmers and triathletes alike, providing unmatched warmth and speed to crush any cold water course. Wetsuits have a wide range of performance benefits, and a few are listed below:

The Advantages of a Wetsuit

Wetsuits are ideal for training sessions and races in cold to freezing water temperatures, providing you with an additional layer of full-coverage insulation not present in regular athletic swimsuits.

Wetsuits have also been proven to help swimmers, particularly triathletes, race faster than when racing in regular women’s swimwear or bathing suits, as the smooth material helps to reduce surface drag effectively across your whole body.

Wetsuits also help with buoyancy, which can be particularly helpful when your legs get tired after swimming long distances. Wetsuits help keep your legs closer to the surface, preventing your lower body from sinking.

This ensures that you don’t have to exert precious energy on staying afloat and can instead devote all your efforts to moving forward. Particularly if you are a lean swimmer with less natural buoyancy, wearing a wetsuit can be a great option.

2XU Wetsuits

Our best-selling Propel wetsuits will provide all these incredible advantages and more, helping you make the most of any race or training swim. We have both sleeveless and long-sleeve options, so you can find a suit fit for a range of water temperatures.

All of our women’s wetsuits are made with Premium Japanese neoprene that will help boost your buoyancy in all the right places, preventing lower body sinking while ensuring you can still move freely. A Super Composite Skin hydrodynamic coating will also help reduce drag as much as possible, allowing you to cut through the water with ease and precision.

An included floating zip panel will help you maximize your distance per stroke, while rollbar technology will boost freestyle rotation throughout your race. All of our suits are also designed with your comfort in mind, with high neck panels that minimize chafing and a low-absorption inner liner.

Swimming Suits

Whether you want to speed through the water, beat your best times, or simply enjoy a casual swim, our collection of women’s one-piece swimsuits will help you smash all of your swimming goals in comfort and style.

Propel One Piece

This women’s one-piece swimsuit will help you tackle any indoor casual or competitive pool swim with premium Italian durable and chlorine-resistant fabric. It is strong enough to withstand sunscreen, sweat, and moisture, and it also provides you with some sun protection against UV rays which can be helpful when training outdoors in the summertime.

The design of the suit will keep you covered throughout all strokes while an internal front lining ensures additional comfort and modesty. The wide nature of the straps and the racerback style will help keep you supported during high-impact swims.

Our swimsuit works perfectly as a solo layer, but it can also be worn easily underneath cover-ups, swim tops, and swim shorts for your desired level of comfort and modesty.

Propel Swimskin

Similar to a wetsuit but with shorts instead of tights, our swimskin is perfect for warmer water temperatures. It’s made with lightweight, stretchy Italian fabric that moves with you as you swim and a hydrophobic coating for reduced drag and increased speed. For your comfort, a close fitting seam construction helps keep as much water out as possible.

Swimskins can be worn for high-performance racing as well as open water activities like long-distance swimming, surfing, and more.

Swim Accessories - Essentials

Every serious swimmer or triathlete should invest in a few helpful accessories to ensure your swim is truly as quick and efficient as possible. We offer several of these swim essentials so you can be prepared to conquer any race and speed through any finish line.

Swim Caps

A swim cap is crucial for reducing surface drag and helping you race as efficiently as possible. It is especially beneficial for women with long hair, as it helps hold your hair back and prevent it from interfering with your strokes. The smooth surface of a cap will boost hydrodynamics and help you cut through the water with ease and precision.

The Silicone Swim Cap

Our swim cap is perfect for racing and training swims, with strong, durable material that will withstand your toughest workouts. The silicone material is also ideal for latex-free athletes.


Goggles are another essential swimming accessory as they protect your eyes from chlorine and help you navigate your way through your race. Especially for open water swimmers and triathletes, it’s important to find goggles that will help you see through murky conditions so you don’t lose track of the course ahead.

The Stealth Goggle - Smoke

Our swim goggles are perfect for both indoor and outdoor swimmers, with anti-fog technology that will help you see through muddled water and an adjustable elastic strap for a custom fit.

Other Accessories

Stay supported both in the pool and on dry land with these additional accessories. These will ensure your needs are covered, and you can truly train to the best of your abilities.

**22 oz and 26 oz Water Bottles **

Our water bottles are perfect for sitting by the poolside for breaks during sets or providing relief before and after your swim. For triathletes, they will fit perfectly in your bike cages and can be great companions throughout your race.

The Microfibre Gym Towel

Quickly dry off after your swim or in between swim and dryland training sessions with our absorbent and compact gym towel. The material is super soft and quick to dry after being wet, making it a great addition to any swimming session. There is also a sateen clamp label that will allow you to hang the towel on a locker hook for your convenience.


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