Collection: Men's Compression

Tailored to help your reach your finish line. Whether that's at the gym, the track, or a triathlon, find your personal best in the world's most advanced compression gear.

Men’s Compression

With compression technology that boosts performance and recovery while decreasing injury risk, this collection will help you break personal records and get the most out of your workout.

The Benefits of Compression

Wearing compression garments provides your body with many benefits so you can excel in whatever sport or activity you pursue. Compression technology helps support performance, recovery times, and against injury risk.

Supports Blood Circulation

A primary benefit of wearing compression clothing is supporting blood flow and circulation throughout your body. Compression technology specifically helps support healthy blood flow from the area it covers back to the heart so you can keep moving. This also helps ensure the working muscles receive the oxygen they need to continue training.

Soothes Muscle Swelling and Soreness

Because of the healthy blood flow, compression technology also prevents fluid build-up in the lower legs. Fluid buildup can cause swelling and discomfort, but wearing compression shorts or tights can help soothe this.

With soothed soreness, you can get back in action as quickly as possible and with minimum discomfort, making compression garments a great option for supporting your recovery process.

A great option to help soothe swelling and discomfort in the lower legs and feet is our Compression Socks for Recovery, which are designed to support your recovery process and get you back to training without delay.

Stabilizes Muscles

Because of the tight fit of compression garments, they function to hold your muscles in place and minimize any unnecessary movement or vibrations that may occur when performing a high-impact level activity. This supports the body against the risk of injury as your muscles are more securely held in place.

Protect the Skin from the Sun

Compression garments are made with thicker, more protective material than ordinary athletic clothes. This gives them a higher SPF factor and provides you with more protection against the sun if you’re exercising outside.

The thicker material also helps protect you against wild outdoor trail or hiking terrain elements such as poison ivy, thorny plants, and low-hanging branches, keeping you safe and comfortable. Lastly, all 2XU men’s compression wear is made with flatlock seams that help reduce chafing, so you don’t have to worry about discomfort from excess friction.

Men’s Compression Wear for Running

Our collection of men’s compression gear features many options that are specifically designed for running. These garments will help you stay supported and on your way to breaking new records.

Shorts and Tights

Our men’s compression shorts and tights provide warmth in cold weather, help keep you protected against unpredictable trail conditions, and are great for layering under other bottoms if preferred. They are the perfect addition to your run and collection of activewear.

Light Speed Compression Shorts and Tights

These bottoms come with 2XU’s Muscle Containment Stamping (MCS) technology that targets the quadriceps in the shorts, the quadriceps, and the calves in the tights to provide specific support that reduces muscle pain. The bottoms are lightweight, made with stretchy, quick-drying material, reflective highlights for low-light running safety, and pockets for secure storage.

Core Compression Shorts and Tights

These bottoms are great for running or training and are made with powerful, lightweight, flexible, and quick-drying material. The graduated compression level supports circulation, and the drawstring waistband provides a secure fit.

Ignition and Ignition Shield Compression Tights

These tights are perfect for cold weather, with PWX Thermal fabric that traps your body heat to keep you warm. The material is lightweight, flexible, quick-drying, and perfect for layering under other bottoms for extra warmth. The Ignition Shield Compression Tights include a waterproof stretch membrane to provide protection against the rain so you can run in all conditions.

Aero Compression Tights

These tights are specifically designed to prevent overheating when running outside. They contain HeiQ Smart Temp technology that senses your body temperature and promotes evaporation. The material is lightweight, stretchy, durable, and quick-drying to stay comfortable and dry. There is a pocket for storage and reflective highlights for low-light running.

Aero 2-in-1 Shorts

These shorts come in 5” and 7” options and are perfect for summer running. The inner layer is made with PWX compression fabric, so you get all the benefits of compression. The outer layer is perforated, lightweight, and stretch woven for breathability, so you can stay cool, equipping these shorts with the perfect duality.

Long Sleeves

Our men’s long sleeve compression shirts provide relief and improve circulation in the upper body. They’re also great for layering under other shirts or jackets for increased warmth in cold-weather running conditions.

**Ignition Compression Long Sleeve **

This top is perfect for cold-weather running. It’s made with PWX Thermal brushed fabric that traps your body heat and keeps you warm. PWX VENT fabric under the arms provides extra thermoregulation.

The material itself is lightweight but powerful as well as quick-drying, so you can experience all the benefits of compression in comfort. The tight fit also makes this top a great base layer or undershirt for your cold-weather running outfit.

Men’s Compression Wear for Training, Yoga, and Pilates

Because compression garments target and provide relief to specific muscles, they make great options for weight training, yoga, and pilates. Lifting heavy weights, holding yoga poses, or following the precise movement patterns in Pilates can all result in sore muscles or swelling. Compression wear will help soothe post-workout discomfort so you can get back in action.

Shorts and Tights

Compression shorts and tights provide relief to the leg muscles when dealing with high-impact activities such as jumping and weight training. They can also soothe soreness in the legs for strength and balance activities such as yoga and pilates.

Force Compression Shorts and Tights

These bottoms include Muscle Containment Stamping (MCS) technology that targets and provides support and relief to the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and in the tights only, the calves. All of these are critical muscles often used in gym training, yoga, and pilates, making the relief provided in the Force collection noticeably beneficial.

These bottoms include lightweight, flexible, and moisture-wicking material to keep you comfortable and dry. They also work well as base layers under other athletic bottoms if preferred.

Motion Compression Tights

These tights help you reach your full range of motion in the gym or studio. They include a mesh gusset for improved breathability, a side pocket for easy storage, firm graduated compression for performance and recovery benefits, and moisture-wicking material to keep you dry.

Arm Sleeves

Compression arm sleeves work as a great substitute for wearing a compression top. They target and provide recovery relief to the arm muscles, which can be extremely helpful when lifting weights in the gym.

Flex and Recovery Flex Compression Arm Sleeves

These sleeves help support the forearms, elbows, and biceps while also soothing muscle fatigue during and after your workout. The graduated fit of the Flex Sleeves helps you warm up efficiently and recover effectively. The graduated fit of the Recovery Flex Sleeves supports blood flow and recovery.

Force Compression Arm Guards

These compression arm guards feature Muscle Containment Stamping technology that supports key muscles, tendons, and fascia groups to soothe muscle damage, stabilize movement, and support recovery. The PWX fabric is flexible and moisture-wicking to keep you comfortable and dry.

Men’s Compression Wear for Recovery

This collection of our men’s compression wear is specifically designed to boost recovery and help you get back in action without delay. All of these garments support blood flow, soothe soreness and swelling, and maintain a healthy recovery time.

Tights and Leg Sleeves

These bottoms help increase blood flow throughout the legs and back up to the heart, aiding in the body’s recovery process so fatigue and discomfort are soothed.

**Refresh Recovery Compression Tights **

These tights feature extra firm PWX fabric so you can experience the full benefits of compression. The material improves circulation, is quick-drying, and easily layered under other bottoms if desired.

Power Recovery Compression Tights

These tights use Muscle Containment Stamping (MCS) technology and an over-the-foot stirrup to support blood flow throughout the entire lower body to ensure a healthy recovery. The material is quick drying and easily layered so it can fit all weather and work with all personal preferences.

Recovery Flex Leg Sleeves

These leg sleeves provide support to the quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves for comprehensive recovery. The flexible articulated knee zone provides comfort, and they can also be easily pulled on and off at your convenience.

Once you’ve decided on the best garments for you, checkout our collection of women’s short-sleeve t-shirts, compression leggings, sports bras, and tank tops for the women in your life.


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