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Women’s Cycling

Crush your next bike ride or race with our high-quality women’s cycling gear. Designed to optimize aerodynamics while keeping you comfortable throughout long rides, our collection has you covered on the trails, on the road, and in the gym.

What Are The Benefits of Cycling in a Gilet?

A cycling gilet is a breathable and lightweight vest specifically designed for bikers. It is meant to provide optimal temperature control by promoting airflow and giving you an extra layer of warmth. Gilets also work as great windbreakers, which can be helpful when speeding down steep hills.

Some other benefits of gilets include their ability to be layered, providing the easy option of wearing a long-sleeve or short-sleeve base layer, depending on the weather. This way, you can receive a gilet's aerodynamic and windbreaker perks regardless of the temperature.

Because gilets are made with thin material, they can be easily folded and packed into backpacks for traveling or even the side pocket of a shirt or cycling jersey if the weather suddenly becomes too hot during your bike ride. This packability ensures the easy accessibility of your gilet, whether you are traveling or wanting to take it on and off during a ride.

2XU’s Women’s Aero Gilet

Our women’s Aero Gilet has additional features to ensure you are as supported and comfortable as possible during your bike rides. The temperature regulation and windbreaker benefits described above are provided through the lightweight woven fabric in the front and a back yoke that protects you from strong winds. There is mesh material in the back for ventilation and breathability.

For even more personalized temperature control, you can adjust the full-length front zipper with one hand to increase or decrease airflow and exposure to the elements. To minimize distractions, a silicone elastic gripper on the back ensures the gilet remains in place. This also aids in boosting aerodynamics, as excess material is not flapping around.

Finally, there is an invisible side zipper pocket for storing all your cycling essentials ranging from your phone to keys to energy gels. This gilet is also fully equipped for early morning and late night rides, with reflective logos and highlights that boost low light visibility, helping you remain seen and safe. The white color also provides additional reflection.

What Are the Benefits of Cycling in Bib Shorts?

Bib shorts are essential for any serious biker. At the forefront of it all, these shorts are designed to maximize your comfort while riding so you can succeed on your bike for long durations. They are also meant to be more breathable than regular shorts, better protect your inner thighs from chafing or rubbing with a long inseam length, and reduce soreness from your bike seat as much as possible.

Bib shorts also come equipped with chamois, a supportive and cushioning material that is meant to reduce discomfort in the backside and groin areas as you ride. This great material can also decrease the likelihood of you experiencing chafing and saddle sores from your bike.

In addition, bib shorts are designed to be worn without underwear if preferred, as the chamois is enough to protect your body and provide comfort. The full body straps also prevent you from dealing with an elastic or drawstring waistband while cycling, which can be uncomfortable when sitting and leaning towards your handlebars for hours.

Because bib shorts fit snugly to your body, you can easily layer any cycling apparel on top for warmth in cold weather, including a cycling jacket, gilet, or long-sleeve cycling jersey.

The smooth, seamless fit is ideal for making your ride as comfortable as possible. Bib shorts can also boost aerodynamics with their form-fitting, sleek feel, helping you speed through your route and glide across the finish line.

2XU Aero Cycle Bib Shorts

2XU’s cycling shorts are perfect for providing you support for both off-road biking and road cycling alike. They will provide all the benefits listed above, with moisture-wicking Aero Cycle Chamois cushioning and bonded edges that reduce chafing. The material is powerful, lightweight, and stretches 360 degrees, ensuring that your shorts move.

The shorts are also similar to compression shorts, helping to limit excess muscle movement and soothe fatigue so you can last longer. Leg grippers with internal silicone will ensure aerodynamics are maximized. In the case of warm weather or high-intensity cycling, the high-stretch absorption mesh within the shorts will help you stay as cool as possible.

These shorts are also ideal for cycling at all hours of the day, with reflective logos and trims that will help you shine bright in low-light conditions. Try our women’s bib shorts and experience the benefits today.

The Importance of Cycling With a Good Water Bottle

Especially for casual, spontaneous bike rides, it can be tempting to grab the nearest water bottle, stick it in your bike cage, and set off on your adventure. But when you go to grab a drink and find that your water has leaked, tastes like the bottle it’s contained in, or requires excessive break time to unscrew the cap, you might wish you had taken more time to choose a good water bottle.

Bringing water with you is extremely important, even for short bike rides. Especially in the summertime when the weather is hot and the sun is beating down on your back, you’re going to wish you had brought water if you overlook it.

Particularly for professional and competitive cyclists and recreational ones, you will find your ride more enjoyable if you select a high-quality water bottle designed to be leakproof, easily opened and accessed, and satisfy your thirst with efficiency.

2XU’s 22 oz and 26 oz Water Bottles

Both our small and large water bottles are perfect for your cycling needs. They are BPA-free, ensuring a pure taste, and the top includes a soft poppet that easily allows water to flow so you can drink efficiently. The screw top lid is easily opened for refilling and is leakproof as well, preventing water loss. Both of our sizes of bottles will fit in standard bike cages.


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