Collection: Women's Bottoms

From graduated compression tights to lightweight running shorts or recovery gear, we've got whatever you need to help you prepare, perform and recover.

Women’s Bottoms

With an emphasis on comfort, style, and performance enhancement, the variety of features offered in our collection of women’s bottoms allows you to keep your mind and focus on training. The multitude of lengths and fabrics offered also provide you with a great high-quality bottom for all weather and seasons.

Should you desire compression technology, lightweight material, reflective highlights, or pocket leggings for convenience, 2XU’s assortment of women’s gym shorts, workout leggings, and other bottoms has you covered.

What are The Benefits of Compression Bottoms?

2XU’s extensive collection of women’s bottoms provides many options that include compression technology. Wearing compression activewear during a workout has many benefits. A few highlights are listed below:

Supporting Performance

Wearing compression bottoms can greatly support your performance in whatever sport or activity you participate in. Compression technology helps maintain healthy blood flow throughout the area it covers, in this case, the legs, and back up through the heart. This supports the amount of oxygen that reaches the working muscles.

All of our compression leggings will help support athletic performance, but a few highlights are the Force Mid-Rise Compression Tights, which are full-length leggings, and the Light Speed Mid-Rise Compression 3/4 Tights, which are capri leggings.

Compression tights and shorts are great for a variety of activities. These include running, biking, yoga, pilates, and even some situations in everyday life, such as traveling on long flights. Whatever your need is, we have a pair of compression bottoms perfect for you.

Supporting Recovery

Wearing compression bottoms both during and for a few hours after your workout can soothe muscle fatigue and support your body’s recovery process so you can get back in action sooner. Compression technology helps naturally combat excess lactic acid buildup in the working muscles, which is the main cause of soreness post-workout. This can soothe the discomfort you feel after an intense workout and helps your muscles prepare for the next one.

The Power Recovery Compression Tights and the Refresh Recovery Compression Tights are great options in our women’s collection specifically designed to support muscle recovery. The Power Recovery tights come with an over-the-foot stirrup that helps ensure that blood circulates from the feet all the way through the legs and back to the heart.

Supporting Injury Prevention

Due to the tight fit of compression bottoms, your muscles are held and supported more completely than when wearing any other kind of bottom. This helps prevent excess muscle vibrations and potentially harmful movements that could result in injury.

Secure Fit, Layering, Reduced Chafing

Compression bottoms are meant to fit tightly and keep your body snug. This prevents you from worrying about your pants or shorts sliding up or falling down during a workout.

Compression leggings and shorts are also great for layering underneath other bottoms due to their tight fit, allowing you to experience the benefits in all weather and levels of subtlety. Low-rise, mid-rise, and high-waisted leggings options also allow you to customize the look and feel of your outfit.

Compression bottoms are also made with thicker material than regular bottoms, and 2XU’s collection is made with flatlock seams that reduce chafe. This way, skin-on-skin contact or excess rubbing is minimized so you can exercise in comfort.

Women’s Compression Tights for Pregnancy

Wearing compression leggings can be very helpful during and after pregnancy. The Prenatal Active Compression Tights support blood circulation throughout the body and soothe tired feet and legs. The breathable, seam-free stomach panel provides comfort and support for a growing belly.

The Postnatal Active Compression Tights support blood flow the same way, but the high-rise leggings help provide lower back support throughout the postpartum recovery process. The full-length nature of both pairs of leggings also ensures relief is felt throughout the entire lower body from the furthest extremities back up to the torso. Whether exercising or lounging, compression gear can support your pregnancy.

Women’s Compression Tights for Flying

Supported blood flow and circulation and soothed muscle fatigue can greatly improve your long-haul flight experience. 2XU’s Flight Compression Tights are specifically designed to help maximize your comfort during a long flight.

The fabric of our collection of women’s clothing is tencel-blend brushed to increase softness and provides ideal thermoregulation so you can relax on board and feel great when you land.

Women’s Joggers and Sweatpants

Our women’s joggers and sweatpants are ultra-soft, comfortable, stylish, and perfect for your training needs. With a variety of features and color options, there is a pair of sweatpants perfect for your workout or leisurely day.

Aero Woven Jogger

The Aero Woven Jogger is made of a comfortable, lightweight, stretch-woven material to maximize your mobility. The combination of moisture-wicking fabric and built-in ventilation behind the knees combine to reduce sweat buildup and keep you cool.

Reflective strips and logos provide safety when running in low-light conditions. Side pockets and a back zip pocket give you plenty of space to store anything you need for your workout.

Commute Trackpants

The Commute Trackpants are made with a soft and stretchy double-knit fleece fabric to provide warmth, comfort, and a wide range of motion. The fabric is also moisture-wicking, preventing sweat buildup and helping to keep you dry throughout your workout or day. Pair these pants with one of 2XU’s cozy sweaters or hoodies for maximum comfort.

The double-knit fleece fabric creates air pockets that trap body heat to keep you warm in cold weather, making these the perfect choice for an outdoor winter workout or a busy day. Back, side, and zip side pockets provide you with multiple places to store your belongings and keep them close for convenience.

Women’s Shorts for Summer

Running or exercising in the summertime can often be a daunting task. Hot weather, humidity, and burning sunlight can easily be discouraging. But here at 2XU, we have a selection of shorts with features meant to help keep you cool so that no summer weather stands in the way of your training.

Moisture-Wicking Material

Athletes typically sweat more in the summer, and running with sweaty clothes can become quite uncomfortable. Moisture-wicking fabric helps solve this problem by pulling sweat away from the body.

It is not absorbent in any way. The Aero Shorts and Aero Reflect Compression Shorts contain this fabric and help keep you cool.

Quick Drying Material

If you sweat a lot during a workout, as can easily happen in the summer, wearing workout clothes made with quick-drying material can help eliminate any buildup and ensure you are as comfortable as possible after a workout.

The Form Stash Bike Shorts 2.0 are made with a double-knit fabric that provides moisture coverage and allows you to stay as comfortable as possible throughout your workout or day. The Aero Compression Shorts are made with high-quality and durable yarns that aid in decreasing drying time.

Cooling Technology

The Aero Compression Shorts are made with HeiQ Smart Temp technology that maximizes the rate of evaporation of sweat through the material to keep you as cool as possible. Without the buildup of moisture, you can focus on your fitness in comfort and without distraction.


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