Collection: Women's Training

Featuring high quality, durable yarns that outlast the competition, our training range is designed to keep you comfortable and supported so you can focus on your goal.
Women’s Training

Our variety of training activewear and accessories has you covered throughout all weather conditions so you can train in comfort regardless of the climate. We also have options that include compression technology if you’re looking to maximize your workout and recovery process.

Compression Wear for Training

Compression garments provide a wide range of performance and recovery-related benefits, including supported blood flow and circulation, reduced muscle soreness, swelling, inflammation, and excess movement, an overall reduction in injury risk, and more. Our range of training compression wear will help you reach new peaks and push your body to the max like never before.

Compression Bottoms

Our selection of women’s training compression bottoms includes shorts, capris, and high-waisted leggings that will help support blood flow throughout the lower body and aid in post-workout recovery. Styles include high-waisted and mid-waisted options as well as varying degrees of compression intensity, so you can find the pair of tights or shorts that best fits your training needs.

While compression high-rise workout leggings and bike shorts can benefit you in any workout, the effects will be most evident when you are focusing on the lower body, whether cycling or hitting leg day at the gym.

Our collection includes many options offering additional benefits, such as the Motion shorts, capris, and tights designed to stretch and move with you, maximizing your mobility. Another option is the Force tights which contain Muscle Containment Stamping technology for all-intensive, targeted muscle support.

Compression Arm Sleeves

Compression arm sleeves serve as great alternatives to wearing a full compression top. Sleeves work to maintain blood flow in the area they cover and provide targeted muscle support. All of this makes them great companions to any tough gym or training session. Arm sleeves also fit well underneath other tops, such as long-sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts, and crop tank tops.

Options include the Flex, Force, and Compression Arm Guards and Sleeves designed to boost training and the Recovery Flex Flex Arm Sleeves designed to aid in the body’s recovery process.

Compression Socks

Compression socks are great for both intense workouts and everyday wear, supporting blood flow throughout the feet and ankles and providing recovery relief. Our selection of socks includes different cushion levels ranging from ultralight to light to cushion so that you can find a pair of socks that fits comfortably and provides the level of support you desire.

Women’s Tops for Hot Weather

Whether you are training outdoors and facing the heat or you prefer to work out in light, breathable gym clothes, our selection of women’s sports bras, tank tops, and short sleeve tops will keep you covered and supported throughout your most intense training sessions.

Women’s Sports Bras and Crops

Stay cool, comfortable, and supported in our collection of women’s sports bras and crop tops. Our bras and crops are designed to provide medium support for low-impact to medium-impact level activities and come in a variety of cup sizes and degrees of coverage. All bras and crops work great as solo outer layers but also can be worn under any of our women’s activewear.

More conservative, full coverage and support options include the Motion X Back Crop and the Motion Zip Bra, which includes a front zipper for accessibility and style. The Aero Medium Impact Bra provides a lighter option, while the Motion Racerback Bra and Crop supply a medium-level option.

Women’s Tank Tops and Singlets

Our selection of sleeveless workout tops will help you train with maximum breathability and an uninhibited range of motion. Our tanks are made with quick-drying, moisture-wicking material that will help draw sweat away from your body so you can stay as cool and dry as possible.

Options range in neckline and shoulder cut, so you can find a top that fits your personal style. Our tanks will have thicker straps and higher necklines; options include the Motion Tank, Motion Tech Tank, and Form Tank. Singlets will have slimmer straps and a lower neckline; options include the Aero Singlet and the Motion Tech Singlet.

Short Sleeve Tops

Training outdoors in one of our short sleeve tops will provide you with more coverage and protection against the sun while moisture-wicking material still works to keep you cool and dry. We have full-length tees and cropped tees that are perfect for all of your low to high-impact level training sessions.

The Aero, Motion, and Form Tees are lightweight and ideal for any summer or indoor workout. The Form Crop Tee provides a fresh look and more graphic print options so you can train in style.

Women’s Bottoms for Hot Weather

Our selection includes both compression and non-compression options so you can choose your desired level of intensity and support. Our shorts will help you stay cool and dry while you train so you can smash any workout.

The Aero 5” Shorts are great for hot days and are designed to be lightweight and flexible, so they move with you. The Aero 2 in 1 4” Shorts provide an inner compression layer and an outer mesh layer, so you can receive the benefits of compression with a comfortable layer on top.

Accessories for Hot Weather

We have a wide range of accessories that will work to complement your sportswear and help you train even harder. For coverage and protection against the sun, we have a variety of sports caps and visors that will keep you cool. To hold your hair back, we have a Headband 2 Pack that will help minimize distractions.

Both our 22 and 26 oz Water Bottles will help you stay hydrated throughout your workout, quenching your thirst and minimizing the risk of overheating. For sweat, our Microfiber Gym Towel makes the ideal gym companion and will help you stay as dry as possible.

Women’s Tops for Cold Weather

If you are training in the cold winter months, looking for a warm-up or cool-down layer, or want a jacket to keep you warm going to and from the gym, our collection of women’s tops for cold weather has you covered.

Long Sleeve Tops

Our long sleeve tops will still allow for breathability while also keeping your body warm. The Motion Long Sleeve is designed to provide maximum coverage when moving, and the moisture-wicking material will help you stay dry. For a warm-up or cool-down layer, the Form Wide Hem Crew will keep you comfortable and warm.


For protection against the toughest winter temperatures and rainy conditions, check out our selection of heavy-duty jackets. They are perfect for a day on the move or when traveling between your home and the gym.

Options include the Commute Insulation Jacket and the Commute Insulation Logline Jacket. Both are made with Lightweight 3M Thinsulate Featherless Insulation and a thermo-reflective back panel for maximum warmth. A downproof shell helps withstand sudden showers and rain.

Accessories for Cold Weather

Keep your ears warm and protected against windchill with our Ignition Headband. It is breathable and comfortable and also functions to keep your hair out of your face so you can focus on the training session at hand.

Once you’ve found the perfect women’s workout gear, check out our collection of men’s workout clothes, including joggers, hoodies, and running shorts.


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