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Made to remove distraction from your workout, our tops are designed with lightweight moisture-wicking fabric to help keep you focused on the activity at hand.
Women’s Tops

Our wide variety of workout shirts are great for all weather conditions and athletic activities. Supportive, comfortable, and designed to help you get the most out of your workout, our collection of women’s clothes is perfect for all of your running and training needs.

Women’s Tops for All Weather Our range of women’s tops covers all your athletic needs throughout all seasons of the year. Whether you need warmth for winter running or cooling technology for a hot summer jog, we have a top that is right for you.

Women’s Tops for Hot Weather Never let the hot weather stand in the way of your workout. We have a wide range of sports bras, tank tops, sports bras, racerback tank tops, short sleeve t-shirts, and long sleeve t-shirts that are ideal for running and training in the heat.

Sports Bras We have a variety of sports bras that range in support level and style so you can find your perfect fit. The Aero Medium Impact Bra is best designed for heat due to its breathable fabric and provides support for medium-impact activities such as running.

The Motion Racerback and Zip Bras provide more coverage and support and are great for the gym. The Light Speed Hi-Impact Bra provides ideal support and comfort for activities with a higher impact. All sports bras are great to wear by themselves or underneath other garments.

Tank Tops Our tank topshirts for women are perfect for running in the heat, maximizing breathability, accessibility, and range of motion. The built-in moisture-wicking fabric helps reduce sweat buildup so you can stay as cool as possible during your workout.

We have several women’stank tops that are great for running and training outdoors and great for plus sizes such as XXL. The Light Speed, Tech Crop Singlet, feels nearly weightless and has extra ventilation to increase breathability. The Motion Tech Singlet supports a lower body temperature and stretches to increase your mobility. The Aero Singlet offers more coverage and has a breathable mesh back to help keep you cool.

Short Sleeve Tees Our collection of women’sshort sleeve tees provides more coverage against the sun while still working to keep you cool. Moisture-wicking fabric helps draw sweat away from the body, while lightweight material makes it easier for you to run to the best of your ability.

We have several short sleeve tees that are perfect for summer running and training. The Light Speed Tee feels nearly weightless and is quick-drying and reflective for low-light running. The Motion Tee maximizes your range of motion, and its durable material withstands damage. The Form Crop Tee offers a cute, stylish option while still protecting you against odor and sweat buildup.

Long Sleeve Tees A major benefit of wearing a shirt with long sleeves or a pullover in the summer is protection against UV rays and sunburn. While crop tops and sleevelesswomen’s workout tops are often best-sellers, long sleeves have serious UPF advantages.

We offer a few women’s long-sleeve tees that will offer this protection while still keeping you cool and minimizing sweat buildup.

The Motion Long Sleeve is lightweight and quick-drying, making it perfect for running. The Light Speed Tech Crop Singlet provides a cute cropped option that helps protect you from UV rays while still containing ventilation panels and quick-drying material to keep you cool.

Women’s Tops for Cold Weather Stay protected against the cold with our collection of women’s long sleeves, jackets, vests, and compression tops. Whether v-neck, high-neck, or scoop-neck, these sportswear tops are great to pair with your best leggings for your winter workouts.

With varying insulation levels, you can find a top that’s perfect for outdoor training or daily life needs.

Long Sleeves and Zips Our selection of women’s long sleeveathletic shirts and zips provides the perfect top for your cool-weather training or layering needs. The lightweight and warm material ensures you will be as comfortable as possible during your run or workout.

We have many long sleeves that vary in included features and zips that vary from 1/4 to 1/2 in length. For long sleeves, the Aero Long Sleeve and Ignition Base Layer Long Sleeve are great options for cool weather. The Ignition Base Layer has heat-activating HEAT-X fabric to help you stay warm when layering.

If you’re looking to experience the benefits of compression in cold weather, the Ignition Long Sleeve is the perfect choice. It’s made with PWX Thermal fabric to keep you warm while the compression technology works to support blood flow, aiding in performance and recovery.

Hoodies and Crews Our women’s zip-up hoodies and crewneck tops are soft, comfortable, and perfect for your daily needs. The Commute Full Zip Hoodie is made with a stretchy double-knit fleece, moisture-wicking material, and pockets for storage to maximize comfort and convenience. The Form Wide Hem Crew is made with a soft loopback fleece material and provides the perfect warm-up or cooldown comfort layer.

Jackets and Vests Our selection of women’s jackets and vests provides warmth and protection against cold weather. These tops are great for layering over our long sleeve tops, maximizing warmth and comfort.

Some of our jackets and vests include the Commute Insulation Jacket, which is ideal for traveling between home and the gym in cold to freezing temperatures. The material contains Lightweight 3M Thinsulate Featherless Insulation as well as a thermo-reflective back panel to keep you as warm as possible. The shell of the jacket is also water-resistant, protecting you from rain and snow.

Other options include the Ignition Insulation Jacket, which provides a lighter option for cold weather protection. It is made with Thermore Thermal Booster insulation and a water-resistant shell. For vests, the Ignition Insulation Vest is perfect for cold-weather running and training. It has the same Thermore insulation and water-resistant shell to keep you protected while outside.

Women’s Tops for Wet Weather Don’t let a little rain or snow stand in the way of your workout. Our selection of waterproof and water-resistant tops provides coverage, protection, and comfort against the elements so you can train in any conditions.

Jackets and Vests A variety of our women’s jackets and vests come with a waterproof or water-resistant shell that helps to keep you dry and comfortable when dealing with light or unexpected rain. If you prepare and wear a waterproof or water-resistant jacket, you’ll be better equipped to handle unpredictable weather.

Waterproof Jackets Light Speed Waterproof Jacket Water-Resistant Jackets and Vests Commute Insulation Jacket Commute Insulation Logline Jacket Aero Jacket Ignition Insulation Vest

Running in Low Light With shorter days in the winter, you will likely encounter low light conditions on your outdoor run. It is important you consider safety when dressing for your run and make sure to wear clothing with reflective strips of fabric so cars and other runners can see you.

Read on to find out which of our women’s tops contain this helpful feature:

Tanks and Tees Aero Tee Light Speed Tee Light Speed Tech Tee Aero Singlet Light Speed Singlet Light Speed Tech Singlet

Long Sleeves and Zips Light Speed Tech Crop Long Sleeve Ignition Base Layer Long Sleeve Ignition Shield Hooded Mid Layer Light Speed 1/2 Zip Ignition 1/4 Zip

Jackets and Vests Aero Jacket Ignition Insulation Jacket Ignition Insulation Vest

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