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Whether it's getting the miles up on long stretches of road or putting in the hours during an intense training session, our cycling collection provides comfort and support regardless of the terrain.
Men’s Cycling

Designed to help regulate your body temperature so you can be successful in all seasons, our cycling jerseys and gilets are essential additions to your bike clothing. Cover all your bases and stay hydrated with our collection of water bottles that will fit easily onto your bike for your convenience.


1. What Is a Cycling Gilet?

Let’s start with the basics. A cycling gilet is simply a lightweight, breathable vest specifically designed for bikers. This can include all biking, from commuting to road cycling to mountain biking.

A good gilet is meant to provide an extra layer of warmth while helping to keep your body temperature regulated. Our 2XU Aero Gilet is designed to do just that with a lightweight, woven front and a back yoke that provides protection from the wind, while a mesh back allows for ventilation.

Another awesome feature unique to gilets is that because they are made with thin, lightweight material, they are extremely packable and can easily be folded down to fit even in the pocket of another jacket. That allows you valuable flexibility if the temperature or weather is unpredictable. If the temperature drops, simply take off your gilet and fold it into another pocket or small bag with ease so nothing interrupts your ride.

Additional Features - The Aero Gilet

In addition to the helpful features and versatility mentioned above, our Aero Gilet is designed to provide you with even more benefits throughout your ride.

Easy Zipper

For quick and easy adjustment should the temperature change or you desire a different level of exposure, the Aero Gilet comes with a VISLON zipper that slides up and down with ease. The zipper is designed to need only one hand for adjusting purposes, so you don’t have to interrupt your ride.

Pocket for Storage

On the side of the Aero Gilet is an invisible zip pocket that provides a secure storage location for small items. This allows you to bring the essentials with you on your ride so you can be as supported as possible.

Reflective Highlights

Wearing reflective clothing is one of the easiest and most important ways to stay safe in low-light conditions. Our gilet includes reflective logos and trims so you can stay visible in dim light. That makes this lightweight vest the perfect top for cycling both in the daytime and in the early morning or nighttime.

2. What Is a Cycling Jersey?

For moderate to serious cyclists, a cycling jersey is an absolutely essential garment to have in your collection of cycling clothing. Cycling jerseys are designed to help you outpace the competition and hit your fastest speeds, emphasizing aerodynamics, wind protection, and temperature control.

The close-knit fabric of jerseys also offers more sun protection than ordinary athletic clothing, which can be a lifesaver on long summer rides when your back is exposed to the sun for extended periods.

Cycling jerseys also have a tighter, more form-fitting feel which can help improve your cycling posture. This also prevents the drag you might experience from wearing a looser t-shirt, which would only slow you down.

Additional Features - The Aero Short Sleeve Jersey

This jersey is designed to provide the ultimate cycling experience and protection in warm to hot weather conditions. It can also serve as a base layer underneath a cycling jacket. Along with the benefits described above, here are a few more unique to this jersey:

Stay Cool and Dry

Our Aero Short Sleeve Jersey is made with a more open-structured fabric on the front, providing the body with ventilation and breathability in the heat. The material itself is also moisture-wicking, helping to draw sweat away from the body for maximum comfort.

Pockets for Storage

Located on the back of the jersey, a triple rear cargo pocket with an elastic opening lays flat on the body when empty for a discrete look and feel but can hold all of your small essentials when needed. There is also a small invisible side pocket with a zipper closure for additional secure storage.

Reflective Highlights

Reflective logos and trims on the jersey will allow for better low-light cycling visibility, helping you stay seen and protected in all conditions.

Additional Features - The Aero Long Sleeve Jersey

This men’s cycling jersey is extremely versatile, working well for both warm and cool weather conditions. It contains a variety of helpful features to ensure you get the most out of your ride.

Stay Warm and Dry

This bike jersey is made with a premium Italian brushed-back fleece material that actively traps your body heat to keep you as warm as possible. A slightly raised collar provides additional protection against cold winds. The fabric is also moisture-wicking, working to pull sweat away from the body and keep you as dry as possible.

Pockets for Storage

Keep all of your best cycling essentials with you with the triple rear cargo pocket and invisible side zipper pocket of this jersey. The back cargo pocket lies flat against your body when not in use to prevent distractions but can fill to hold everything you need to conquer your bike ride. The side zip pocket provides an extra secure location for valuables.

Reflective Highlights

Stay visible, safe, and protected in low-light conditions throughout your bike ride with this jersey. It comes with reflective logos and trims to make sure you’re seen throughout your workout. Combine with bright-colored or reflective cycling bib shorts or tights for full body protection.

3. Does Any Water Bottle Work for Cycling?

While any water bottle you can successfully fit into your bike’s bottle cage will technically do the job, you want to select a water bottle designed for cycling if you want to be as successful as possible. Having a water bottle that is leakproof, easy to open with one hand, and doesn’t deteriorate over time will help you hydrate as easily and quickly as possible.

2XU Water Bottles

Our water bottles are excellent options for your cycling workout. They will fit into the majority of bike cages and are designed to be easy to access. We offer both a 22 oz and 26 oz option so you can choose the size best for you.

Both of our size options are BPA-free, which ensures no bad taste, and contain a leak-proof lid for minimum water loss. The lid itself is a screw top and easy to open for refilling. The soft poppet top provides a wide channel for maximum water flow so you can satisfy your thirst without delay.

Once you’ve found what you need, check out our collection of women’s cycling apparel, including bike shorts, hoodies, sleeveless tops, and more.


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